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Responsive technology is a golden ticket for growing your sales

The best customer relationships are based on a profound understanding of their real needs. Sales representatives can achieve this level of customer intimacy by working smarter, not harder, through the utilization of new responsive technologies that help identify their customers’ preferences.

For example, imagine that during your next sales meeting you have the power to access a presentation tool via your tablet that allows your customer to prioritize that meeting’s discussion topics. Not only will this keep your customer more actively engaged during the conversation because it ensures that the topics covered are those that matter most to him or her, but the dialogue then becomes that much more efficient – ultimately saving both sides time and money.


Do get personal

The biggest benefit of new responsive communication technology is that you can tailor your content and make it relevant for each individual customer.

While most sales representatives employ the latest devices, from tablets to smartphones, during a customer visit to share information or deliver presentations, opportunities abound for even more effective usage when their devices are armed with the right customer engagement software. These new digital solutions are capable of switching customer conversations from passive listening to active participation. Through utilization of this technology the customer can now be in the driver's seat, engaging with the content and exploring it in ways that best meet his or her needs.

Do motivate

Motivation is a central factor to customer behavior. If you can identify and tap into what moves consumers, you'll generate more sales.

With today’s responsive, digital marketing solutions, companies now have the power to better understand their customers’ behavior and take account of different people’s motivations in their communication. This level of customization and value ultimately creates long-lasting customer loyalty.

Do fish where the fish are

Today, customers want to connect with companies through tablets, PCs and smartphones alike. Crucial to an organization’s survival is embracing technology and ensuring its content is accessible on the customer’s channel of choice, which in turn allows companies to fish where the fish are. Technology is literally in the hands of consumers from the moment they wake to when they fall asleep; it is critical to capitalize on this constant connection by leveraging multichannel marketing and ensuring your content is available on their preferred devices.

Do amplify the effect not the annoyance

With the recent advances in new technologies, companies can stop segmenting and start meeting individual customer needs. Anywhere, anytime, sales can deliver individualized messaging to any of its customers.

Responsive technology allows companies to switch from low value mass message delivery to high value individualized communication. Moreover, using these digital solutions, sales can collect detailed information about their customer to continually strengthen their experience.

By matching the right technology with the right strategy, companies can revitalize their connection to their customers and improve customer engagement.


Do not use responsive technology for ‘push’ marketing

Companies tend to use technology to shout louder – or be pushier by sending out more of what they want to say rather than listening to the customer. But this ends up creating a bigger problem: less trust and less access because customers begin to defend themselves from the noise. It also means that you miss out on technology’s potential to optimize the connections you make.

Do not skip the sales force buy-in

Sales teams are central to the use of responsive technology, and should welcome it because it removes many of their frustrations. But company representatives need to understand that the technology is being implemented to increase their value to customers, or they will see it as a threat.

An essential component to securing the team’s buy-in is providing the right training and regular follow ups. Without it, sales teams will regress from using the technologies back to their traditional approach merely because it's the default.

Do not applying old measurement tools to a new model

Technology enables us to track the quality of sales meetings. If you’re adherent to the traditional model of only measuring the quantity of meetings or calls, then you’re failing to maximize the benefits responsive technology provides. It's about value, not volume.

Do not purely rely on big data

Today, more and more companies are turning to big data to drive stronger selling. However, it’s important to not lose sight of more precise data or the insights gleaned from in-person customer interactions as an effective responsive sales strategy requires both.

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Technology opens huge opportunities for better customer engagement. By employing digital solutions that are responsive, we now have the ability to engage with customers individually, learn their particular needs and then provide relevant and necessary services. Responsive technologies ultimately allow companies to maximize customer value as well as their bottom dollar.

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