Unlocking Process Excellence Through Process Mining as a Service

Have you ever felt frustrated that your business processes seem inefficient, but you don‘t have the tools or expertise to pinpoint exactly where the problems lie? Process mining can help uncover those hidden process bottlenecks, but many companies struggle to implement it effectively on their own.

This is where Process Mining as a Service (PROMaaS) comes to the rescue!

PROMaaS involves partnering with a service provider to deliver process mining capabilities through a flexible, cloud-based model. This approach offers powerful benefits compared to traditional on-premise process mining software.

In this comprehensive guide, I‘ll explain everything you need to know about PROMaaS, including:

  • What process mining is and why it‘s valuable
  • How PROMaaS works
  • Key benefits of the PROMaaS model
  • Real-world examples and use cases
  • Criteria for selecting a PROMaaS vendor
  • The future outlook for PROMaaS adoption

I‘ll also provide tactical tips to get you started on your process mining journey. Soon you‘ll be uncovering process insights like an expert!

What is Process Mining and Why Does it Matter?

First, let‘s quickly recap what process mining is all about.

Process mining uses specialized algorithms to analyze event log data from your IT systems. The goal is to automatically discover how business processes really operate, identify bottlenecks, and highlight optimization opportunities.

Why does process mining matter so much?

  • It delivers fact-based process transparency – no more guesses or assumptions.
  • It can uncover huge cost savings from improved efficiency and automation.
  • It enables continuous process monitoring and improvement.

According to research firm Gartner, the global process mining market is poised to grow at a 50% CAGR through 2025, reaching $1.4 billion.

But only 19% of organizations have adopted process mining so far, often due to cost and complexity barriers. PROMaaS aims to make process mining more accessible.

Process mining market growth chart

Global process mining software market forecast. Source: Gartner

How Does Process Mining as a Service Work?

Now let‘s examine how process mining as a service operates:

PROMaaS delivers process mining capabilities via a cloud-based software-as-a-service (SaaS) model.

Instead of installing software on-premise, you access the process mining platform over the internet through your web browser. It‘s similar to how you may use cloud-based apps like Salesforce or Workday.

With PROMaaS, you pay a subscription fee to the service provider to use their process mining technology, which is fully hosted and managed by them.

Diagram showing PROMaaS model

How Process Mining as a Service (PROMaaS) works

Some key advantages of this model:

  • Fast deployment – get up and running in weeks without long implementation
  • Lower costs – no large upfront software licenses or infrastructure expenses
  • Flexibility – scale usage up and down as needs change
  • Latest capabilities – frequent updates with new features
  • Experts on tap – access provider‘s process mining expertise

Leading PROMaaS providers include process mining pure-plays like Celonis and UiPath, and consultancies like PwC.

Quantifiable Benefits of Adopting Process Mining as a Service

Still skeptical whether PROMaaS can benefit your business? Consider these stats:

  • 30-50% potential efficiency gains from process improvements
  • 20-40% faster time-to-market by streamlining processes
  • 10-25% reduced compliance risk through increased process visibility
  • Up to 50% lower costs than on-premise process mining

PROMaaS delivers process insights fast, with a rapid return on investment. Pricing is flexible – you only pay for the capacity you need.

And rather than hiring data scientists to implement process mining, your team can stay focused on high-value analysis and process excellence initiatives.

Compelling Process Mining Use Cases

Across industries, PROMaaS is helping leading companies improve processes to drive tangible business impact:

  • A global bank used PROMaaS to analyze mortgage application processes. By identifying bottlenecks, they reduced approval times by 20% while maintaining quality levels.
  • A large healthcare system employed PROMaaS to speed up patient discharges. The resulting process refinements led to 30% faster discharges system-wide.
  • A retail chain optimized its supply chain by uncovering distribution center inefficiencies using its PROMaaS solution. Outbound shipping accuracy rose by over 15%.
  • A management consultancy improved incident response times for clients by 45%. Their PROMaaS partner helped analyze and enhance issue resolution processes.

These examples showcase the real-world value PROMaaS can deliver by tapping into process data.

Leading Providers of Process Mining as a Service

Many providers now offer PROMaaS solutions. Here is a snapshot of key vendors:

Celonis – A pioneer in process mining, Celonis provides its process excellence software via the cloud. Their robust process mining capabilities can handle terabytes of data.

UiPath – This leading robotic process automation firm offers process mining and automation in one SaaS platform. UiPath is strong at discovering automation opportunities.

IBM – IBM‘s PROMaaS combines their advanced process mining tools with IBM consultants to implement solutions tailored for each industry.

PwC – This professional services giant offers PwC Process Mining as a Service powered by their own process mining IP and experts. Deep business domain knowledge.

myInvenio – Their cloud-based Cognitive Process Manager combines process mining, workflow management, and process automation.

Making the Right PROMaaS Vendor Choice

Selecting the best-fit PROMaaS partner is critical. Look for:

Proven, scalable technology that can handle large data volumes from across your IT systems

Domain expertise specific to your industry

Strong data connectivity to integrate disparate systems

Global delivery capabilities with subject matter experts and support worldwide

Enabling services like workshops and training to build internal process mining competencies

A true partner should strive to make your team self-sufficient in process excellence over time.

Getting Started With Process Mining as a Service

Ready to dive into process mining‘s benefits? Here are some tips to begin your PROMaaS journey:

  • Start small – Pick a contained process like order-to-cash to pilot first
  • Plan integrations – Assess any data plumbing required to connect systems
  • Involve process owners – Gain insights from teams who manage the processes day-to-day
  • Highlight quick wins – Target "low-hanging fruit" like AP invoice processing for early ROI
  • Iterate from feedback – Continuously refine the analysis based on insights uncovered

And don‘t forget to think bigpicture! PROMaaS can serve as a launchpad for large-scale process improvement and automation.

The Future is Bright for Process Mining in the Cloud

Process mining adoption is skyrocketing as companies seek competitive advantage through process excellence. PROMaaS makes innovative process mining capabilities accessible without major on-premise investments.

The process mining market is projected to exceed $1.4 billion by 2025 as more organizations follow process leaders in embracing the cloud.

"By tapping process data through PROMaaS, companies can continuously improve and arm their workforce with strategic, real-time insights faster than ever before." – Dr. Mathias Kirchmer, Process Mining expert and Executive Director at BPM-D.

Now is the time to join the leaders obtaining tangible ROI from process mining. PROMaaS provides the fastest path to process excellence.

Are you ready to uncover your processes‘ hidden potential? Reach out and let‘s explore how PROMaaS can empower your organization!

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