In-Depth Guide to Top 150 RPA Consultants in 2024

Hi there! If your company is considering adopting Robotic Process Automation (RPA) in 2024, you‘re likely exploring which consultants can help ensure a successful implementation.

You‘ve come to the right place! In this comprehensive guide, I‘ll provide an insightful overview of the top 150 RPA consulting firms worldwide so you can find the right partner.

Here‘s what we‘ll cover:

  • What is RPA consulting and why should you care?
  • Types of services offered by RPA consultants
  • How to pick the best consultant for your needs
  • Detailed profiles of the top 150 global consulting partners
  • RPA consultant certification tiers explained
  • The emerging role of RPA marketplaces
  • Key takeaways to help you find the ideal RPA consultant

Let‘s get started!

What Exactly is RPA Consulting?

Great question! RPA consulting refers to services that help companies successfully adopt software bots to automate business processes. Consultants work closely with organizations to:

  • Identify the most impactful processes to automate
  • Select the optimal RPA software for their needs
  • Document and optimize processes before automation
  • Develop, test and deploy software bots
  • Manage organizational change and train staff

In a nutshell, RPA consultants provide the required expertise, resources, and best practices to ensure a rapid, low-risk RPA implementation.

Why Should You Care About RPA Consulting?

With RPA adoption accelerating, many companies leverage consultants to maximize their automation success.

According to Gartner, the RPA software market grew nearly 20% in 2021 to reach $1.9 billion in revenue. By 2025, they forecast the market to reach $4.5 billion.

However, organizations face common challenges when implementing RPA such as:

  • Lack of skilled RPA resources and expertise in-house
  • Difficulty identifying the optimal processes to automate
  • Time-intensive RPA software configuration and development
  • The need to optimize processes before automation

This is where engaged RPA consultants can make all the difference by providing:

  • Deep RPA expertise to guide companies at every step
  • Additional capable resources to accelerate execution
  • Proven methodologies to ensure rapid, low-risk deployment
  • Best practices gleaned from past client engagements

According to Everest Group, 65% of organizations partnered with service providers to implement their first RPA initiative.

With consultants driving faster time-to-value, it‘s no wonder companies increasingly embrace partners to realize the benefits of automation.

Types of RPA Consulting Services

RPA consultants offer a wide range of services to support the end-to-end automation journey:

Pre-Development Services

These services prep organizations for automation by identifying, documenting and optimizing processes:

  • Process identification – Pinpoint processes suited for RPA based on impact, readiness, and feasibility
  • Process optimization – Improve processes before automation to maximize efficiency
  • Process documentation – Document optimized processes in detail to enable bot configuration
  • Vendor selection – Guide tool selection based on technical and business requirements
  • Business case – Build cost-benefit analysis to secure stakeholder buy-in

RPA Development Services

These technical services bring automation to life by developing, testing and deploying bots:

  • Bot configuration – Configure bots by mapping documented processes into RPA platform
  • Bot development – Develop automation scripts and enhance with complex logic
  • Testing and piloting – Test bots thoroughly and run pilots before enterprise-wide deployment
  • Deployment – Deploy bots into production environment upon meeting success criteria
  • Monitoring – Continuously monitor and enhance bots to sustain benefits

Many clients take an end-to-end approach engaging consultants across both stages. However, some work with partners only for specific needs like process optimization or programming.

It‘s recommended to involve consultants early on for process analysis and preparation. This groundwork leads to faster, lower-risk bot development down the road.

How Do You Pick the Right RPA Consultant?

With so many RPA consulting firms out there, how do you find the ideal partner for your needs?

Here are the most important factors to evaluate:

Industry Expertise

Opt for a consultant well-versed in your specific industry. Vertical expertise translates into deeper insights into your processes and requirements.

Technical Capabilities

Assess hands-on experience in developing automation solutions using leading tools like UiPath, Blue Prism and Automation Anywhere.

Delivery Model

Some provide staff augmentation while others offer end-to-end delivery. Choose the model that aligns best to your environment.


