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How to insure your motorhome or RV effectively

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While most RV drivers have an insurance policy for their vehicle, they may not have the correct policy to cover all that could happen. Motorhomes are a specialized type of vehicle and as such, require a specialized policy. The following will provide steps to take when purchasing a RV policy for maximum coverage.


Do understand why the cost difference of policies exists

The reason the cost is so high is because living in an RV requires travel time, which greatly increases the likelihood of something happening along the way. There are many extra dangers when driving at high speeds on roadways, and a moving vehicle is more prone to accidents due to the sheer volume of drivers sharing the road.

Do look for specialized policies

Many coverage gaps exist within a typical auto insurance policy, so look for a specialized policy for motorhomes and RVs that will cover everything you need. Some things to look for in a policy include total loss replacement, replacement cost of personal belongings, emergency expense coverage, and medium duty tow truck coverage for those unexpected mechanical breakdowns.

Do insist on coverage for all liabilities

When compared to auto insurance companies, these specialized policies typically have increased liability amounts available since the size of an RV means it can cause more damage than a car. Campsite liability is also available for part-time vacationers using their RV, and full-timer liability is available when the RV is used as a residence for year-round travel.

Do have a basic understanding of how insurance policies can vary

There are many reasons why an insurance policy can vary such as RV type and model as well as the laws in the state that issued the policy. The cost of the specialized policy can also change based on other vehicles owned by the policyholder, the driving history of anyone on the policy, and how much coverage you want for your RV.

Do be extremely careful when it comes to potential loss

If your motorhome is covered under auto insurance versus a specialized RV policy, you most likely don’t have coverage for the replacement cost of personal belongings. Homes are vandalized every day and motorhomes are not exempt just because they have wheels. Many people bring expensive items like electronics and jewelry with them as they travel, so make sure you are covered in the event they are stolen.


Do not forget to read through the special conditions and exclusions

Like with any other auto insurance policy, there are special conditions and exclusions with RV policies. Carefully review what these might be so you can either avoid those situations or find another way to add coverage. These exclusions will vary depending on the insurance carrier.

Do not rely on coverage through the typical auto insurance policy

You will still get the basics from any auto insurance policy, like collision and comprehensive insurance, but the auto insurance company will typically only cover your RV if you are a part-time traveler. If you are full-timer and live in the RV as you travel, then the chances of your auto insurance company continuing your coverage significantly decreases.

Do not try and save money by avoiding a specialized policy

If you are planning on being a full-timer with your RV, you need to spend the extra money and get an official RV insurance policy. These policies are like homeowner’s insurance, with all the extra bells and whistles for personal liability, replacement cost coverage, and other riders you can add on based upon your needs.

Do not be afraid to suspend collision coverage while RV is not in use

You are allowed to suspend the collision coverage while your motorhome is stored or not in use. This is a great way to save some money, particularly during winter months when you may be home for an extended amount of time. You won’t have the chance to collide into another vehicle or object when your RV is decommissioned for the cold weather season.

Do not hesitate to ask your insurance agent questions

Any time you have a question about your policy, you should agent and ask your questions. Use this opportunity to find out what deals you can get to save extra money on the premium. You can also discuss the potential to add additional types of coverage to your policy.

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We all work hard and want to save money where we can, but when it comes to RVs, spend the extra money for specialized coverage. Too many dangers exist on the road to bypass the additional coverage a specialized RV policy can bring. Do the smart thing today and call your insurance agent to get started on your new adventure.

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