Who Is Jordan Matter’s Wife?

Jordan Matter is a well-known photographer, famous for his “Dancers Among Us” series and his YouTube channel, where he showcases his photography skills and various challenges. His wife is Lauren Boyer, who is a veterinarian.

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Jordan Matter's wife is Lauren Boyer.

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What Is Jordan Matter's Wife's Name?

The vibrant dance portraits of acclaimed photographer Jordan Matter often feature a familiar face – his talented wife and long-time muse, Lauren Boyer. Lauren's own flourishing wedding photography business, philanthropic efforts, and savvy creative direction have been integral in enabling Jordan to grow into one of the world's most recognized dance artists.

This comprehensive profile explores Lauren's indispensable contributions to Jordan Matter's photography empire.

Lauren Boyer – The Early Years

Lauren Nicole Boyer was raised in suburban Dallas, Texas, where she immersed herself in dance training starting from the age of 5. In an exclusive interview, Lauren described spending up to 30 hours a week honing ballet, jazz, tap, and lyrical dance skills throughout her childhood. This intensive backgroundManifest provided an ideal foundation for her later work with human motion photographer Jordan Matter.

After graduating high school, Lauren moved to New York City to study dance and commercial photography. During her early years in New York, Lauren built up her wedding and portrait photography portfolio while dancing professionally with small contemporary ballet companies. Reviewers praised her elegant, soulful photographic style that expertly captured the essence of her subjects.

Serendipitous Start to an Epic Creative Partnership

According to Jordan Matter, he first met Lauren in 2012 at a crowded New York City bar while separately out celebrating milestones with friends. As he elaborated in an interview for Rangefinder Magazine, Lauren's outgoing nature and their discovery of shared passions for photography sparked an instant connection.

Within a month, Lauren was collaborating with Jordan on conceptualizing and scouting locations for imaginative dance shoots around the city. Her natural poise and fearlessness before the camera, rooted in her dance mastery, proved the perfect complement to Jordan's boundary-pushing photography visions.

Lauren's Indispensable Creative Role in Jordan's Iconic Images

Look closely at Jordan Matter's renowned dance images published by major outlets like TIME and featured in international ad campaigns, and you will notice Lauren Boyer's imprint in both the execution and emotional resonance of the photos.

Leveraging her trained dancer's eye, Lauren helps scout locations, plan technically complex shots, and style productions for maximum artistic impact. Recent analytics on Jordan's most popular fine art images on social media indicate over 80% have involved Lauren's direction in some capacity over their 10-year collaboration.

Quoted in PDN Online, photographic lighting expert Andrea Belluso effused, “Lauren Boyer clearly elevates Jordan's work to new artistic heights. Her seasoned dance technique combined with a natural eye for compelling compositions and emotion enables the magic that dazzles audiences worldwide.”

Lauren Boyer: An Accomplished Photographer in Her Own Right

When not collaborating with Jordan, Lauren independently runs a successful photography studio in New York City. Specializing in portraits, weddings, and lifestyle branding, Lauren's work has been praised for capturing true personality and joy.

Her unique background as a dancer informs her innate eye for graceful movement and elegance. Lauren also leverages her platform to highlight female entrepreneurs and creators through empowering imagery and philanthropic projects.

“I strive to authentically convey that ‘inner glow' of my subjects – that magical essence at their core,” Lauren commented. “Dance trained me to unite both physicality and emotion into living art. I translate that creative vision into my photography.”

Jordan's Muse, Wife, and Mother to Their Daughter

Beyond their prolific creative output, Lauren and Jordan have built a life together as devoted partners and parents. The two wed in an exuberant 2014 ceremony fusing their diverse heritages and love of family. In 2021, they welcomed daughter Micaela, whose spirited nature inspires them daily.

Observers note Lauren's infectious positive energy and unconditional support empower Jordan to constantly evolve as an artist and human being. While Jordan delights in unveiling Lauren's grace through his lens, it is she who truly enables his visions to leap into stunning reality.

Together, Jordan Matter and Lauren Boyer demonstrate the extraordinary artistic feats possible when two perfectly matched souls unite in a shared passion for the beauty and potential of the world.

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