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Promoted to a management position? Don’t be one of those bosses

Being the boss doesn’t mean you’re there to boss everyone around. It’s about being a trusted leader who is there to assist and guide the team to their highest potential. It’s about establishing positive relationships with those who work for you and working together to set goals. And it’s about inspiring those around you. Truth be told, being bossy isn’t exactly going to get you anywhere. Here is some advice for when you are promoted to a manager or boss, and how to best lead your employees.


Do listen and collaborate

Think of your company as a team. Everyone on the team has something to contribute for a win, so taking the time to hear the ideas of others is going to get you ahead in the game. Make sure to ask your staff what they think! Their ideas can be a valuable asset.

Do motivate

Show your staff that you are excited to be at work, and hopefully they too feel the same way. Set goals and priorities together, and once these goals are met, opt to reward. Offering lunch or a gift cards if goals are met, or creating a little friendly competition with a prize for the top performers are a few positive ways to motivate.

Do advocate

Kind words really do go a long way. Taking the time to let your staff know how good of a job they are doing is going to create an upbeat environment where people will enjoy going. Make people feel wanted and never stop encouraging them. Write a little note, send a text or stop to chat in person.

Do provide

Having the proper tools for your team to succeed is crucial. Not only is it important to have the necessary equipment and training on the technical aspects of the job, but also providing an environment where a person will grow and become stronger.

Do invest

It may be hard for many bosses to do, but have trust in all of your staff. Think the best until proven otherwise; the benefit of the doubt approach. And if there is a misunderstanding, invest your time to talk to them directly instead of addressing any issue by word-of-mouth.


Do not be a know-it-all

The “my way or the highway” approach is not going to get you very far. Fact is that you don’t know everything, so don’t act like you do. How else is a company going to come up with new ideas and improve if you’re busy making sure everything is revolved around you?

Do not be distant

How is anything going to get done with a boss who hides in his office all day? Establish connections with those around you and build relationships. This will help set an example for your staff to do the same with their coworkers.

Do not be a jerk

Being a bully will lose you respect. No one will put their trust in a boss that they simply loathe. Now, we don’t want you to be the boss that get’s walked all over either, so you need to find the balance between authority and treating people with appreciation.

Do not micro-manage

Bottom line is that your employees are not dogs, and therefore won’t take kindly to being told, “Do this…” and “Do that…” while you hover over their shoulders. You have to have confidence that they will carry out their assigned tasks in a timely and reasonable manner.

Do not be moody

Don’t let your personal life dictate your “mood de jour.” No one is going to want to deal with any sort of Dr Jekyll and Mr. Hyde personality. Keep your business and personal life separate.

Jumping cartoon

If you are a boss, but not your own boss, the job can be stressful because of the pressure of answering to the boss above yourself. Have all the goals been met, what are the numbers saying, and is the company profiting or at a loss? These are all things that put pressure on a leader, but if you keep these dos and don’ts in mind, we can guarantee you will have a greater chance of success and harmony in the workplace.

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