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Spring detoxification can help reduce toxins and lose weight

Spring time is not only for cleaning out closets and freshening up your home. Get your bodies ready to shed off the unwanted fat and toxic buildup from the winter and get ready for summertime with an improved healthy lifestyle. Toxins can build up from a unhealthy food regime, overeating, drinking too much soda, coffee, alcoholic beverages, not exercising, lack of sleep and handling too much stress. Spring is the perfect time to cleanse and nourish the liver, skin, GI tract as well as mind. Let’s learn some easier DIY tips today.


Do start drinking pure filtered water with squeezed lemon juice

Drinking water is one of the fastest ways to cleanse the body, internal organs and skin. Many people are so dehydrated and clog up from drinking sugar laden beverages, caffeine, alcoholic beverages, fruit juice and just not enough water. The human body is made up of 70% water and drinking around 7 glasses daily should keep you hydrated and help flush out toxins. Start the day with lemon squeezed into a glass of water to jumpstart the detoxification process. Weight loss starts here as toxins are stored in fat cells and you can release the toxins along with the fat cells.

Do eat more green leafy vegetables and drink their juices

Eating fiber rich foods helps with detoxification. You can eat the green leafy vegetables raw, in a green juice, in a broth, lightly steam them and squeeze some lemon on them for extra detox. They contain chlorophyll that helps remove toxins, environmental, heavy metals, pesticides and herbicides as well as protect your liver. Watercress dandelion, cilantro and parsley are great for detoxification. If you are juicing then add some lemon and lime to boost it up a level. Seaweed alkalizes the blood and absorbs toxins from the GI tract. Broccoli sprouts stimulate the detoxifications enzymes in the GI tract. Artichokes purify the liver by increasing bile production. There are so many options and benefits with eating green leafy vegetables. Incorporate a variety of vegetables in your daily food intake.

Do eat more whole foods

Avoid processed foods as well as fast foods to give your digestive system a break so it can detoxify from all the food additives, artificial colors, flavorings, monosodium glutamate, pesticides and other chemicals that put stress on your GI tract, liver and skin. A clogged up digestive process stops doing its job efficiently resulting in fatigue, skin issues, bloating, indigestion and weight gain to name just a few side effects. Instead, eat whole foods to consume all the nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and fiber. Try some raw nuts and seeds, add some chia seeds to your routine. Avoid all fast foods, junk foods and sugar as these are all so toxic, damaging to your overall health and add inches to your waistline. There is no win with these foods and they are filled with additive flavoring that defeats the purpose of healthy living.

Do reduce or eliminate dairy and gluten foods

By reducing or eliminating grains and starches, your body will start to release more toxic buildup and keep your blood sugar levels even with incorporating wholesome green vegetables, and lean protein that support weight loss and detoxification. If you can, go a day without consuming any animal protein that will give your digestion process a well-deserved rest. Instead, consume a variety of green leafy vegetables and chia seeds, sunflower seeds and some fruit (not the really sugar fruit like bananas and mangos but berries and an apple).

Do get moving with exercise, exfoliate with epsom salts and breathe deeply while meditating

A complete detox protocol should incorporate physical exercises to create sweating. One does not need to follow a strenuous exercise routine. First, start by walking more, then add in some yoga and strength/toning exercises. Even if you have limited time, one can pop in a video and exercise from home with tapes like DDP Yoga, Jackie Warner and 10 minute workout. Just put on a pair of sneakers and get walking outside breathing in some fresh air. Next we need to be cognizant of our breathing patterns so deep breathing will supply well needed oxygen to our body. If one prefers baths instead of showers, then add a cup of Epsom salt to the bath water to aid in the detoxification process. If one prefers showers, then exfoliate your skin except your delicate facial skin by gently rubbing epsom salt onto skin -- shed the old winter skin away. Last but not least, get plenty of sleep during your detox regime.


Do not follow invasive fasting cleanses

Many people start these detox diets, invasive protocols, and end up crashing and return back to their unhealthy ways of eating and drinking. Following a gentle detoxification regime that really incorporates several area of your current lifestyle and transforms it into a healthier lifestyle that you can manager is the best approach.

Do not skip meals

Skipping meals backfires on one’s body as it negatively affects one’s metabolism and sabotages weight loss and detoxification. By skipping meals, you slow metabolism and when you do decide to eat a meal then it takes longer to breakdown the food and move out the toxins. Skipping meals also affects your blood sugar as it drops dramatically and you feel sluggish, and wrecks havoc on your insulin.

Do not continue on the detox regime indefinitely

When you start a detox regime, you should start on a weekend or a day when you are not working and set a timeframe of the beginning of the detoxication phase and the end. Decide on a timeframe that you will be able to successfully commit to. Does one week, two weeks or three weeks work best for your schedule. Check your calendar, write down your start and end date and make it happen.

Do not fail to prepare and pick the wrong time to start

Planning a Spring detox involves knowing when to start the detox, how long you plan on committing to the detox and should be void of any stressful events, holidays, deadlines, etc. Stick with your program to gain the benefits of this healthy lifestyle and avoid the temptation to start something new while you are committed to the Spring detox. With preparation and planning, you can schedule time to go food shopping, cooking, exercising, dealing with stress and getting plenty of sleep.

Do not give in to cravings

Detoxing works best when you follow the healthier eating and drinking regime while stopping an influx of toxic foods or substances. Some people experience withdrawal from food cravings and usually that’s a sign that your detoxification regime is working. Cravings will diminish eventually so stay strong and resist them to let you body properly detoxify.

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Springtime detoxification for body and mind is a great way to shed off the extra weight gained over the wintertime, recharge one’s energy levels, clear one’s mind, lose weight, gain beautiful glowing skin, give your digestive system a rest, help prevent disease, and provide a sense of motivation, calmness, rejuvenative thoughts and creativity as you feel lighter and less toxic.

Your health is worth it because you are worth it.

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