How heavy is Cloud‘s sword?

As a hardcore Final Fantasy VII fan, I‘ve always wondered about the incredible size and weight of Cloud‘s infamous weapon. According to expert analyses, this brute of a blade likely weighs between 60-80 pounds if made of steel! Let‘s delve into the astonishing creation that is the Buster Sword…

The Sheer Scale of This Sword is Unreal

By analyzing screenshots, we can estimate the Buster Sword to be around 5-6 feet long – nearly as tall as Cloud himself! The broad blade must be at least half a foot across. Just look at this thing compared to Cloud‘s motorcycle:

Weapons experts calculate the thickness to be 0.5-1 inches along the sharpened edge. For reference, some medieval greatswords reached 6 feet long, but weighed "only" 30-40 lbs at most.

Potential real-world Weight by Material

Based on the estimated size and different materials, here are plausible real-world weights:

MaterialPotential Weight
Solid Steel60-80 lbs
High Carbon Steel50-65 lbs
Aluminum Alloys20-30 lbs
Titanium Alloys15-25 lbs

As you can see, a steel Buster Sword would be devastatingly heavy! But perhaps an aluminum alloy could get close the optimal balance of weight and durability.

Swinging This Beast is Straight Up Impossible in Real Life

To put this in perspective, even experienced strongmen would struggle to swing around 60-80 pounds single-handedly – let alone a massively bulky sword! The world record for heaviest sword swung with one arm is only 32 pounds.

So how does scrawny Cloud wield the Buster Sword so easily, at lightning speed against deadly foes?

Mako Infusions Give Cloud the Edge

Here‘s where the legendary RPG story comes in: After undergoing traumatic experiments by the shadowy Shinra corporation, Cloud gains a variety of supernatural powers from Mako infusions. These gifts seem to include heightened strength, reflexes, stamina and a partial resistance to injury or pain.

We can infer that Cloud‘s apparent ease with wielding the impossibly heavy Buster Sword comes from his newfound superhuman abilities fueled by Mako energy. It‘s still an improbable feat, but within the bounds of Final Fantasy VII‘s lore.

Cloud‘s Swordplay Skills Go Beyond Raw Strength

Amazingly, analysis by weapon experts reveals more hints about Cloud‘s sword. Strife‘s style relies more on speed, leverage and control than brute force. He deftly leverages the sword‘s momentum in wide arcs and with gravity to produce devastating power. We also see Cloud artfully slice enemies with the very tip of the sharp edge using nimble wrist turns.

These advanced techniques mean Cloud wields the Buster Sword almost like a nimble one-handed longsword – not a clumsy, strength-only greatsword. It speaks volumes about Cloud‘s talents even before his Mako infusions!

No doubt – between unreal physical abilities from experiments and an incredible skill level – Cloud earns the right to brandish the instantly recognizable Buster Sword!

So what do you think – could a human ever realistically wield Cloud Strife‘s iconic, implausibly proportioned Buster Sword? Let me know in the comments! And if you enjoyed this guide, please browse my other Final Fantasy analyses!

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