How Tall Is Nicholas Cage?

Nicolas Cage is 6 feet tall (182.9 cm) .

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Nicolas Cage is 6 feet tall.

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Nicholas Cage is 6ft. But as we age, we shrink. So, because he is 58 years old, I bet he is getting shorter.

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How Tall is Nicolas Cage?

Nicolas Cage's height has been a frequently asked question among fans over the years. Cage has established himself as a prolific actor across various genres, known for his intense and dynamic on-screen presence. His height contributes to his distinctive physicality and bold persona that he brings to his roles.

Nicolas Cage's Official Height

According to most official sources, Nicolas Cage is 6 feet tall (183 cm). This height is consistently listed across his acting profiles, celebrity biographies, and interviews with Cage himself.

Some key sources confirming his 6ft stature:

  • Cage's profile on IMDB lists his height as 6′ (183 cm).
  • His profile on also cites 6′ as his official height.
  • In a 1987 interview with the LA Times, Cage said “I'm 6 feet tall.”
  • The Nicolas Cage fansite features a detailed biography stating he stands at “exactly 6 feet tall.”

Height Comparisons on Screen

When observing Cage on screen, he consistently appears around 6 feet tall compared to other cast members:

  • In National Treasure alongside 5'9″ Justin Bartha, Cage looks notably taller.
  • Next to 5'7″ actress Eva Mendes in Ghost Rider, Cage is visibly taller.
  • In Adaptation alongside 5'10” Meryl Streep, he looks about two inches taller.

So in his on-screen portrayals, Cage generally aligns with being around 6 feet tall as stated.

Accounting for Age-Related Height Loss

It's common for people, especially men, to lose a bit of height as they age due to spine compression and muscle loss.

While Cage was 6ft in his youth and prime years, he is likely closer to 5'11” or 5'10” today at age 59. Most men lose about half an inch to an inch in observable height by their 50s and 60s. So Cage may have gone from 6′ to 5'11”, but this minor height decrease is normal with age.

Summary – How Tall is Nicolas Cage?

In summary, celebrity Nicolas Cage is officially listed at 6 feet tall in his major film profiles and biographies. On screen he consistently appears close to the 6ft mark compared to co-stars. However, at his current age of 59, Cage is likely around 5'11” due to a slight height decrease being common among older men. But during his prime years as an actor, Nicolas Cage stood reliably at 6 feet tall.

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