Is Raging Wolf Armor Worth It in Elden Ring? A Complete 2023 Guide

The quick answer: Yes, Raging Wolf armor remains 100% worth wearing and upgrading in 2024. Its powerful physical damage resistance, relatively light weight, and awesome looks make it a fixture in many late-game Elden Ring builds. However, to make the most of this chest and leg piece, you need to pair Raging Wolf with supporting gear to offset status effect weaknesses.

As a Souls veteran who has played over 500 hours of Elden Ring both solo and co-op, I consider Raging Wolf one of my personal go-to armor choices. In this guide, I‘ll analyze the pros, cons, ideal pairings, and best practices for utilizing Raging Wolf armor based on extensive in-game testing across different builds. Let‘s dig in!

Why Raging Wolf Armor Rocks

I‘m a firm believer that Raging Wolf is one of Elden Ring‘s most versatile and fashionable medium armors. Across two playthroughs and lots of late game PvE content, here are the main reasons why it became a staple of my arsenal:

1. Excellent Physical Damage Resistance

  • Upgraded Raging Wolf provides 29.3 physical negation – comparable to much heavier sets
  • This helps immensely against lethal bosses like Maliketh who deal mostly physical damage
  • Bull Goat offers slightly more at the cost of equip load; Raging Wolf is a happy medium

2. Strong Magic Protection for the Weight

  • With 22.1 magic resistance fully upgraded, Raging Wolf beats many light/medium sets
  • Better magic defense than fan-favorite Royal Remains set (18.4 magic resist)
  • While not as strong as dedicated magic armor, still hold its own versus magical attacks

3. Agile Medium Weight Sets You Apart in PvP

  • At 16.3 units, Raging Wolf is medium weight but quite light for the defenses given
  • Having high resistances while remaining agile is huge in PvP – roll catch for days!
  • Bull Goat wearers struggle to keep up. Veterans/Haven is lighter but way less protective.

4. Helps Reach Desired Poise Thresholds

  • Every armor piece contributes to overall poise, which allows you to tank more hits without staggering
  • Raging Wolf leggings provide a whopping 8.0 poise each (16.0 combined)
  • Easier to reach 61+ poise for hyperarmor with Bull Goat or Lionel‘s Helm

5. Sets Fashion Souls Apart from the HavelMonsters

  • Cannot overstate how awesome and rugged the Raging Wolf armor looks in-game
  • No longer relegated as another walking boulder wrapped in plates of metal
  • Strikes an ideal balance between form and function that screams hardened badass

So in summary – insane physical defense given the medium weight, great magic protection, high poise contributions, awesome aesthetics, and retainment of mobility. What‘s not to love? Now onto the flaws:

Be Wary of Status Buildup In Certain Areas

The main caution I have around Raging Wolf armor lies with its Immunity stat. At a measly 77, Raging Wolf offers little protection against dangerous status effects like Scarlet Rot, Frostbite, or Poison. This can easily get you killed while exploring areas like Lake of Rot or against certain bosses e.g. Malenia.

However, there are ways to offset this weakness:

  • Use +Immunity talismans when equipping Raging Wolf armor
    • Examples: Immunity Horn Charm, Haligdrake Talisman +2, Mottled Necklace
  • Carry an abundance of cure items like Boluses or Immunizing items
  • Keep a secondary armor set with high Immunity on hand just in case (Mushroom set is perfect here)

While the low immunity is annoying, it‘s a small price to pay for Raging Wolf‘s stellar damage negation otherwise. With proper preparations, you likely won‘t even notice it most of the time.

Ideal Pairings and Build Synergies

Assuming you‘re taking proper precautions around status afflictions outlined above, what are some powerful Raging Wolf armor combinations you should shoot for? Here are ideas that have worked extremely well for me across both solo melee and co-op playthroughs:

All-Purpose Melee Build Pairings

  • Weapon: Power stanced colossal weapons – Giant Crusher(s), Grafted Blade Greatsword, etc.
  • Helm: Lionel‘s Helm (heavy) OR Black Knife Hood (medium)
  • Talisman 1: Bull-Goat‘s Talisman for Poise
  • Talisman 2: Dragoncrest Greatshield Talisman for Physical Damage Negation
  • Physick: Opaline Hardtear for Increased Poise + Magic Boosting Tear

This setup maximizes both damage output and survivability thanks to boosted poise, defenses, and offense. Enables an ultra aggressive strength build playstyle.

Magic Warrior Spellsword Build

  • Weapon: Moonveil Katana + Staff of choice in left hand
  • Helm: Snow Witch Hat for increased Frostbite buildup
  • Talisman 1: Graven-Mass Talisman for increased sorcery damage
  • Talisman 2: Magic Scorpion Charm for even bigger sorcery scaling
  • Physick: Magic Shrouding Cracked Tear + Cerulean Hidden Tear for infinite FP

Here Raging Wolf armor offset‘s Moonveil‘s lack of defense while you bombard enemies with powerful magic like Glintstone Icecrag. Extremely fun battle mage setup.

Co-op Tank Build

  • Weapon: Shield with Shield Crash ash of war + spear/thrusting sword
  • Helm: Greathelm for max defense
  • Talisman 1: Pearldrake +2 for Magic and Elemental Damage Negation
  • Talisman 2: Dragoncrest Greatshield to bolster Physical Damage Negation Further
  • Physick: Purifying Crystal Tear for Immunity + Opaling Hardtear for Poise

When supporting other players as a summoned phantom, this build transforms you into an absolute damage sponge. You draw aggro then retaliate with shield pokes. Keep the host safe as they deal big damage!

Verdict: Still Worth It in 2024!

While many claim Raging Wolf armor is outclassed by newer entries, I still firmly believe it remains one of the best medium sets in Elden Ring nearly a year after launch. The combination of strong resistances, awesome fashion potential, medium weight, and high poise make it incredibly versatile for a variety of powerful builds.

Just be sure to address its lacking Immunity stat through talismans, consumables items, or strategically swapping armor when needed. With smart preparation and pairing, Raging Wolf‘s strengths far outweigh its potential drawbacks. Upgrading this armor set continues rewarding well into New Game+ and beyond.

Hopefully this guide gives you new ideas around integrating Raging Wolf into your own builds! I‘d love to hear your own Raging Wolf armor experiences and pairings in the comments section. Let me know what other topics you‘d like me to cover as I continue producing Elden Ring content and guides here on the channel. Thanks for reading!

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