20 Best Medical Assistant Programs in Akron, OH (2023 Updated)

Medical assistants play a vital role in healthcare delivery, handling administrative tasks, basic clinical duties like taking medical histories and vital signs, and assisting physicians and nurses. As demand for healthcare services continues to grow, driven by an aging population and increased access to insurance, so too does the need for well-trained medical assistants.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects 23% employment growth for medical assistants between 2021-2031, much faster than the average across all occupations. This makes it an excellent time for those interested in healthcare careers to pursue medical assistant training.

Akron offers several excellent options for aspiring medical assistants to gain the skills and hands-on experience needed to excel in this rapidly growing field. This blog post ranks the 20 best medical assistant programs in Akron, OH based on factors like accreditation, program types offered, reputation, affordability, and graduate success.

1. Fortis Institute

Fortis Institute in Cuyahoga Falls holds accreditation from ABHES and offers a 9-month diploma program covering both administrative and clinical medical assisting skills. This includes 210 hours of hands-on externship training at a local healthcare facility. Fortis maintains excellent career placement services and feedback from graduates highlights the quality instruction and readiness for medical assistant roles. Tuition runs around $15,000.

2. University of Akron

The University of Akron provides an Associate of Applied Science in Medical Assisting Services through its Wayne College campus. This 2-year on-campus program includes a summer externship and course topics span anatomy, pharmacology, clinical techniques, health record management and healthcare office administration. UA maintains strong community partnerships for clinical training placements and graduates report feeling well-prepared for national certification exams. In-state tuition is approximately $7,500 per year.

3. American Medical Certification Association (AMCA)

For those seeking a flexible and affordable path, AMCA offers an online medical assisting diploma program with 300 hours of clinical externship training. Students prepare for the RMA or CMA exam and learn skills needed to work in administrative or clinical capacities. The full-time program takes 4-6 months to complete and costs around $2,500 total. AMCA also provides job search assistance.

4. Brown Aveda Institute

The medical assistant track at Brown Aveda Institute provides extensive hands-on training within the school‘s public spa and salon. Students learn clinical skills like phlebotomy, EKG, injections, and dosage calculations as well as front office duties in scheduling, insurance and billing. The program includes 160 hours of supervised clinical experience and has a strong job placement record for graduates, who report it as an excellent launchpad for medical assistant careers. Tuition is quite affordable, around $13,000 total.

5. Akron School of Practical Nursing

With small classes of 12-15 students, the 9-month medical assisting diploma program at Akron School of Practical Nursing provides significant individual attention and support. The curriculum covers medical terminology, insurance procedures, clinical procedures, pharmacology and more. Students gain experience during 120-150 hours of clinical rotations across various ambulatory healthcare settings. Graduates have earned certifications from NHA, NCCT and AMCA. Tuition runs approximately $13,500.

6. American Institute of Alternative Medicine

The American Institute of Alternative Medicine holds institutional accreditation from ACCSC and programmatic approval for its medical assisting certificate. Students gain proficiency in areas like medical law and ethics, computer skills, medical terminology, pharmacology and taking patient history and vitals. The program includes an externship and aims to prepare students for entry-level medical assisting positions, primarily in clinical settings. Total tuition for the 10-month program is approximately $13,000.

7. Buckeye Career Center

Buckeye Career Center offers an affordable 9-month option focused on clinical skills, leading to a medical assisting certificate. Hand-on practice is emphasized, particularly in clinical labs using EHR systems, and students complete 160 hours of supervised externship training. In addition to job search assistance services, the program has an excellent reputation and relationships with local employers to help graduates secure entry-level medical assistant jobs upon completion.

8. Polaris Career Center

The medical assisting programs at Polaris Career Center prepare high school students, adult students and US Veterans for national certification and employment within a variety of ambulatory care facilities. Students gain significant hands-on experience during the required 170-hour clinical practicum. Focus areas include medical terminology, pharmacology, clinical care, lab techniques and administrative functions. total tuition runs approximately $4,995.

9. Summit College

Summit College offers accelerated 9-month medical assisting certificates at its Akron and Cuyahoga Falls campuses, covering both administrative and clinical competencies with 210 hours of supervised externship training. Extensive hands-on labs give students practice with EHR systems, billing procedures, trauma assessment, specimen collection and other critical skills. Faculty have a minimum 5 years of professional experience. Total tuition is quite affordable at approximately $13,500.

