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A happy medical team can supercharge your average patient experience

For some physicians, managing staff in a medical office is often an afterthought and can be extremely challenging. Taking the time to understand how each staff member’s role impacts your practice can assist you in achieving positive net gains in terms of revenue and practice culture. Here are a few tips for practice leaders who are in the position to delegate a wide array of tasks to staff on a daily basis.


Do give your employees breaks

Physicians and practice leaders need to know what breaks are mandated by state law, and comply with these laws, making sure employees have meal breaks and other required break time. Aside from this, short breaks can generate new energy and create enhanced production.

Do create a schedule

In most practices, it’s critical for someone to be looking at the staffing plan from an objective standpoint, and making sure there are enough people at the practice on every working day. Evaluate your workflow processes and create a schedule that includes contingent plans for unplanned and planned absences to minimize operational disruptions.

Do train on core and ancillary functions that impacts your practice’s compliance

Good practice management means keeping staff informed about their responsibilities for patient health information privacy, not only within the practice, but on social media and other technology platform

Do establish point people to eliminate confusion

Too many cooks in the kitchen can breed chaos and lead to poor morale amongst staffers. Your team will often work best when experienced key people are given specific roles related to privacy, data security, outsourcing, staff management, and other administrative aspects of the practice.

Do model a team environment

Each professional in your practice will have an effect on your practice’ success and overall perception in the community. Engage each one to sustain a collaborative atmosphere to deliver a good daily result. Isolated or condescending leadership can have a very negative effect on a medical office. Period.


Do not leave your team to struggle alone

When you don’t hold your staff accountable, they may run amuck, which can cause unintended significant legal and compliance problems for your business. This typically happens when there is no follow through or a laissez-faire type of management style that is exhibited.

Do not pinch pennies

Choosing to skip drug or background checks can cost you more than the mere pennies you saved by throwing caution to the wind. You don’t want to find yourself in hot water by hiring someone who abuses substances or has had a history of violating laws.

Do not overfill your go to person’s plate

Not only will your trusted go to person become burnt out, but what will you do if s/he resigns? Safeguard your practice’s operational processes with effective delegation, cross training, and management training when applicable.

Do not become stuck in old regulations

Regulatory compliance is a constant change. Ignorance will only lead you to a slowdown in reimbursements or hefty fines. One way to keep abreast of changes is to designate an individual to keep tabs of new laws or hire a compliance professional.

Do not allow for status quo

Today you may have a successful practice, but what about tomorrow? Keep your business thriving through creative marketing, utilizing consulting resources, and differentiating your practice in your community. It’s up to you to keep your doors open by continually evaluating your current and future business practices.

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Your patients rely on you to create and deliver quality care. By bringing that same attitude to your medical staff, you will engage a team that will assist you to build the practice you always wanted and ensure that your patients have a positive patient experience.

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