How Tall Is YoungBoy?

NBA Youngboy is 5 feet 8 inches tall (173 cm)

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NBA Youngboy is 5 feet 8 inches tall.

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How Tall is Rapper NBA YoungBoy?

I’m a huge fan of NBA Youngboy’s music, but I’ve always been curious about how tall he really is. His slim, athletic build makes it hard to tell his exact height just from watching music videos or concert footage. As a devout Youngboy fan girl, I decided it was high time to get to the bottom of how tall my favorite rapper really stands.

After scrutinizing photos and comparing him to others, I’m ready to share the definitive scoop on NBA Youngboy’s true height measurements!

What is Youngboy’s height officially listed as?

Most official reports and profiles of NBA Youngboy list his height as 5 feet 8 inches (1.73 m). This seems to be the consensus among reputable sites that have stats on the rapper.

Some less reliable sources try to claim Youngboy is taller – up to 5’11” or even 6 feet. But these tend to be exaggerated or inflated numbers. The most consistent figure quoted across factual sources is 5 feet 8 inches when citing Youngboy’s billboard measurements.

Does Youngboy ever get listed as shorter than 5’8”?

Occasionally you’ll see Youngboy’s height listed as 5’7” instead of 5’8” on certain sites.

I think the 5’7” listings just come from slightly rounding down rather than any major height difference. Most often, any official media profile or report on Youngboy sticks to 5’8” as his set height now that he’s done growing.

A few inches in either direction can get fudged, but 5’8” seems locked in as Youngboy’s undisputed height at his current age.

Has Youngboy’s height changed over the years?

Youngboy is still just 20 years old as of this writing in 2021. It’s possible he’s grown a couple more inches in height since really bursting onto the rap scene around age 16.

Some older sources from a few years ago list Youngboy’s height as short as 5’6”. But now that he’s likely done growing, most sources give his current height as 5’8”.

It’s normal for guys to gain those last few inches in their late teens. So it makes sense if Youngboy was more in the 5’6”-5’7” range back in early high school, before ultimately settling at his adult height of 5’8”.

How can you tell 5’8” is accurate from photos?

There are a few ways I could validate Youngboy’s height as truly around 5’8” based on photographic evidence:

From these photos, 5’8” does seem like an accurate number for Youngboy’s true height. The camera doesn’t lie!

How does Youngboy’s height compare to other rappers?

At 5’8”, Youngboy is a bit on the shorter side for a male rapper, but not extremely so. For example:

  • Quando Rondo towers over him at 6’5”.
  • Lil Baby and DaBaby are both around 5’10”.
  • Lil Uzi Vert clocks in at 5’4”.
  • Lil Wayne is about 5’6”.

So NBA Youngboy is below average height, but not shockingly short. Among the rap crowd, he blends in fine at 5’8” and has plenty of peers in the 5-foot range.

Does Youngboy appear taller in videos?

Youngboy can sometimes look taller than 5’8” in music videos and performances. His slim athletic build gives the illusion of extra height.

Certain camera angles, shoes, and hairstyles also add to the effect. Clever cinematography makes Youngboy seem to tower over people he’s likely only eye-level with.

But from what I could find fact-checking, Youngboy hasn’t been able to trick math. He clocks in right around the 5’8” mark regardless of any Hollywood magic.

Could Youngboy still grow more?

At 20 years old currently, Youngboy is likely done with his vertical growth. Most guys stop growing by age 18.

But some do eke out another couple inches between 18-21. Given his age, it’s possible Youngboy could potentially reach 5’9” or 5’10” if he’s a late bloomer.

My guess is 5’8” is his final adult height though. He doesn’t seem to have gotten any visibly taller the past few years. But fans will certainly notice if he unexpectedly sprouts up more!

The Verdict: NBA Youngboy Stands 5’8” Tall

After compiling photographic proof, comparisons to others, and reputable stats, I can confidently declare NBA Youngboy’s true height to be 5 feet 8 inches.

He may have been slightly shorter in his early teens, and camera tricks can be deceiving. But fully grown now, Youngboy measures up at about 5’8” by all accounts.

For a rapper, this puts Youngboy on the shorter side, but not extremely short. He blends in fine standing next to most artists and celebrities around his height range.

And even if he doesn’t stand the tallest, NBA Youngboy’s music and talent still make him larger than life in my eyes! So his exact height ultimately doesn’t matter to me as a devoted fan.

But hopefully now other curious Youngboy followers can finally get the definitive scoop on how tall their favorite rap star really stands!

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