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Master your mindset for weight loss results that last a lifetime

Michelle Hastie Mindset Mentor and Results Coach Total Body Health Solutions

Mindset to many people means how much they are willing to push through or have willpower. This is not mastering your mindset so much as it is mastering your will. This comes in handy if you are competing or on a reality show trying to win a million dollars by standing on one foot the longest. This is not real life, unless you plan to be in competition mode forever. To master your mindset for weight loss you must have mastery over your thoughts, beliefs patterns and your feelings.


Do master your thoughts

You may have heard the phrase, “Your thoughts become things”. This has become more common knowledge now more than ever. Your thoughts are so powerful as they literally shape who you are and what you experience every single day. If you don’t notice and monitor your thoughts, you will find yourself repeating the same results day after day. If you think negative thoughts about yourself and then expect positive results you sound crazy. If every day you look in the mirror and think about how unfit you are, then you will tear your body to shreds with negative thoughts and expect your body to be fit and amazing, once again making you sound crazy.

In order to transform your body you must begin with your thoughts first. It doesn’t matter how many times you run on the treadmill if each day you tear yourself apart with your thoughts. Save yourself the effort on the treadmill and just wake up each day and begin telling yourself the truth. The truth is you are where you are because of past thoughts, not thoughts you are making in the moment. Which means in this exact moment you can be something completely different, which will create an entirely different future for your body. Start there and then build on how incredible you really are. The truth is you are more than just a body.. you are a person... and you are amazing.

Do master your beliefs

Most of us form all of our beliefs about life in the imprint period of ages 0-7. This means if you heard things like, “you are just bigger than all the other kids” or “you have to watch what you put in your mouth or you will gain weight”, or how about “once you hit 40 you will gain weight”, these will now become your beliefs.

Take a look at all your beliefs about weight loss. People will fight me to hold on to their beliefs. They will argue, “Michelle, of course my weight gain is from my diet, that’s how weight loss works” to which I reply, “If you believe that to be true, so it will be”. That is not my belief.

Weight loss is so much deeper and more profound than how much you move and how much you eat. So you need to live in freedom around food and exercise. What beliefs do you have right now that you don’t want to be married too? Let them go and choose some beliefs that best support where you want to go and how you want to live forever.

Do master your patterns

Just like our beliefs, we pick up patterns from the imprint period of ages 0-7. We mostly get our patterns from watching our parents. We watch how they interact with their bodies, food and exercise, and then we either copy or do the opposite. This is why you will see an overweight family with the one kid who is super skinny. And everyone says, “Oh Billy just has a different metabolism than the rest of us”.

Your patterns are running every single day without your needing to do anything. Most of you are running patterns to keep your body overweight. Think about it. How hard are you trying to have your current experience? How hard is it to gain weight, or to maintain a weight you strongly dislike? Are you working at it every single day or is it just sort of happening without you doing anything? Those are your patterns at work. Your goal is to switch your patterns so you lose weight effortlessly each day, and eventually maintain your ideal weight effortlessly as well; the same way you gain weight effortlessly right now. This takes extreme awareness and consciousness because as soon as you slip into auto-pilot, you will run all those patterns again to keep your body overweight.

Do master your feelings

Your feelings and emotions are the fuel to your thoughts and beliefs. This is why you can’t just say “I am thin!” and see your body transform. Your emotions will not be aligned with this thought. You will be feeling foolish and like a liar. You have to feel amazing to look amazing. You have to feel light to be light.

This is good news. This means that you don’t actually have to lose weight to feel light. People who use this technique will tell you that they drop at least 100 lbs of emotional weight before they begin dropping actual weight. The heaviness of life will literally make you heavy. When you feel on top of the world, when you feel like life is amazing and you are amazing, your body will transform to match these feelings.

