Spend time at the driving range to help improve your golf game

To improve your golf game and lower your scores, it’s important to spend time on the range working your full swing and short game skills. Whether you're going to the range, hitting the putting green, or working on your chip shot, here is some advice to help.


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  • visit more than the golf course
  • practice with a purpose
  • ask for help
  • invite friends
  • learn from your mistakes

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  • bring a bad attitude
  • hit balls as hard as you can
  • allow bad habits to develop
  • be a poor sport
  • forget to work on your short game

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Do visit more than the golf course

Playing is good, but golfers need to practice all aspects of their game. Getting better at golf does not happen just on the golf course. Practice your putting on the putting green, and use the range to perfect your chip shot.

Do practice with a purpose

Most golfers have not been taught the “proper” way to practice. Quality is better than quantity. It is better to hit 50 balls on the range with a specific goal, then hitting 100 balls and not knowing what to do. Ask for advice in ways to practice properly from an experienced golf pro.

Do ask for help

PGA professionals are talented at what they do and can pinpoint your mistakes to correct going forward. They will give you one or two things to work on to improve your game. Also, ask them for fun games and drills that you can do while practicing to make the time more enjoyable.

Do invite friends

The enjoyment of practicing should occur with friends or others who share a similar passion for the game, especially on the putting green. Have a putting contest with a friend. You will be having so much fun, you won’t even realize you are practicing!

Do learn from your mistakes

Pay close attention to your ball flight and become your own teacher, after receiving assistance from a PGA Professional. Step away after each shot and think what to do to not make the same mistake again.

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Do not bring a bad attitude

Come with the right frame of mind that it takes practice and patience to get better at golf. If you are at the range, it doesn’t matter if you hit a bad shot. Try to improve with each swing.

Do not hit balls as hard as you can

Choose specific targets instead of swinging for the sake of hitting the ball. Remember the ball is not your target. Be specific with your training.

Do not allow bad habits to develop

If you see from your ball flight that it isn’t traveling where you would like it to, then seek advice from a PGA Professional. Don’t wait too long to set up a lesson.

Do not be a poor sport

If you happen to not play well at the range, take a few notes on what you can do better and be eager to return to improve. On the days that you are hitting the ball well, hit another bucket of balls and fine tune the good swing. On the days that are not going well, work on short game and come back another day to groove your swing. Just like the touring pros, you will have good and bad days.

Do not forget to work on your short game

It’s easy to go out and hit a bucket of balls but make sure you set aside more time to work on pitching, chipping and putting. The short game makes up 63 percent of all golf shots. You need to work on the short game at least 63 percent of the time.


Working on your game off the course, consistent practice, and having patience are all keys to lowering your handicap. Spend some time on the range and putting green, and focus on obtaining your goals throughout practice. Playing a full 18 is definitely fun, but practicing off the course is essential. Good luck and have fun!

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