Evaluate the consultant‘s structured approach to RPA projects covering process assessment, documentation, development, testing, and change management.


Consider consultants with a delivery presence in your region for better collaboration.

Pricing Model

Compare time & material versus fixed fee models. Fixed pricing provides predictability but less flexibility.

Client References

Relevant client references are invaluable. Speaking to peers provides authentic insights into working with the consultant.


Look for consultants officially partnered with top RPA platforms which enables early technology access and training.

Detailed Overview of the Top 150 RPA Consultants

Now let‘s explore the top 150 RPA consulting partners worldwide that can help drive your automation initiatives.

This list compiles large management and technology consultancies, niche RPA pure-plays, global system integrators, and emerging niche partners worldwide.

I‘ve summarized their key capabilities below. You can also easily filter and compare them side-by-side in this sortable table here.


Global Presence

Accenture is one of the largest technology consultancies, offering comprehensive RPA consulting and delivery worldwide.

  • 30,000+ RPA practitioners globally
  • Completed over 3,000 RPA implementations
  • Strong partnership with leading RPA platforms

Key Partnerships:

  • UiPath – Certified Partner (Gold Delivery, Silver Capability)
  • Blue Prism – Certified Partner (Silver Delivery, Silver Capability)


Global Delivery

IBM leverages RPA as part of broader focus on AI-led business transformation and intelligent workflows.

  • 10,000+ RPA specialists worldwide
  • Combines custom services with pre-built solutions
  • IBM Garage methodology for design-centric automation

Key Partnerships:

  • UiPath – Certified Partner (Silver Delivery, Silver Capability)
  • Automation Anywhere – Partner


Global Delivery

Deloitte provides RPA advisory and implementation via a network of multi-disciplinary teams globally.

  • End-to-end RPA services across industries
  • Proprietary assets and accelerators
  • Integrated focus on RPA, AI, analytics and cloud

Key Partnerships:

  • UiPath – Certified Partner (Silver Delivery, Silver Capability)
  • Automation Anywhere – Certified Partner


Global Delivery

EY delivers comprehensive RPA consulting including flagship EY RPA Accelerators and IP libraries.

  • 15,000+ dedicated RPA resources
  • 9 RPA COEs globally
  • Advisory and delivery across business functions

Key Partnerships:

  • UiPath – Certified Partner (Platinum Delivery, Gold Capability)
  • Blue Prism – Certified Partner

Tata Consultancy Services (TCS)

Global Delivery

TCS provides integrated automation capabilities combining RPA, AI and BPM.

  • 150+ RPA clients across industries
  • End-to-end services from advisory to training
  • Leverages in-house platforms to accelerate RPA

Key Partnerships:

  • UiPath – Strategic Partner
  • Automation Anywhere – Global Strategic Partner


Global Delivery

Cognizant adopts an integrated approach to RPA, AI and analytics. Flagship solutions include Cognizant IPA and IPA Accelerator.

  • 15,000+ RPA specialists worldwide
  • Advisory and deployment across business functions
  • Focus on change management and automation culture

Key Partnerships:

  • UiPath – Strategic Partner
  • Automation Anywhere – Global Strategic Partner


Global Delivery

Genpact drives transformative automation by combining RPA with AI, analytics and domain expertise. Leverages Genpact Cora platform.

  • 5,000+ dedicated RPA resources
  • Consultants with deep expertise across functions
  • Cora integrates RPA with AI, ML, analytics and more

Key Partnerships:

  • UiPath – Certified Partner (Silver Delivery)
  • Automation Anywhere – Strategic Partner


Global Delivery

Capgemini provides comprehensive RPA consulting, implementation and managed services worldwide.

  • 6,000+ RPA consultants globally
  • Full spectrum support from advisory to deployment
  • Flagship Automation Drive services

Key Partnerships:

  • UiPath – Certified Partner (Silver Delivery)
  • Automation Anywhere – Strategic Partner


Global Delivery

Infosys drives enterprise efficiency and differentiation through RPA. Leverages proprietary platforms like AssistEdge.

