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Charles Wysocki's picture

Spring allergies: Why it’s important to be able to smell clearly

Dr. Charles J. Wysocki
Behavioral Neuroscientist specializing in the human sense of smell
J. Freeman King's picture

Parents of deaf children need to understand cochlear implants

J. Freeman King, Ed.D.
Director, Deaf Education
Vera Tarman's picture

From food addiction to food serenity: Becoming a healthier you

Dr. Vera Tarman, MD, FCFP, M.Sc. ABAM
Addictionologist, Medical Director of Renascent
Christopher Sliva's picture

Choosing a spine surgeon: How to select the most reliable

Christopher Sliva, MD
Orthopaedic Spine Surgeon
Jeffrey Durmer's picture

Sleep problems: When it’s more than just feeling tired

Jeffrey Durmer, MD, PhD
Co-Founder & Chief Medical Officer
Aaron Snyder's picture

Mothers: Control type 2 diabetes and lose weight with this advice

Aaron Snyder
Weight Loss Coach, Personal Trainer, Diabetes Patient-Expert
Karen R. Koenig's picture

Emotional balance may be the best remedy for eating problems

Karen R. Koenig, LCSW, M.Ed.
Expert on the Psychology of Eating
James Underberg's picture

How lipids (HDL and LDL) affect your heart health

Dr. James Underberg M.D.
Clinical Assistent Professor
William S. Harris's picture

Get heart healthy omega-3 fatty acids from fish or supplements

William S. Harris, PhD, FAHA
President and CEO

Diseases, Disorders and Conditions

Living a healthy lifestyle is a top priority on everyone’s list. The advice is plentiful, but having trustworthy advice from doctors, nutritionists, pediatric doctors, and therapists (to name a few) is what you need so that you know that the advice is credible and reliable. And ExpertBeacon provides that for you. We’ve got advice on food allergies, eating and sleep disorders, and help preventing your family from west nile virus.