How Many Stamps for Bubble Mailer in 2024? (Full Guide)

Sending lightweight items in a bubble mailer through the mail is a popular shipping method for both businesses and individuals. But figuring out the proper postage can be confusing with the variety of size and weight classes used by the United States Postal Service (USPS).

This complete guide will provide everything you need to know about calculating and affixing postage for mailing bubble mailers in 2024.

A Quick Refresher on USPS Mail Classes

There are three main classes that bubble mailers typically fall under depending on their dimensions and weight:

  • First-Class Mail Letter – For envelopes and very small, lightweight packages
  • First-Class Mail Flat – For larger envelopes and padded mailers
  • First-Class Mail Parcel – For small packages exceeding Flat limits

Here is a breakdown of the specific size and weight limits according to the USPS Price List effective January 2023:

First-Class Mail Letter

  • Max Height: 6-1/8"
  • Max Length: 11-1/2"
  • Max Thickness: 1/4"
  • Max Weight: 3.5 oz

First-Class Mail Flat

  • Min Height: 6-1/8"
  • Max Height: 12"
  • Min Length: 11-1/2"
  • Max Length: 15"
  • Max Thickness: 3/4"
  • Max Weight: 13 oz

First-Class Mail Parcel

  • Over 3/4" thick
  • Over 13 oz weight
  • Starting at $4.95 postage

Postage Rate Tables for Bubble Mailers

Once you know what mail class your bubble mailer falls under, you can calculate the required postage based on weight. Here are the current USPS postage rates as of January 2023:

First-Class Mail Letter Postage

1 oz$0.63
2 oz$0.93
3 oz$1.23
3.5 oz$1.33

First-Class Mail Flat Postage

1 oz$1.16
2 oz$1.33
3 oz$1.50
4 oz$1.67
5 oz$1.84
6 oz$2.01
7 oz$2.18
8 oz$2.35
9 oz$2.52
10 oz$2.69
11 oz$2.86
12 oz$3.03
13 oz$3.20

As you can see, First-Class Flats allow you to send heavier items like bubble mailers at reasonable rates compared to packages.

Calculating and Affixing Postage

Once you know the mail class and weight of your bubble mailer, calculating the stamps is easy.

For example, let‘s say your bubble mailer weighs 4 ounces and meets the size limits for a First-Class Flat. Looking at the table above, you‘ll need $1.67 in postage.

Since each Forever Stamp is worth $0.63 in 2024, you will need:

$1.67 / $0.63 per stamp = 3 stamps

When affixing the stamps, be sure to put them in the upper right corner of the bubble mailer. Use clear tape over the stamps to secure them.

Here is an example of a 4 ounce bubble mailer with proper First-Class Flat postage:

Sample Calculations for Common Bubble Mailer Weights

Let‘s look at some more examples to get a feel for real-world postage amounts:

  • 6 ounce bubble mailer = $2.01 postage = 4 stamps
  • 8 ounce bubble mailer = $2.35 postage = 4 stamps
  • 10 ounce bubble mailer = $2.69 postage = 5 stamps

You can use Forever Stamps for all First-Class Flats up to 13 ounces. After that weight, you would need to visit USPS for Package postage.

Tips for Ensuring Proper Postage

  • Use a digital kitchen scale to weigh your bubble mailer first
  • Refer to the size and weight limit tables to identify the mail class
  • Calculate required postage based on weight and class
  • Affix correct amount of stamps in upper right corner
  • Include a legible return address
  • Drop off at USPS office or collection box

Following these tips will help avoid insufficient or wasted postage. I recommend investing in a digital scale to weigh mail pieces accurately at home.

Interesting Bubble Mailer and USPS Postage Statistics

  • According to USPS data, there were 1.2 billion First-Class Flats mailed in 2021.
  • The Postal Service delivered 54.9 billion pieces of First-Class Mail in 2021.
  • Forever Stamps have increased from $0.55 to $0.63 in price since 2019.
  • Bubble mailers are used extensively by ecommerce companies like Amazon and individual eBay sellers.
  • Common lightweight items sent in bubble mailers include photos, greeting cards, documents, small gifts, and apparel.


I hope this comprehensive guide clarifies how to determine the proper postage for mailing bubble mailers using USPS First-Class options. The key is identifying the correct mail class based on size and weight limits. From there, you can easily calculate the required Forever Stamps or other postage. With a digital scale and this advice, you‘ll mail bubble mailers like a pro! Let me know if you have any other postal questions.

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