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Join the local Chamber of Commerce to help with business growth

Join the local Chamber of Commerce to help with business growth

Joining your local Chamber of Commerce will have a good direct impact on the success of your business. But you can’t just join and expect consumers to start using your business - you have to be involved as well. Take advantage of all the benefits that your Chamber of Commerce has to offer and make it an integral part of your business growth.


Do know that Chamber’s mean business

There was a time when companies joined the Chamber because it was the neighborly thing to do. Not any more! Membership in your local Chambers are now an integral part of your business growth strategies and a defining aspect of your overall business plan. Over the past decade, especially through the Great Recession, Chamber’s have become the go-to venue for high value networking, business development, and professional engagement. Membership and involvement is more than coffee and conversation, it is about growth and opportunity.

Do take advantage of the benefits

While most Chambers have a robust list of member benefits based on your level of investment, the real benefits come from you and your engagement. You get what you put in. Think of Chamber membership like joining a gym; you have to go and apply yourself and do some heavy lifting. When you do the work, the results will be very noticeable for you and your business.

Do get noticed

The business marketplace is crowded with people and products and services that are of similar ilk to yours and thus, you need a way to stand out from the pack. One way to get noticed is be present. You are your best brand!

Do feed your soul

It may seem strange to think of the Chamber as a place to grow personally, but the opportunity to be outside your comfort zone will not only expand your horizons, it can change your attitude. Draw energy from your fellow members - use the organic resources inherent in a membership of this magnitude and soar to new heights.


Do not join just to join

Chambers have plenty of members who are INO - in name only. Do not be one of these folks. Engage!

Do not forget to ask for the business

The number one reason people don’t give to charity is because no one asked. The same goes for the business world. You have to ask, and you will be rewarded. In more ways than one.

Do not forget to follow-through

In any network, providing good service comes with significant dividends. Bad service has the opposite effect - and can ruin a reputation in a tight-knit organization. Do your best, stand tall and deliver!

Do not do nothing

Join a committee, run for the Board, raise your hand, participate, ask questions, roll up your sleeves, offer your advice, sponsor an event, but whatever you do, don’t stand on the sidelines! As a Board member it is inevitable that you will become invested in the initiatives, causes, and overall success of the Chamber. Your participation is directly correlated to the growth of your own business.

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If you want to take your business to the next level and give it the opportunity for growth through a network of like-minded people in your community, join your local Chamber of Commerce. That is the first step to success. The second is to be active and present as a member. You only get out of it what you put in, so if you are a passive member you narrow your chances of growth and development.

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Mark Trowbridge currently serves as the President and CEO of the Coral Gables Chamber of Commerce. He is the chief executive responsible for the day-to-day success of the nearly 1500 member organization, working with volunteer leaders engaged in...

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