Short scar facelift and neck lift surgery helps you look younger

Facelift surgery is usually performed with incisions which extend from the temple to the front of the ear, and continue behind the ear and into the scalp. This quite often results in a visible scar when hair is worn up or cut short. Short scar facelift, however, begins at the top of the ear and concealed inside and behind the ear. This results in unsightly scars being almost completely hidden. On top of that, long-term support is secured by plicating the deeper layers of the SMAS (submuscular aponeurotic system). The short scar facelift procedure also allows for less recovery time.

The end result of this cosmetic surgery should show little to no signs of awkward tugging or tightness, and absolutely no distortion of the corners of the mouth. The skin will be naturally resuspended with no artificial traction, leaving the cheekbones highlighted and nasolabial fold and marionette lines faded.

Our normal aging process can cause unwanted excess skin and fat of the neck, especially under the chin. With a short scar facelift, you can streamline the neck and jowls, helping you to look naturally younger and sexier, without the unsightly scars that often come with other facelift procedures. Here is some advice for how to go about getting short scar facelift surgery.


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  • your homework
  • check the doctor’s patient history
  • have realistic goals
  • make time for surgery and healing time
  • get recommended check ups

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  • cut cost over quality
  • jeopardize your surgery
  • settle
  • cut your recovering time
  • forget to be excited

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Do your homework

Do your research to find the most experienced plastic surgeon, making sure that s/he is board certified and well educated. When you go in for your initial consultation, ask the doctor to see his credentials, which doctors should have readily available. If they don’t want to show you or make an excuse for not being board certified or otherwise qualified, keep looking for a doctor that is. Short scar facelifts are a serious surgical procedure that shouldn’t be done by unqualified professionals.

Also, it is important to know how this procedure is performed. Surgeons will typically administer anesthesia that will put you completely under for the entire procedure. Operating rooms should be completely sterile with a board certified anaesthesiologist. The surgeon’s team should be certified registered nurses and fully licensed staff. You will live with the surgery for the rest of your life, so it is important to ask your surgeon any questions you have about their facility and procedure as well.

Do check the doctor’s patient history

Check out his/her hospital appointments, and speak to other patients who have had surgery with this doctor. Ask them about their experiences with the procedure and how they feel the doctor performed. Are they happy with the results? Where there any complications? Also, ask to see before and after photos of his actual patients.

Do have realistic goals

Discuss your photos and desired results in detail with your surgeon; this will guarantee realistic expectations. Make sure all of your concerns are covered ranging from excess drooping skin, depletion of facial fat, downturned nasal tip (this can make a person look older), sagging neck skin, hooding of the eyes, and elements of your face that you would like to refresh and improve.

Do make time for surgery and healing time

Make sure you're free from family obligations, work demands, and social responsibilities for approximately one week, and that you have the financial wherewithal to undertake an investment in your beauty. Often doctors provide payment plans to help pay for the procedure.

Your surgeon will give you instructions on how to prepare for surgery and prescriptions for medications that need to be filled before undergoing surgery. These instructions should be followed exactly so that any risk of complications is minimal. Often doctors recommend a couple of nights postoperative stay in a facility close to the operating facility so the surgeon can give you check ups and be close to a medical facility in case any complications do occur.

Do get recommended check ups

Get medical clearance from your primary care physician before even thinking about undergoing surgery. Safety is always first. Your surgeon will instruct you about these details during the consultation visit, but in general you want to be sure that your specific level of health is good enough to be able to undergo surgery. Be upfront with your doctor about any preexisting medical conditions and allergies to medications so that your surgeon can ensure that the facelift procedure is safe to preform.

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Do not cut cost over quality

Do not seek an inferior surgeon by bargain hunting; this is your face, and you will live with the results for the rest of your life! Inferior surgery often costs twice as much, since you will then have to get corrective surgery. Doing plenty of research for a surgeon that will ensure surgery is flawless and achieves your desired results is also important in regards to this. You may pay a little more than going to a doctor that isn’t board certified or has little to no experience, but in the long run it will be well worth it.

Do not jeopardize your surgery

Do not smoke, take aspirin or aspirin-containing compounds, vitamin E, and numerous other medications that can interfere with a successful surgery. Your surgeon will present you with a list of such medications that you should avoid before surgery. Not following his pre and post surgery instructions can potentially leave you in a life threatening situation.

Do not settle

Don't settle for only one consultation with your plastic surgeon. Make sure s/he is willing to meet with you at least twice so that all of your concerns are addressed. Many concerns come up only after the first consultation has taken place, and you may have more questions for him after getting a sense of how the surgery will be performed and the results that s/he will be able to achieve. If your surgeon is trying to rush you into surgery, find another one that isn’t just trying to get your money.

Do not cut your recovering time

Do not minimize the need for postoperative nursing. The surgeon's office should help to arrange a medical professional who will tend to you for the first 24 – 36 hours, as it is imperative to have an experienced medical caregiver during this first phase of postoperative healing.

Do not forget to be excited

Don't forget to be excited! This is a wonderful way to look better in life, and when we look our best, we tend to feel our best and live each day to the fullest! Share your story with others and be genuinely enthusiastic about getting surgery. If you aren’t, you may want to rethink whether or not getting short scar facelift surgery is right for you. This is a serious life-altering procedure and the decision should not be taken lightly.


The short scar facelift procedure is a great way to tighten saggy skin and get rid of unwanted fat without unsightly scars that come with other facelift procedures. It is important to do your research on the surgeon’s credentials and experience, see before and after photos of past patients, and also ensure that their operating facility is completely sterile and all operating doctors and anesthesiologists are certified and experienced to reduce the risk of complications. The desired results should be little to no scarring and exactly what you were hoping for — beautiful, sexy, and natural looking skin that will make you look younger.

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