Do master your ability to not care what people think

When people begin doing this, they always feel super confident and excited on coaching calls. Then they tell their friends that they are losing weight by mastering their mindset and they laugh and tell them they are crazy and have to eat less and move more if they ever want to lose weight for good. Their friends think they are helping save this person from being swindled. Then they come back doubtful, fearful, and worried. There will always be people that don’t understand your journey and your experiences. There will be people that think that your weight is because you are lazy and eat fast food all day. You must be able to stay strong in your own truth and ignore what other people think.


Do not force yourself to do things you hate

Let’s be clear, you don’t need willpower to lose weight. This is the biggest myth in the world of weight loss. Unfortunately, most of you are taught that in order to lose weight you must force yourself to eat a certain way, to move a certain way. It doesn’t matter if you don’t want to or don’t feel like it, you have weight to lose therefore you must suffer.

Doesn’t this sound crazy?! In what other field are you told to do something you don’t want to do in order to get results or to create the life you really want? We are human beings and if someone says “don’t eat cake”, then all you can think about is cake. And then you must exercise your will to block that thought and not eat it. This only sets you up to overeat or binge on that cake at a later date. In other words, it’s a recipe for disaster.

If you over exercise or do movements you don’t enjoy you will only look for excuses not to have to do it anymore. You will get injuries, sickness, disease, anything to give you an honorable reason to stop. Here’s an even better reason to stop, because you don’t want to do it. That’s the only excuse you need. Trust me, if you stopped all the insanity around food and exercise and let your body guide you, you would not sit on the couch eating bon-bons all day. Instead, you would have a desire to eat healthy and move, when you give yourself the freedom to choose.

Do not set yourself up for failure

So many people test themselves when they are dieting. They are looking for reasons to fail. They set up these insane workout schedules or tell themselves they can only eat 1000 or 1200 calories a day. Everything in your body is screaming, “I just want a nap and a cookie.” And yet you are testing yourself to see if you will give in. If you do, then you label yourself as weak. If you don’t, then you reward yourself for having enough will to not do what you truly desire. This will be short lived my friends. It’s not a way of life and you deserve so much better than this type of living, even for a day.

Do not punish yourself for going after what you want

When dieters “fall off the wagon”, “slip” or “cheat”, they assume they have failed for that moment. Then they punish themselves. Once again, this is an insane way to live. Your body and spirit is very clear that it does not want to live this way and so it stops you. Then instead of taking a deep breath and saying “thank god I don’t have to do that diet anymore”, which is what your body is guiding you to do, you punish yourself, beat yourself up and feel guilty. This is counter productive and you will most likely gain the weight back and usually in larger amounts than you did before. Instead, just honor the fact that whatever method you “slipped” on is not in your highest interest and there must be a better way to lose weight.

Do not seclude yourself from fun

When dieting, you are probably good as long as nobody invites you anywhere. If you could go on with your normal schedule, keep yourself busy and out of the house and avoid social things than you will do your exercise and stay in your calorie range. So you might find yourself avoiding fun because you can’t handle the temptation. What temptation you ask? The temptation of actually living and having fun. Of eating what you want without counting calories. Of skipping a day of exercise because hanging out with friends is so much more fun.

This is not taking us toward “more life” which is what we were all designed to do when we landed here on planet earth. Throw out dieting and have fun! Imagine what your body can do when you are having fun. How about adopting this belief, “everything is calorie free when I am living my life to the fullest.”

Do not choose a less than amazing life temporarily

Remember this saying, “how you do anything, is how you do everything.” This means that however you choose to lose weight is the way that you must maintain life. If you are forcing yourself to do things you don’t enjoy and you believe that you only have to do that for 3 months while you are losing weight you are fooling yourself. The best way to lose weight and ensure that it never comes back is to lose it in a way that feels absolutely amazing. Where you are free and living from choice every single day. In other words, if you want maintenance to be effortless, your weight loss needs to be effortless too. So start feeling amazing immediately!

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Mastering your mindset to lose weight is the most incredible way to lose weight if you want freedom and choice. So remember, it’s not about your willpower or your ability to force yourself to do things for a period of time or even for life. It’s about taking a stand that you deserve an amazing life today, at your exact weight. The sooner you can accept that, the sooner you can release the weight for good.

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