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How to avoid getting depressed after a big performance or event

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Are you involved in theater, sports, or organizing events? Do you live for the big day but get depressed when it’s over? This article will help you avoid the letdown after the big show, game or party.


Do spend time doing other things while you prepare for the game or show

You can prepare yourself to avoid the letdown by spreading your emotional catharsis among different things. Even when you are preparing for the show or game, you can make time for your family, friends, and other responsibilities. There is the old expression, “Don’t put all of your eggs in one basket,” which means don’t depend on one thing to bring you all of your happiness. This holds true for all major activities.

Do spend time reminiscing during the first few days after the event

When you are emotionally attached to something, it is healthy to keep it alive in your memory. During the first few days after the event, look at pictures, which you can now do instantly on your iphone. Talk to the people you acted or played with. As the days go by you may have to do this less frequently. However, it is important to get it in your memory as a good time that you had.

Do plan something new that you will enjoy and feel good about

The letdown will be worse if you feel that you don’t have anything to look forward to when it is over. Plan a vacation, attend a game or show with friends or family, and genuinely look forward to it. You will find yourself enjoying everything in your life more if you always have something to look forward to.

Do think of reasons to enjoy everything in your life

Some people become obsessed with one thing in their life because they do not appreciate anything else. They hate their job, they hate school, they don’t like their family and don’t appreciate their friends or their spouse. Consequentially, they desperately look for something to make their life happy and fulfilling, then it ends. You can ask yourself the questions, “What could I like about my job, my family, etc.?”

If you keep asking, you will find answers.

Do cultivate an attitude of gratitude about everything

This is builds onto thinking of reasons for enjoying everything in your life. Most counselors and self help experts advocate that an attitude of gratitude is imperative for happiness. When you are grateful for your health, your house, your friends, your family and everything in your life, you will not cling to only one thing to make you happy.


Do not just forget about the event

If you just try to forget about the good time you had, you will get more depressed. You need to spend time reminiscing for the first few days then periodically after that. If you are the parents of a child who seems letdown after the show or game, you can encourage them to talk about the event and don’t just say, “It’s over, so we don’t need to talk about it.”

Do not continue to neglect everything else

When you get involved in one activity and become obsessed, everything else seems boring. When the show or the game is over it may seem dull and even depressing to start involving yourself in your homework, work, and activities that you used to enjoy. Do them anyway and you will find yourself enjoying them more each day.

Do not continually wine and complain about how letdown you are

It is okay to complain once to each person. However, if you keep complaining to everyone, they will get tired of you and that will make everything worse. The cure for this is Do #2. Keep reminiscing as long as you need to. Parents can help their children this way by allowing them to reminisce about the good parts, but not complain.

Do not neglect the simple pleasures

The feelings of letdown are the worst when you return to the responsibilities you have. It is okay to listen to music or watch a good show, meditate, or do something fun so you can remind yourself that life can be enjoyable in many ways.

Do not do anything stressful for a few days unless you have to

When you are letdown after an exciting event it may not be the best time to quit smoking, take on extra responsibilities, or do anything stressful that is not required. You need time to heal from the letdown.

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If you ever have had a letdown after a show you were in, a big game, a party you organized, or a vacation, you can avoid it in the future. Follow the advice above and help yourself feel better.

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