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Protect your family's financial security with the right insurance

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Most Americans have one insurance policy or another so they may be familiar with the benefits they offer. This is the time of year when everyone should refresh not only their home, but also their knowledge about important insurance policies to protect their financial future. Here’s some information to get you started down the path to financial security with insurance.


Do explore all health insurance options

With recent changes in the Healthcare insurance industry, it’s more important than ever to learn about the policy you currently have or will be buying. Health care coverage can be confusing in its best moments so doing your research is a must. Most importantly, see what limitations or exclusions your policy has, what specialists you can see, and where the internal policy hurdles are. Most employers offer group health insurance, but if you’re looking to buy individual health insurance, have a game plan to get the coverage you want for a great price.

Do purchase a disability insurance policy

Check out group insurance policies such as one your employer might provide. The only downfall to these is that you cannot pick what features you want included and you lose the insurance if you change jobs, but they do tend to be low cost and will typically cover you if you’re already in poor health. Take your time in deciding how much coverage you’ll need so you can make the right choice. Women should be prepared to pay more since statistics show women are making more claims.

Do discuss long-term care insurance with an expert

Just like with disability insurance policies, women pay more for Long-Term Care insurance than men. Women tend to live longer than men so they need more coverage, but there are many cost effective options available. There are many insurance specialists who can discuss what your best options might be, so don’t be afraid to take your time. In general, everyone should buy their policy sooner rather than later so you don’t get declined due to health reasons.

Do consider life insurance

More women are contributing financially to their households than ever before. Single mothers who are the sole source of income for their families are just one example of a good candidate for a life insurance policy. Carefully consider your options between permanent and term life insurance based on your needs when you buy the policy. Don’t commit more money than you can afford to a policy because you have to factor in the monthly premiums to keep the policy active. Have your insurance agent help you make smart choices regarding the policy and when you should buy it.

Do communicate with your family about your decisions

Always keep your family and spouse involved with your insurance policy decisions, especially if they play a role in your finances. With Long-Term Care policies your family will want guidance as to what you want done if you need extra care when you’re older. With a Life Insurance policy, you will need to name a beneficiary in the event of your death.


Do not wait too long to purchase a policy

The older you get, the more likely you will be declined when trying to purchase a disability or life insurance policy. On the off chance you are successful in getting any type of insurance policy, you will be paying expensive premiums. It is better to get a cheaper rate when you are younger and have no medical ailments than wait too long and be rejected.

Do not let the cost scare you away

Some things are really necessary in life, and insurance is one of them. The odds of being injured or disabled are high, and the outcome can be extremely expensive for both you and your family. One bad accident or a cancer diagnosis can wipe out your savings in a short amount of time, leaving you with no way to bring in income. Finding a good disability insurance policy is one way to supply you with income if you are unable to perform your job.

Do not ignore the benefits of homeowner’s insurance

More women are buying homes on their own in the 21st century than ever before. Policies are often inexpensive for a fantastic amount of coverage. There are many parts to this type of policy so carefully decide what you want covered, such as the home itself, any valuables you may own, insuring your personal liability, and so on. Your insurance agent should be well versed in homeowner’s insurance and can guide you through the process.

Do not discount the advice of professionals

Shop for an insurance agent or a knowledgeable professional by getting references and several quotes on pricing. You want to get the best bang for your buck but don’t assume a good price will get you a good policy. Take the time to narrow down your choices to the best options and get their skilled help in preparing and purchasing the necessary policies.

Do not forget to plan ahead

Yes, insurance policies can be expensive, but the sooner you explore your options the better off you will be financially. You may already have an insurance agent who handles your auto and home insurance. Ask them to recommend others you can talk with about life, disability, and long-term care. If you have an idea of when you’ll need to purchase these policies and how much they might cost, you can start saving and preparing just like you would for any other significant purchase.

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Insurance has become an important part of life, as it should be. The likelihood of disability or a significant injury increases every year, not to mention disasters that can destroy your home in a split second. The ball is in your court regarding the financial stability of your future. Take the opportunity to talk with someone who can teach you about your options so you can spring forward into the year ahead.

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