  • 20,000+ RPA practitioners
  • Custom accelerators and frameworks
  • Focus on automating IT systems and processes

Key Partnerships:

  • UiPath – Partner
  • Automation Anywhere – Partner

HCL Technologies

Global Delivery

HCL offers integrated automation capabilities combining RPA, AI/ML and BPM.

  • 10,000+ RPA professionals globally
  • Services spanning advisory, implementation and management
  • Delivery methodology leveraging design thinking, Agile and DevOps

Key Partnerships:

  • UiPath – Partner
  • Automation Anywhere – Partner


Global Delivery

Wipro provides RPA consulting leveraging proprietary solutions, platforms and BOTTIQubots marketplace.

  • 7,000+ RPA practitioners globally
  • Custom solutions supplemented by BOTTIQ assets
  • Proprietary platforms and accelerators

Key Partnerships:

  • UiPath – Partner
  • Automation Anywhere – Partner


Global Delivery

KPMG‘s RPA consulting focuses on enabling operational transformation through automation.

  • Advisory and delivery spanning front and back-office processes
  • Specialized focus on organizational change management
  • Developed Value Enablement Methodology for RPA

Key Partnerships:

  • UiPath – Partner
  • Automation Anywhere – Partner


Global Delivery

PwC provides end-to-end RPA consulting from assessment to change management, underpinned by proven methodologies.

  • 5,000+ RPA practitioners worldwide
  • Supports clients across the automation journey
  • Leverages suite of proprietary accelerators

Key Partnerships:

  • UiPath – Certified Partner (Silver Delivery)
  • Automation Anywhere – Strategic Partner

Bain & Company

Global Delivery

Bain helps executives shape RPA strategies grounded in tangible business results and ROI.

  • Advisory services focused on impact and outcomes
  • Deep expertise in process excellence and automation strategies
  • Partners with clients to design automation playbooks

Boston Consulting Group

Global Delivery

BCG assists clients in developing RPA visions and roadmaps tied directly to business goals.

  • Advisory on building enterprise automation programs
  • Specialized skills in process redesign and optimization
  • Leverages proprietary assets and frameworks to accelerate RPA

McKinsey & Company

Global Delivery

McKinsey advises enterprises on transforming through RPA as part of broader digital and AI focus.

  • Advisory services anchored in tangible financial impact
  • Deep skills in digitizing and optimizing processes
  • Supports organizations in shaping automation strategies

RPA Consultant Certification Tiers Demystified

Some RPA vendors have tiered certification programs designating partners based on capabilities:

UiPath Certification Levels

  • Partner
  • Strategic Partner

Blue Prism Certification Levels

  • Delivery Provider – Platinum, Gold, Silver
  • Capability Provider – Platinum, Gold, Silver

Advanced tiers indicate the partner‘s large-scale RPA practice, trained resources, and proven excellence delivering complex enterprise automations.

The Emerging Role of RPA Marketplaces

Another way for RPA consultants to offer solutions is through marketplaces like UiPath Go! Marketplace.

Consultants can publish reusable RPA components, templates, and apps to these platforms. However, few consulting firms leverage this channel currently.

As these marketplaces mature, they could enable consultants to:

  • Showcase expertise through plug-ins
  • Demonstrate thought leadership
  • Generate leads

This represents an untapped opportunity for consultants to extend their service models.

Key Takeaways to Find the Right RPA Consultant

The demand for RPA continues to surge globally across industries. Engaging skilled consultants provides organizations the expertise to accelerate automation and maximize results.

When evaluating partners look for proven RPA experience, technical capabilities, delivery models aligning to your needs, and partnerships with leading platforms.

Leverage this guide to the top 150 firms as a starting point to find the ideal RPA consultant for your automation programs and set your company apart in 2024!

I hope this overview gives you a comprehensive understanding of the RPA consulting landscape so you can make the perfect choice for your company‘s automation success. Let me know if you need any other details! I‘m happy to help further customize this guide based on your specific requirements and interests.

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