Accelerating RPA Success in 2024 with Reusable Workflows and Bots

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If you‘re pursuing RPA in your organization, you‘ve likely grappled with the upfront time and costs of developing bots. But what if you could tap into pre-built workflows and software to accelerate deployment?

That‘s the promise of reusable RPA components. As we‘ll explore here, combining these solutions with custom development will be key for RPA success in 2024.

The Bottleneck of RPA Development

First, let‘s recap why RPA development poses challenges. According to Deloitte, it takes 4-6 weeks on average to develop a single RPA bot. A McKinsey study also found that lack of technical skills is a top barrier to AI adoption, including RPA.

Why does it take so long? RPA bots must flawlessly replicate human actions across interfaces. This requires extensive programming for each use case.

Now let‘s consider a typical enterprise. IT faces 100s of processes as RPA candidates. Custom-coding each bot from scratch could take years of expensive developer time.

This steep upfront cost makes it harder to demonstrate RPA‘s value and scale efforts company-wide. Slow rollouts also delay ROI and productivity gains.

The Promise of Reusable RPA Components

Reusable RPA plugins and workflows provide a faster track by packaging solutions for common needs:

  • Process templates codify best practices for standard workflows like procure-to-pay
  • Connectors enable integrating with essential apps and data sources
  • AI add-ons provide cognitive skills like document digitization

Rather than reinventing the wheel, developers can assemble bots faster by combining reusable elements with custom logic.

According to Deloitte, reusable components can cut bot development time by 80%. This translates to weeks vs. months for bot deployment.

As Deloitte notes, slower development processes hinder ROI realization and scaling. Reusability is the key to overcoming these bottlenecks.

Forrester also predicts intelligent document processing (IDP) will integrate deeper into RPA platforms this year. IDP combines AI like OCR with content analytics to digitize unstructured data.

By adopting solutions like IDP, firms amplify productivity gains by tapping robots and AI in tandem. Reusable add-ons enhance RPA‘s capabilities for end-to-end process automation.

Surging Popularity of RPA Marketplaces

Reusable plugins are delivered through RPA vendor marketplaces:

Adoption of these hubs is booming as demand for faster RPA development grows.

The popularity of certain plugins also reveals common automation needs. According to Automation Anywhere, the most downloaded bots perform ubiquitous tasks:

  • Email management
  • Date/time handling
  • Speech to text
  • Spreadsheets
  • Document OCR

This aligns with leading use cases for RPA in IT, customer service, finance, HR, and other departments.

Choosing the Right Solutions

Now that you know reusable components can supercharge RPA, here is how to identify the best ones for your needs:

Find Relevant Options

Search your RPA platform‘s marketplace for capabilities needed in your process, e.g. "OCR."

Filter and Compare Results

  • Sort by rating, reviews, and downloads as quality indicators.
  • Check if solutions come directly from your RPA vendor or a trusted 3rd party.
  • Compare components head-to-head before selecting one to test.

Request Free Trials

Many marketplaces offer free trials for hands-on evaluation before subscribing.

Test Integrations Thoroughly

Rigorously test plugins on edge cases before deploying to ensure seamless integration.

Monitor Performance Post-Launch

Keep assessing solution performance over time. Switch if issues emerge.

Accelerating RPA Journeys in 2024

Dear reader, reusable components are primed to transform RPA speed and success in 2024. By combining plug-and-play solutions with custom logic, you can overcome development bottlenecks.

This will enable faster rollout, maximized productivity and demonstrated business value from automation. With the tips above, you can identify and integrate the right reusable building blocks for your RPA journey this year.

Wishing you rapid returns on your RPA efforts,

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