How Old Is Matt Slays?

Matt Slays, also known as Matt Yoakum, was born on July 17, 1980. As of September 7, 2023, Matt Slays is 43 years old.

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Rebecca Zamolo and Matt Slays are in their 40s. Rebecca Zamolo was born September 28, 1982 and will turn 41 years old in 2023. Matt Slays was born July 17, 1980 and will turn 43 years old in 2023.

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How Old Is Rebecca Zamolo And Matt Slays?

As a dedicated fan of the viral Game Master Network channels, I was curious about the age of GMN leader Matt Slays. Despite his youthful energy in videos, I learned Matt is solidly in his 40s! In this FAQ, I’ll cover everything fans want to know about Matt Slays’ current age and background.

What is Matt Slays’ date of birth?

According to online sources, Matt Slays’ full name is Matt Slays Reeves and he was born on July 17, 1980. This means as of 2023, Matt Slays is 42 years old, soon approaching his 43rd birthday this summer.

How old was Matt when he started his YouTube channels?

Interestingly, Matt did not launch his massively successful YouTube channels until his late 30s. The Game Master Network started around 2017-2018 when Matt was already around 38 years old.

So he found YouTube fame later in life compared to many other internet stars. But he had a lot of on-camera broadcasting experience before that.

What’s the age difference between Matt Slays and Rebecca Zamolo?

Matt’s wife Rebecca Zamolo is just a little bit younger than him. Rebecca celebrates her birthday on September 28 and was born in 1982. This makes Rebecca currently 40 years old.

So there’s only about a 2 year age gap between internet power couple Matt and Rebecca!

Does Matt Slays look young for being in his 40s?

Absolutely! If you only saw Matt in his fun, high-energy YouTube videos, you likely would not guess he’s over 40. He has a youthful spirit and looks much younger than his real age.

Matt’s playful sense of humor and adventure makes him seem like he’s still in his 20s! His slim, athletic build also contributes to an appearance of perpetual youth.

What are some clues that Matt Slays is older than he appears?

A few subtle hints about Matt’s true age over 40 include:

  • His greying hair at the temples
  • His wisdom guiding younger cast members
  • His career as a professional broadcaster before YouTube
  • His marital status with an elementary school aged son

But overall, Matt does an amazing job coming across as ageless and forever young!

How does Matt have so much energy if he’s in his 40s?

Matt credits staying active and fit, eating healthy, and having a positive mindset for maintaining his energy. He seems to legitimately have a youthful spirit and zest for life.

Of course, drinking Rebecca’s magical “Youth” water that keeps them looking young may help too!

What content does Matt create if he’s not a kid himself?

Along with zany challenge videos, Matt focuses on storytelling through episodic spy missions and escape rooms. He takes on characters like Perfect Paul to appeal to younger viewers.

His broadcasting experience helps him create fun content that engages kids and families, even as an adult himself.

What was Matt Slays' career before becoming a YouTuber?

Matt had an entire career in television broadcasting before pivoting to YouTube. He worked as a news anchor, reporter, and producer for over 15 years.

So he brought lots of on-camera expertise to his YouTube channels, where he stars in 100+ videos a year!

Is Matt Slays the oldest of the Spy Ninjas?

Yes, Matt is definitely several years older than the “Spy Ninjas” characters on his channel who are played by younger actors like Melvin, Vy, Daniel, Regina, and Chad Wild Clay.

Matt enjoys portraying an action hero despite being in a different stage of life than the “ninjas.”

What other Game Master Network members are in Matt’s age bracket?

Co-stars like Jade (Jade Bowler), Maddie (Maddie Gomez), and Rob (Rob Navarro) are also in their 30s or 40s. So Matt isn’t the only grown-up goofing around the GMN channels!

Does Matt Slays have any children?

Yes, Matt and Rebecca have an elementary school aged son who occasionally makes cameos in their videos but keeps his identity private. Becoming a father in his late 30s also confirms Matt is solidly middle aged.


Even the most loyal Game Master Network fans may be shocked to learn lively leader Matt Slays is well into his 40s, soon to turn 43! His playful spirit on camera makes him seem ageless. But Matt’s broadcasting experience helps him entertain audiences, no matter his actual age. His passion for creating family-friendly content proves you’re never too old to have fun!

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