Is Fordham a Good School? Evaluating Fordham University‘s Value Proposition

Deciding where to attend college is enormously consequential. Prospective students must assess if an institution’s offerings validate costs and align with personal goals. This analysis explores whether New York City’s Fordham University represents a sound investment by examining key indicators like rankings, academics, outcomes, location, campus culture, admissions standards, affordability, and career preparedness.

Fordham Overview – Reputation as a Top-Tier National University

U.S. News & World Report positions Fordham University #61 among National Universities in 2022[1] – firmly within the top tier. Known for business, sciences and liberal arts, Fordham earns acclaim as a leader in Jesuit education blending academic excellence, life skills development, ethics grounding and service orientation.

With the Rose Hill campus nestled in the Bronx’s verdant surroundings and Lincoln Center’s prime Manhattan location, Fordham leverages New York City’s dynamism and diversity as an extended classroom.

Acceptance Rate and Student Profile

As a well-regarded university, Fordham’s admissions process is highly selective – boasting a 46% acceptance rate for the Class of 2026[2]. Enrolled students average:

  • 1330 SAT Score
  • Top 16% of High School Class

This discerning process attracts motivated, civically-engaged scholars – over 50% participate in community service and 92% vote in national elections[3].

Successful Alumni Network

Over 190,000 Fordham graduates reside across 160+ countries[4], forming an immensely influential global network actively engaged with students/alumni through mentorship, internships, and employment pipelines.

Notable alumni include Denzel Washington, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Donald Trump Jr., and William Toppeta – former President of Duane Reade/Orchard Brands.

Academic Excellence – Highly-Ranked Programs and Esteemed Faculty

Fordham conveys intellectual insights through rigorous academics grounded in the Jesuit educational mandate to develop the whole person – mind, body and spirit.

With over 100 high-caliber degree programs across 10 distinct schools/colleges like Business, Law, Education, Social Service and Sciences[5], Fordham offers exceptional breadth and depth of study.

Top-Tier Programs

Fordham claims multiple top-ranked programs, including:

  • #27 Best Law School [6]
  • #30 Part-Time MBA [7]
  • #46 Best Business Schools [8]
  • #48 Best Graduate Education Schools [9]

Dedicated Distinguished Faculty

Fordham professors, 95% possessing terminal degrees, deliver knowledge with dedication – evidenced by an 11:1 student-faculty ratio and 79% four-year graduation rate.

Through mentorship programs connecting current students with alumni in their desired industry, Fordham fosters targeted career development.

Robust Campus Life

Beyond strong academics, Fordham’s NYC location provides abustling backdrop with abundant on-campus activities.


Fordham guarantees four years of on-campus housing, including traditional dorms and apartment-style options, to immerse students in a caring community.


Over 100 student-run clubs/organizations enable participants to pursue passions – from cultural groups to community service, student government to recreation.

Division I Athletics

With 17 Division I teams, including basketball, soccer, volleyball and more, athletic participants hone leadership abilities alongside physical skills.

Admissions and Affordability – Easing the Investment

While Fordham follows a holistic admissions approach, academic preparedness and affordability considerations are crucial.

Admissions Affordability
ACT Range: 29-33 Cost of Attendance 2022-2023: $82,162
SAT Range: 1320-1500 $45,450 average net cost after aid/scholarships
GPA: 3.7+ 99% awarded aid – need-based or merit
Extracurriculars, Essays also significant $150+ million available annually

Fordham pledges to meet 100% of demonstrated need and remains need-blind during the admission process[10], easing investment concerns.

Outcomes – How Fordham Sets You Up For Success

Positive post-graduation outcomes demonstrate Fordham’s fulfillment of its mission to develop students professionally and personally.


The average starting salary for Class of 2021 graduates was $69,300, competitive within the NYC market, with mid-career salaries averaging $151,800 [11]– outpacing national mid-career medians.


Within 6 months of graduating, 94% of the Class of 2020 secured jobs or graduate program admission – with 65% working in their desired field[11].


Fordham connects students and graduates to a 190,000+ alumni network populated with industry leaders offering mentoring, networking, internships and careers.

The Verdict – Fordham is a Wise Investment

In conclusion, Fordham University provides a high-ROI experience blending academic excellence, leadership development, ethical orientation and purposeful living – empowering graduates to lead lives of passion and profession.

From a holistic perspective encompassing reputation, offerings, location, outcomes and costs, Fordham represents an astute investment choice for driven students seeking expansive possibilities.


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