Plan the perfect Valentine’s Day for your wife or girlfriend

Valentine’s Day can to be one pricey holiday for men. To make your sweetheart feel special, there’s pressure to spend big bucks on fancy gifts and an overpriced date. But, contrary to popular belief, you don’t need deep pockets to be her Valentine hero.


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  • play together
  • express yourself
  • sweat the small stuff
  • stimulate your taste buds
  • e-flirt

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  • bring up stressful topics
  • complain
  • put pressure on yourself to spend too much money on fancy dates or gifts
  • forget the romance
  • do what you always do

Andrea Syrtash‘s recommendation to ExpertBeacon readers: Do

Do play together

Part of the work of relationships is keeping the play alive. Sharing a physical activity will boost endorphins and may bring out a sexy competitive flirty spirit. Challenge her to a game of tennis (with sexy bets to amp it up), schedule a hike or try rock-climbing at an indoor gym.

Do express yourself

People want to hear why they’re loved! This Valentine's Day, send a personalized “That's What I Love About You” Skype video message. She will never forget the gesture, and it’ll mean more – and cost less – than a standard store-bought greeting card. If you don’t do Skype, record a video on your computer or search online for Valentine’s Day video cards to create your own personalize message to your partner.

Do sweat the small stuff

Research shows that we need five positive interactions to negate one negative interaction, so do small gestures to stay connected. Warm up her car or bring her breakfast in bed. Do that one ‘honey to do’ chore she has been asking for; it’s a quick way to impress your lady love. Don’t underestimate the power of ‘Chore Play’!

Do stimulate your taste buds

Skip the white tablecloth restaurants and have a culinary adventure together by going for a more reasonably priced cuisine, like Indian or Thai. If you can't get out on the town, prepare your partner an exotic meal at home.

Do e-flirt

Flirt via IM during the day while you are at work and leave her a “spicy” instant message to let them know they’re on your mind. It only takes a minute and helps build anticipation for an in-person rendezvous later.

Andrea Syrtash‘s professional advice to ExpertBeacon readers: Don't

Do not bring up stressful topics

Think about what you used to talk about when you were dating. Chances are, you weren't focused on all of life's stresses and you were excited to learn about each other. This Valentine's Day, make certain topics like bills, kids, in-laws, etc. off limits during your night out!

Do not complain

You may think Valentine's Day is silly and a waste of time or money, but if your partner loves celebrating, don't share your frustration about the holiday! The rule in a relationship is that if something is really important to one of you, it should be important to you both.

Do not put pressure on yourself to spend too much money on fancy dates or gifts

Experiences are more memorable than material goods. If you want to buy her something sweet, stick to old-fashioned flowers or chocolates. They're still appreciated!

Do not forget the romance

On this holiday, women want to be courted! Whether it's a sweet Skype video message or a nice dinner that you've prepared; do something romantic and out-of-the-ordinary to show her how special she is. It's nice to be reminded that she's more than a mother and a roommate! She's your love.

Do not do what you always do

Keep your relationship fresh by doing things you’ve never done before. For Valentine’s Day, explore a new site or neighborhood you’ve never visited together. Novel experiences release dopamine in our brains and make our connection feel new.


Valentine’s Day is about celebrating your relationship, and expressing your love. It’s the thoughtful little things that show you truly care; so swap the pricey present for a new experience together. Be spontaneous, and most of all, have fun.

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