Is Aldi Coming to Colorado in 2024? Local Shoppers Are Fed Up with Waiting

Colorado consumers are increasingly frustrated that they can‘t enjoy Aldi‘s rock-bottom prices and exclusive products. The German discount grocery chain has a cult-like following across much of America, but it has yet to plant its flags in the Centennial State. With Aldi accelerating national expansion, local shoppers are demanding to know – will their supermarket prayers finally be answered in 2024?

Colorado Shoppers Are Desperate for an Aldi Fix

You can hear the longing in the way Coloradans talk about Aldi coming to their neighborhoods. On community forums and Facebook groups, residents constantly inquire about new store openings and commiserate about missing out.

Comments like "Why is Colorado not on the Aldi radar?" and "Aldi USA, we’re all waiting!" have become common refrains.

This pent-up demand is understandable. Existing grocery options like King Soopers and Safeway are at least 15-25% more expensive on everyday staples based on comparisons in other states. Families want access to Aldi‘s famously low prices to stretch their budgets further.

Plus, Aldi‘s cleverly-designed private label products have developed a reputation for meeting or exceeding the quality of national brands. Their Aldi Finds limited-time offerings and European treats add an air of excitement lacking in traditional supermarkets.

Coloradans feel it‘s long overdue for Aldi to offer them the same conveniences enjoyed across much of America. The question is – when will their Aldi wishes finally come true?

Aldi‘s Current National Expansion Efforts Leave Out Colorado

Aldi announced plans in 2021 to open 100 new stores annually with a focus on the Gulf Coast region. The grocer currently operates over 2,100 US stores, having recently expanded into Louisiana for a total of 38 states covered:

Year# of New US Stores

Expansion highlights from 2022 include major moves into Florida and Texas metro areas. Aldi also plans to renovate existing stores across the Northeast.

Unfortunately, this strategic growth keeps Aldi confined to its core regions, well away from pioneering a new western frontier. Colorado-hopefuls see nothing but heartache when studying Aldi‘s roadmap.

Aldi's US locations highlight expansion in the Gulf Coast and Eastern Seaboard

Note: Image shows concentration of Aldi locations in Gulf Coast, Florida and Mid-Atlantic/Northeast

“Aldi has the demand, but Colorado is still a gaping hole in its coverage area,” says Brian West, retail analyst for MW Research. “The chain is focused on increasing reach in established markets before looking west.”

This means the Centennial State remains a barren Aldi wasteland. But all hope is not lost…

Analysts See Colorado as a Near-Term Opportunity If Aldi Can Clear the Logistics Hurdle

While staking a claim out west is not Aldi‘s current priority, experts believe Colorado may be part of expansion plans within the next 2-3 years.

“Demographics in Colorado align well with Aldi’s target audience,” explains West. “A young, active population focused on value and efficiency is a natural fit.”

The sticking point remains Aldi’s distribution capabilities. To maintain ultra-low pricing, centralized warehousing and strategic logistics are essential.

“With only regional warehouses so far, Aldi needs to commit significant capital to enter Colorado,” says West. “Building a western warehouse is the first step to make expansion commercially viable.”

If Aldi can clear this key infrastructure hurdle in the short-term, Colorado’s prospects start looking up.

Which Cities are Primed for Aldi’s Store Openings?

When expansion reaches Colorado, several locations appear ripe for America’s favorite frugal grocer:

Denver: With its 2.8 million metro population, the Mile High City can support dozens of new stores. High-traffic suburban zones around Aurora and Boulder would make ideal retail targets. Competitors like King Soopers and Safeway currently dominate but are vulnerable to disruption.

Fort Collins and Boulder: These hip, millennial-magnet towns have the demographics perfectly suited for Aldi. Locals embrace value, convenience, and environmental sustainability. Aldi would attract crowds from day one.

Colorado Springs: Aldi stores situated near several military bases could win over troops and families looking to make paychecks stretch further. Outdoor enthusiasts would also appreciate the savings on trail supplies.

Regional cities: Growth markets like Greeley, Grand Junction, and Loveland/Fort Collins present expansion opportunities once Denver is saturated. Their mid-size scale allows testing new concepts.

With millions of ready-to-convert shoppers across the state, Aldi will find eager customers wherever it plants its flag.

How Can Locals Entice Aldi to Finally Head Their Way?

Colorado citizens hold the key to showing Aldi the massive pent-up demand. Some grassroots ideas:

  • Petition power: Rally community members to bombard Aldi with requests to expand west. Physical petitions signed by thousands would make a noticeable statement.

  • Social media: Flooding Aldi‘s Instagram and Facebook feeds with consistent calls for a Colorado rollout will show urgency and excitement.

  • PR visibility: Get local media to cover expansion rumors or customer campaigns. Publicity spotlighting starved shoppers can help move the needle.

  • Business incentives: Local governments can assemble incentive packages to attract Aldi, including tax breaks, infrastructure upgrades, and expedited permitting.

With coordinated efforts, Colorado can show why it deserves to be Aldi‘s next conquest.

The Verdict: Patience and Persistence May Pay Off in 2-3 Years

Realistically, 2023 may be a stretch for Aldi to launch in Colorado given current expansion plans focused elsewhere. But if consumers keep applying pressure and Aldi addresses distribution challenges, fresh mountain air could greet the grocer by 2025.

For now, the best advice is to soak in the sights of all those lonely, empty big box stores awaiting an Aldi takeover. Visualize how every family in the neighborhood will rejoice when those “Coming Soon” signs go up. Stay confident that Colorado’s time is near – and plan what you’ll buy on opening day when prices get slashed at last.

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