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Health and disability insurance can protect you when playing baseball

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While baseball is not considered as rough a sport full of physical contact like football, baseball players still see their fair share of injuries. Catchers often suffer from concussions while pitchers experience elbow injuries on a regular basis. Baseball players need to protect themselves as well as their income from injuries, which may require them to be on the disabled list for extended amounts of time. Disability insurance is there to protect players during the harsh reality of significant sports injuries.


Do purchase an individual disability insurance policy

The risk of a career ending injury is as prevalent in baseball as it is in any other major sport like hockey, football or basketball. A good private disability insurance policy is there to protect you financially and keep you and your family comfortable in the event you can no longer contribute to your sport as a key player. Your insurance agent can help you create the right policy at a comfortable price.

Do consider a critical illness insurance policy

Disability insurance may cover injuries that keep you from playing baseball but it may not provide you with the extra finances you may need in the event of cancer, heart attack or stroke. While you may be more worried about a sports injury, don’t forget about other medical possibilities that could derail your career as well.

Do have a good relationship with your trainer

Training properly is the key to helping prevent future injuries. Keep your trainer(s) updated regarding any pain you may feel after a practice session or a game so they can make sure you aren’t pushing yourself too hard. You want to keep yourself off the disabled list and this is an important step. Follow any exercise and nutritional plans they have for you to keep your body in optimum shape.

Do read through your contract carefully

Before signing anything, discuss the contract with your sports agent as well as your insurance agent. Make sure you have reviewed all your insurance options before agreeing to any insurance the team has offered. Not all insurance policies are created equal, so always compare the team-sponsored plans to other individual policies.

Do be wary of performance enhancers

Baseball is a game of skill and intensity where players should rely on their abilities alone to earn them a place in professional sports. Performance enhancers can often do more harm to you physically, not to mention testing positive for PED’s can lead to suspension from your team and a huge loss of salary. Disability insurance won’t cover this type of lost income.


Do not ignore the benefits of a good insurance agent or broker

They will keep your policies updated as well as recommend other policies to consider. Your policy may also be subject to change throughout your baseball career depending on how much you increase your coverage as you age. There is a higher chance of injury the older you get so your policy may need to be restructured.

Do not dismiss feelings of pain

Pain is your body’s way of telling you something is wrong. Don’t risk a debilitating injury by shrugging off feelings of pain or other symptoms of an injury. If you slid into third base during a play and feel a twinge in your ankle, seek medical advice in the event you have a sprain. Continuing to play could aggravate your injury and make it worse, thus putting you on the disabled list.

Do not push yourself too hard, especially when you’re young

If you play baseball in school and are seriously considering a professional career, be careful not to push yourself too hard and risk a serious injury before you even reach your goal. Don’t risk a serious but avoidable injury by ignoring your coach or stretching yourself too thin.

Do not forget about all your insurance options

Disability Insurance isn’t the only option for you as a means to protect your family’s finances. Discuss your other options like life insurance, homeowner’s insurance or long-term care insurance with your agent to see how you, your family, and your home can be protected in various circumstances.

Do not let your dreams pass you by

Don’t let the threat of an injury keep you from playing a sport you love. Disability Insurance is there to help you in case you are severely disabled and can no longer play baseball.

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You may not think of disability insurance as a necessity for your career but disabling sports injuries seem to be happening with increasing frequency. The benefits from this insurance will keep you and your family in the comfort you are accustomed to. Talk with a knowledgeable insurance expert who is familiar with high-limit disability policies to protect you and your future income.

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