Renting Real Estate

In today’s housing market, renting real estate is as popular as ever whether you are a landlord or tenant. Knowing the workings of the rental process from marketing your property to choosing a property management company means you’ll be prepared for anything. So whether the rental property is a home, townhome, loft, condo, or city apartment, let ExpertBeacon’s experts be your guide.

How to be the perfect prospective tenant when renting a new home

Putting your best foot forward is the way to succeed in business and in life. This advice also applies to impressing landlords while looking for your perfect rental home or apartment. There are several dos and don’ts that come with being an attractive tenant for property managers and landlords.

Vikram RaghavanCEO + Co-Founder

Vikram Raghavan is the CEO and co-founder of GrayRoost. He is an experienced e-commerce and marketing veteran, and has worked at,, Amazon, Capital One, and Lealta Media. Vik oversaw marketing, new product innovation, ...

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What to consider when renting your home or apartment in NYC

Don M. Hurwitz Real Estate Associate Broker, REALTOR®, Sales Manager Fenwick Keats Real Estate

When you are looking to rent your home in New York City, the best thing you can do is turn to an expert to help you through the process. The best part of hiring a real estate agent to assist with your rental is that it does not have to involve any additional cost. The broker’s fee is traditionally paid by the prospective tenant at lease signing. When you have a licensed agent representing your property, you are guaranteed to reach the greatest number of people by taking advantage of their professional resources, connections, and marketing tools.

Don M. HurwitzReal Estate Associate Broker, REALTOR®, Sales Manager

A seasoned Real Estate Broker and Sales Manager with over fifteen years of experience, Don Hurwitz has negotiated and closed hundreds of deals for himself and the 30 agents he manages. With his expertise in both sales and rentals he guides his c...

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Advice on finding and renting an apartment in New York City

The dreaded NYC apartment hunt is notorious for super-expensive properties, shady brokers, and cutthroat application battles. While it can definitely be an overwhelming experience, by being prepared and working with the right people, you should be able to secure a great apartment and minimize the drama. Keep your expectations in-check and realize that you are trying to rent in one of the most expensive cities in the world. There is a good chance that you will not get everything on your wishlist and may have to sacrifice when it comes to size, neighborhood, amenities, or budget.

Kathryn BlazeREALTOR

With an upbeat attitude and a true passion for hunting down the very best properties that the market has to offer, Kathryn makes it possible to enjoy the real estate process. Highly organized, honest, and always reliable, Kathryn truly listens t...

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Secure long-term tenants by making your rental property a home

As most landlords know, the key to a successful property management business is to keep costs low and to retain good tenants long-term. The best way to achieve this is by being more flexible, and letting tenants treat the property more like their home rather than just a temporary residence. In order to help you establish long-term tenants for your rental property, here is some advice to help.

Eric WorkmanVice President

Eric Workman is vice president of Sales at MACK Companies, Chicago’s premier provider of rehabilitated properties, and one of the largest owners and managers of single-family rentals in the Chicagoland area. On average, the firm buys, redevelops...

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Understand your legal obligations before signing a lease agreement

A lease is a legal binding contract between you and your landlord. It contains both your rights and your obligations during the period of your tenancy. In the event of any dispute, the lease will be the primary document to resolve the issue at hand.

Alan BundonisSenior Agent

Locating an apartment in Manhattan is a unique and fast paced challenge. With hundreds of listings coming on and off the market each day, a complex application process, and many other renters looking for similar apartments, the experience can be...

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Become a successful landlord

Becoming a landlord is the slow and steady path to wealth creation.  If a landlord sticks with it long enough and is proactive in the acquisition of rental property, there will come a time when the landlord is wealthy (at least on paper).

Laura MurrayLandlord & Realtor

. Landlord 25+ years . Commissioner on Montgomery County Landlord Tenant Commission . Co – chair HOC (Housing Opportunities Commission) Landlord Advisory Group . Feb. 2012 recipient of HOC Special Recognition award for my Landlord Education a...

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Advice for landlords on screening and selecting the best tenants

Ah, the landlord-tenant relationship. The business world’s version of a marriage: Once you’re in it, you’re in it. And while it may seem like a one-way street in which the landlord has the upper hand, the truth is more complex. In truth, everything the tenant does trickles up to the landlord one way or another; while the landlord has only so much latitude to law down the rules.

Mazyar Hedayat, Esq.On-Call Attorney

Mazyar M. Hedayat is a Rocket Lawyer On-Call Attorney in Chicago. He attended the University of Chicago and University of Michigan, where he earned his MBA from the Ross School of Business. He earned his JD from DePaul University College of Law....

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Choose a property management firm to rent and manage your home

R. J. Panda Property Manager, LEED AP, Business Development Director Fenwick Keats Management, Inc.

Real estate can be a valuable asset in your financial portfolio - find the right management company to oversee it just as you would any other financial asset. Who you choose can make a big difference when having to make any decisions on renovations, upgrades, or additions. They can recommend qualified professionals they have worked with in the past to help with any aspect of your property. Here is some advice to help ensure you choose the right property management firm to rent and manage your home.

R. J. PandaProperty Manager, LEED AP, Business Development Director

A graduate of the Stern MBA program at NYU, R. J.’s primary focus is on building efficiency—financial and structural. He is an Accredited Professional through the U.S. Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED)...

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Use Facebook to help you find the perfect rental property

Facebook is increasingly used as a sounding board for people to get some opinions from their group of friends. They might ask about a great Thai chicken recipe or for thoughts on the benefits and disadvantages of moving to a certain neighborhood. It’s a great way to discover who you really are and what interests you.

Nitin ShingateCEO

Nitin Shingate is the CEO and co-founder of RentalRoost, as well as the co-founder of GrayRoost Real Estate. Prior to RentalRoost, he was a distinguished technologist with experience building scalable platforms that leverage open source systems ...

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How to protect you and your rental property as a first-time landlord

Today’s real estate market is flooded with prospective renters due to the housing crash in 2008. The countless number of renters appeals to the real estate investor attempting to cash in on the investment. These investors purchase homes at a discount and rent them to tenants for a profit. Many investors are first-time landlords who must be aware of the risks associated with residential rentals in order to protect their investment.

Shawn C. White Attorney at Law

Shawn C. White is a partner at the law firm of Sternfels & White, PLLC where he has been practicing law since 2004. He focuses his practice on family law, real estate, estate planning and general litigation matters. Mr. White received his Bachel...

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Guide to choosing a property manager for your rental property

Mia Melle President of Operations,

Avoid headaches and vacancies by choosing a property manager who knows what they are doing.

Mia MellePresident of Operations,

Mia Melle is the broker and President of Operations for, a residential property management brokerage serving California and Arizona. has managed a growing portfolio of thousands of single family homes for over a decade...

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