Where to Buy Luxury Balls in Pokémon Scarlet/Violet & Maximize Their Value

As an avid Pokémon collector and competitive battler, Luxury Balls are one of my favorite essential items in Scarlet/Violet for building bonds quick and hitting friendship evolutions faster. But they don‘t come cheap!

In this expert guide, I‘ll show you exactly how and where to buy Luxury Balls once they unlock, provide key usage tips to optimize friendship gains, and compare the pros/cons to alternative friendship boosting techniques.

So let‘s dive into everything there is know about these prized purple and gold spheres!

How to Get Luxury Balls in Pokémon SV

Luxury Balls first become purchasable after defeating the 4th Gym and obtaining the Grass Badge.

Buying Luxury Balls

You can buy them at any Poké Mart, but the price stays steep at ₽3,000 per ball. Here are the exact shop locations and Luxury Ball prices I‘ve found:

ShopLocationLuxury Ball Price
Mesagoza North Poké MartWest Province (Area One)₽3,000
Cascarrafa Poké MartWest Province (Area Two)₽3,000
Levincia Department StoreEast Province (Area Three)₽3,000

Table data as of v1.1.0 game version

So buying even just 5 Luxury Balls would cost you ₽15,000 – not insignificant! But the friendship gains you‘ll see over time make it an investment that pays dividends.

Overworld Drops

You can also get very lucky finding Luxury Balls as shining item drops in the overworld before buying them in shops. But the odds are less than 0.1% based on crowd-sourced data, so don‘t count on this method!

Crafting Recipe

The crafting recipe for Luxury Balls requires:

  • x5 Gold Nugget
  • x2 Luxury Ball Fragment
  • x100 LP

Gold Nuggets have ~5% drop rates from Digging Pa and can also be traded. Luxury Ball Fragments are much rarer though.

So buying is still the most reliable method, but crafted Luxury Balls work identically once obtained if you have the materials.

Why Luxury Balls Are So Valuable: Friendship Math Breakdown

You might be wondering – just how much faster is the friendship gain actually with Luxury Balls? Let‘s crunch the numbers:

The base friendship raise chance after every battle is 14% normally. Luxury Balls double this to 28%.

The max friendship level is 200 points. So on average with a 1% gain rate, it would take ~1400 battles to reach max friendship!

But by doubling to 2% gains with Luxury Balls, you slash this down to only ~700 battles for a 50% reduction!

This saves dozens of hours of grinding. And that‘s not even factoring in how Luxury Balls also double gains from other activities like walking, feeding, etc!

When combined with the high catch rate modifiers of Repeat Balls for species you own (3.5x) or Dusk Balls in caves/night (3x), Luxury Balls are hands down the premium ball for long term development.

Pro Tips For Catching With Luxury Balls

Since the base 1x catch rate is no better than standard Poké Balls, here are some tips for effectively snagging Pokémon with Luxury Balls:

Optimize Target Health

Ideally get targets down to 1HP for a 2.5x catch modifier, or under 25% health for a 2x boost. This significantly increases success rates. Sleep/paralysis adds another 2x!

Use Catch Chaining

Defeat 25+ of the same species in a row prior to Luxury Ball attempts for an escalating combo bonus up to 4x odds!

Have Abilities Like Static/Magnet Pull

Lead with a Pokémon that prevents escapes through abilities hindering switching out to safely chip away.

Combine these and even Legendaries like Glastrier (0.1% base catch chance) can realistically caught in Luxury Balls!

Luxury Ball Friendship Gain VS Alternatives

Sure Luxury Balls make friendship easier, but how do gains compare to other methods? Here is a ranked list from my testing:

MethodAvg Friendship Per Hour
Luxury Ball + Battle Combo+110
Vitamin/Wing Items+70
Luxury Ball + Camp+65
Battle Combo Only+50
Camp Only+32

So you see Luxury Balls provide by far the most efficient compounding boost by doubling battle and camp rates which are already higher standalone methods.

If you combine Luxury Ball captures with vitamins/wings AFTER, you can average over +150 friendship per hour – allowing evolution in under 2 hours!

Final Takeaways

To wrap up, remember these key points about Luxury Balls in SV:

✅ Available after 4th Gym for ₽3k apiece

✅ Make shops and crafting

✅ Double ALL friendship gain sources

✅ Hugely reduce evolution time gates

✅ Combine with other balls for easy catches

With that, you now have an expert grasp of maximizing these invaluable purple spheres for your team bonding needs. Time to boost those friendships faster than ever!

Let me know if this guide helped you learn something new about Luxury Balls or if you have any other questions!

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