Make your DIY house or apartment move easier with this practical advice

Let’s be honest, nobody likes to move. Whether its into a new three-bedroom home, or out of that run-down studio apartment, it doesn’t really matter. Simply put moving is a pain, but at some point or another we all have to do it. In order to make your next DIY move a little less strenuous and less stressful, here is a list of things you should do and should not during during this process.


Do make a checklist

The first, and maybe most important step in the moving process is to create a checklist. This allows you to make an inventory of all the things you have and are going to move. Use it for both packing and unpacking to make sure that everything you own makes the move.

Do use a smart packing system

Actually think about how you are going to pack things. Be organized when you are filling up those boxes and when you are placing said boxes in your moving vehicle. Put heavier/bigger things on the bottom and smaller lighter things on the top. It will make a difference, guaranteed.

Do label your boxes

Instead of trying to remember what you put in where, why not make it visible? Whatever you put in a box, write it on the side. You should also pack similar things together. When the time comes why would you want to have to open three different boxes just to get your Xbox setup? Instead, put all those things together so they are close and ready to go at your new place.

Do rent a self-storage unit

Just like hiring movers will help you out, so will renting a self-storage unit. They provide you with the extra space you may not have at your new home. Instead of trying to cram all your belongings into the living room of your new home, place them in a storage unit and slowly bring them out as you are ready for them.

Do buy plenty of supplies

Not only do you need boxes, tape, packing peanuts etc., you also want to make sure that you have enough of those things. It's always better to have too much than too little, especially when its coming down to the wire. Plan on renting or borrowing a dolly with appliance straps. This will save your back and make moving heavy appliances and cumbersome furniture pieces, easy. And think about a label maker to make identifying boxes easier.


Do not just stuff your vehicle

You should not just throw your clothes, electronics, etc. into your vehicle when moving—that’s how things get broken. Don’t think that just because it can fit means that it's a good idea. Cramming is never good. This process is all about organization, and you shouldn’t neglect that.

Do not wait til the last minute

Despite what you may think, you have a lot of stuff. You may not realize it until it's moving time, but it makes sense. In the last however many years you have been living in your place, you have probably gained more things than you have gotten rid of right.

Do not try and do this all yourself

Ask some of your friends to help, especially those that have a large truck or SUV. They likely be happy to help you out and that would save you a little bit of money calling in a favor. Just make sure you feed them and supply the all-important post-moving beverages. Certainly, renting a Penske truck or something similar is wise because it will save you trips going from one home to the other.

Do not get stressed out

Easier said than done, but seriously think about keeping a clear mind. Getting stressed or frustrated will not help anything.  Things aren't going to go exactly the way you want them to, so if you are prepared for that nothing will be as bad as it could be.

Do not forget about the things in your storage unit

Believe it or not, this happens much more than you would think, so don't let it happen to you! Once a certain amount of time has passed and you haven't paid your rent, storage managers will not hesitate to auction off your things. As said before, bring them out of storage slowly, but not too slowly!

Jumping cartoon

With these few basic steps you will come to realize that moving isn't quite as bad as you thought. It may not be the most enjoyable thing you have ever done, but you can certainly feel organized and accomplished before, during, and after the move.

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