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Traveling Cat Owner

People who travel with their pets have a particularly hard challenge to overcome, especially if that means taking your cat or dog on an extended flight. Getting a pet sitter or bringing your cat with you on the flight brings complications to anyone’s travel plans. Did you know that your pet has to have a veterinarian sign off on your pet’s health before it is allowed to fly? Find out this and more with ExpertBeacon.

Avoid complications during flights with pets

With vacations and the holidays comes fun, excitement and a chance to get together with family and friends. But as many of us know, they can also bring pressure, tension and chaos; particularly if we’re flying. We’re reminded of this during peak travel times with the now expected television coverage of busy airports and frustrated travelers. But there are some travelers that never make it to the screen. As a matter of fact, you won’t see the majority of them in the airport.

Steven May, CVJPet Expert

Pet expert Steven May, CVJ has provided his expertise to both the veterinary industry and the general public for more than 35 years. The former editor of Vetz Magazine, May now heads the pet website The Daily Growl and has over 430,000 followers...

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