How Can I Quit Walgreens In 2024?

Quitting a job is never easy, but doing it the right way can make the process smoother for you and your employer. Here‘s an expert guide to professionally and considerately resigning from Walgreens in 2024.

What‘s the Right Way to Quit Your Walgreens Job?

  • Speak to your manager – Have an in-person conversation with your store manager or assistant store manager. Let them know you‘ll be leaving and provide your last intended work day.

  • Give proper notice – Providing at least 2 weeks notice is considered the professional standard. This gives the store appropriate time to handle your transition.

  • Follow up in writing – After speaking to your manager, follow up your conversation with a formal resignation letter or email that states your end date.

Do I Have to Give Two Weeks‘ Notice?

While Walgreens does not require a two-week notice, providing one is strongly encouraged and considered good form when leaving a job. Giving proper notice can allow you to resign while remaining in good standing with the company.

Will Walgreens Rehire Former Employees?

In most cases, yes. Walgreens will typically rehire employees who:

  • Left the company in good standing
  • Provided proper notice upon resigning
  • Were not terminated for violations like theft or violence

Employees rehired may return in reduced hours or different positions. Those terminated cannot return for 90 days per company policy.

How Long Does Health Insurance Last After Quitting?

Health insurance coverage typically extends 30 days after your final day of employment with Walgreens. The specifics can vary, so check with HR. Those enrolled in COBRA may extend coverage further.

Why Are So Many Walgreens Employees Quitting?

Industry experts cite factors like wages, saturation, working conditions and better job options as leading more Walgreens employees to resign over the past couple years. The shifts of 2020 accelerated this trend.

Who Can I Contact With Other Questions?

Reach out to the Walgreens HR Solutions Center at 1-855-777-0078 or access resources online through the company‘s Work & Life website.

Resigning properly allows you to leave your Walgreens job on good terms while preparing the store for a smooth transition after your departure. Following this guide can make quitting in 2024 an ethical, constructive process.

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