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Mom-trepreneurs: How to be successful as a mother and a mogul

Lyss Stern Owner DivaLysscious Moms (

Being a successful mother means being able to manage your career and your family at the same time. Around 64% of mothers work while also taking care of their family, so it is absolutely imperative that neither your professional career, nor your children or husband are forgotten. Keep this advice in mind to help you mothers out there juggle it all at once.


Do find top-notch childcare

Your child is your life; you would not trust your life with just anyone. There will be times throughout your son or daughter’s life in which you just can’t be there because you are building a successful career to make his or her life better. For these times, it is absolutely crucial that you find at least two sources of great and trusted childcare. It is always a good idea to find that “favorite babysitter” who is available for a few hours a day during Spring break or in the evening when you’re stuck at the office. Make her part of your family so you don’t feel that you are leaving your child with a stranger; that causes stress and guilt.

It is also important to find a fantastic day care, maybe where your child’s friends or your friends’ kids are enrolled. Make sure you have a non-negotiable checklist with things your nanny, babysitter and daycare must have. This is being responsible and making sure your child has the absolute best treatment and environment possible.

Do prepare for the morning the night before

The mornings are a hectic time; you and your significant other are trying to get the kids ready and out the door to school and yourselves to work with limited turmoil and tears. Getting your kids ready for an early morning the night before is a smart move that with undoubtedly leave you with a smoother morning and less stress when you wake up. This will give you more time to spend with the kids, possibly over a nice breakfast, rather than rushing around, leaving you feeling better and guilt-free during your busy-enough work day.

Do designate a special family day

And stick to it! One day a week, select a special activity that you do every week. Having a bit of routine is helpful in creating memories and eliminating stress. For example, every Saturday my boys and I go to lunch and a museum and, when they wake up on Saturday mornings, they know it’s a given and that our plan is already set for the day. It’s important for your kids to know you’re as reliable and consistent when it comes to them as you are in your professional life.

Do budget your time

Set time frames for things and stick to them; the more timely you are at work, the faster you can get home to your child. If a business call is scheduled to end at 3pm, then it should. The same goes for outings with your child; it you say that three hours are to be spent at the park, then that’s all there is to it. Work is important too, and your child will learn a lot by growing up watching mommy be efficient with her time.


Do not let your stress hinder your productivity

If your stress and frustration is showing more often than not, you could risk putting a strain on your relationship with your children and seem unapproachable at the office. These are both things that you most definitely don’t want to happen. Try to live by the words “move forward” to avoid this roadblock.

Do not take it out on your spouse

The worst thing for a child to be subject to is a resentful couple. Blaming your spouse for how much you have to work, what he is or isn’t doing for your child, etc. will only give you one more unnecessary thing to worry about: your marriage. Remember: you are a team. If he needs a gentle reminder of this, make sure it is just that: gentle.

Do not forget the importance of a breath

Taking less than five minutes every few hours to perform some deep, quiet, guttural yoga breaths can make all the difference in your stressful day.

Do not multitask... and pace yourself

Doing too much at once is bound to burn you out. Focus on one thing at a time and you will get it done faster and more efficiently. A friend once told me that she was trying to talk on the phone with her boss whilst feeding her son and, after 15 minutes went by, she realized she was sitting in front of her son with a spoon full of food and hadn’t fed him, and was being unproductive in her phone conversation. This was a lose-lose for everyone. Your time will be better spent doing one thing, and then the other.

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Small things like taking deep breaths to center yourself, and pacing yourself by doing one thing at a time can help you maintain your professional career while not making your children suffer. Finding quality childcare can help you achieve this, and don’t forget to take time away from your busy schedule to truly enjoy your children.

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