10. Bohecker College

With campuses in Akron, Cleveland and Columbus, Bohecker College provides a diploma program in Medical Assisting to prepare students for administrative and clinical competencies needed in today‘s fast-paced healthcare settings. The curriculum aligns to current CAAHEP standards and includes 140 hours of practicum experience. Graduates report feeling confident and well-prepared for national credentialing exams and securing jobs after completion of the $16,000 program.

11. CCI Training Center

CCI Training Center offers flexible online medical assistant programs with virtual labs and in-person clinical externships. Students prepare for CMA or RMA certification while learning the latest in EHR documentation, billing practices, appointment scheduling, anatomy, paperwork management and medical exams & procedures support. The full program takes 4-6 months to complete. Total tuition of $2,495 makes it an affordable option.

12. Concorde Career Institute

The medical assisting diploma program at Concorde Career Institute helps prepare students for administrative and patient care duties in clinical settings through hands-on training and 160 hours of supervised externships. Training topics include computer operations, medical terminology, anatomy and physiology, clinical patient prepping, phlebotomy, injections, EKGs and patient charting. Financial aid and scholarships are available, with total tuition around $17,000.

13. Diversified Medical Healthcare Training Center

Accredited by ABHES, Diversified Medical Healthcare Training Center provides clinical and administrative medical assistant training on-campus and online. Students gain experience during the required 160-hour externship. The flexible self-paced program generally takes 4-6 months to complete. Graduates report feeling satisfied with the affordable tuition, comprehensive training and job placement assistance.

14. College of Healthcare Professions

College of Healthcare Professions offers a well-regarded online medical assistant certificate aligned to the latest CAAHEP standards. Interactive labs reinforce key concepts across areas from pharmacology to EHR charting. Students also complete 160 hours of hands-on externship training prior to sitting for national MA certification. The total 12-month program costs approximately $15,000 but has flexible pacing options to meet student needs.

15. Kent State University

Kent State Ashtabula offers an Associate of Applied Science in Medical Assisting Services, allowing students to gain administrative and clinical skills over 5 semesters of full-time study. The curriculum aligns to CAAHEP requirements and includes course topics such as healthcare documentation, medical billing, coding, EHRs, pharmacology and anatomy & physiology. Students also complete an 8-week, 160-hour unpaid practicum. In-state tuition runs around $6,000 per year. Scholarships are available.

16. Western Reserve Hospital School of Nursing

Featuring small class sizes under 30 students, the 9-month medical assisting certificate program at WRHS provides extensive hands-on instruction and 160 hours of clinical training at the school‘s ambulatory care center and physician offices. Students gain competency in areas ranging from lab techniques, to billing practices, EHR documentation, vital signs and more, preparing them well for MA roles in outpatient settings. Graduates have a strong certification and placement record.

17. Orion Institute

Orion Institute helps prepare students for administrative medical assistant careers though its accredited 9-month diploma program. Topics span healthcare operations, medical ethics and law, health information management, office procedures, insurance processing and fundamentals. Students also complete a 160-hour administrative practicum prior to graduation. Orion maintains strong relationships with Cleveland area employers to assist with job placement. Tuition is quite affordable at $13,000 total.

18. Case Western Reserve University

For those seeking a more advanced medical assisting education, Case Western Reserve offers a selective Bachelor of Science in Medical Assisting Services program through its XYZH Institute. Spanning Biology, Management and Medical Assisting coursework, the 4-year program has selective admissions criteria but offers robust career support and produces highly trained graduates ready for leadership roles in the field. Annual tuition runs around $44,000.

19. Bryant & Stratton College

With campuses across Ohio, Bryant & Stratton College provides an Associate of Applied Science in Medical Assisting Services that prepares students to pass the RMA or CCMA exams. Students gain well-rounded knowledge across areas like medical terminology, legal guidelines, office procedures, pharmacology and clinical care. The program includes 160 hours of practicum training across ambulatory care facilities. Total tuition over the 2-year program is approximately $39,000.

20. Hondros College

Hondros College offers an affordable 9-month medical assisting diploma program covering both administrative and clinical competencies at four Ohio campuses, including Westlake. With small class sizes of just 15 students, the program emphasizes hands-on learning in fully equipped medical labs and includes 180 hours of externships. Successful graduates report Hondros prepared them extremely well for medical assisting roles and certification exams. Total tuition runs approximately $13,000.

In summary, Akron offers excellent options for aspiring medical assistants at various stages of their career journey, whether they are recent high school graduates or adults seeking to transition into healthcare. From short-term certificate programs to 2-4 year degrees, students can find quality programs to gain the required competencies across both clinical and administrative functions. When paired with professional certifications, graduates from Akron‘s top medical assisting programs are well-positioned for in-demand roles supporting patient care and healthcare operations.

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