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Stylish moms: How to de-stress your morning and look good all day

As moms, when we think about our morning routine, we run through the list of stuff we need to do so that the kids get to school on time and in one piece. Unfortunately, most women assume this morning madness means we need to sacrifice looking good and feeling put together for the rest of the day. But it just isn’t true! By following this advice, your mornings can start running smoother, and you may even realize that when you feel confident and fashionable in the morning, you will also feel like you can accomplish so much more throughout the day.


Do find a good tailor

No two women are exactly the same size, so don’t expect an off the rack outfit to fit perfectly. However, many women still see custom tailoring as a luxury. Don’t be fooled! Hemming should run $8-10 while basic custom tailoring can run from $20-45. Don’t underestimate how much easier it is to get dressed in the morning when you can throw on your favorite staple pieces that actually fit you.

Do make a statement with some jewelry

Before we had kids, we all thought that diamonds were a girl’s best friends. Now we know our real best friend is an extra five minutes of sleep in the morning. But you don’t have to choose between the two. While you’re at Forever21 and H&M, pick up some statement jewelry. Statement jewelry is the best way to make an outfit work for any occasion. Drop the kids off at the sitter’s wearing your old faithful shift dress and transform it into an outfit for night just by adding a geometric necklace or a pair of chandelier earrings.

Do perfect your 5-minute makeup routine

Getting in the habit of putting makeup on every morning is a simple way to show yourself and the world that you’re ready for whatever the day has to offer. Keep it simple. There are tons of awesome BB creams out there at every price point that conceal and moisturize. The best part is that unlike foundation, if your skin feels tired or dried out at any point in the day, you can slather more on without worrying about clogging pores or getting that cursed cakey look. Brighten eyes with a slightly shimmering nude eye shadow and follow up with the old faithful mascara and your favorite lipstick.

Do brighten the day with some color

We all have our favorite staples like the black dress, the navy blazer, or the white oxford (hopefully well fitting and tailored). We love wearing them but don’t want to turn into Charlie Brown, wearing the same thing every day. Turn your staples into whole new pieces by adding a colorful scarf or belt. The best part is, you can find great inexpensive fashion forward pieces at places like H&M and Forever21.

Do take time to organize your closet

When is the last time you organized your closet? If you’re like most moms you probably just laughed audibly at the idea of having time to organize your closet, but the reality is, you’re probably wasting tons of time if you don’t. A messy closet means wrinkled clothes that need ironing, dirty clothes that get clean clothes dirty, and mornings of frustration wondering where everything is. Hire a sitter for the day and take the time to organize. It will lead to smoother mornings and fewer trips to the dry cleaner.


Do not keep clothes you shouldn’t wear

It seems obvious, but we all have that pair of jeans from our college days or our favorite worn out sweater. Get rid of clothes that don’t fit. If you do lose some weight, just enjoy the fact that you have an excuse to do some shopping. Get rid of old clothes. Just because that staple sweater looked great with everything when you bought it five years ago, doesn’t mean it still looks good now with its pilling and coffee stain. Get it out of the house so you won’t be tempted to wear it.

Do not misuse the makeup

Makeup exists to highlight the things you love about yourself, not hide away the things that make you you. Sitting in front of the mirror for any more than 5 minutes is just a waste of your time. Plus, caking on foundation to hide crows feet or going overboard with the contouring only makes you look older and draws attention to the things you wanted to hide. Don’t stress over your tiny creases. After all, frowning causes wrinkles.

Do not dress like your kids

As a mom, you need clothes that are fun and comfy, but that’s no excuse to put the same amount of thought into your clothes as your 7-year-old. Your daughter might look adorable when she throws on her pink flower-print sweatpants. You, however, will probably, like me, look frumpy and ridiculous when you pick out mismatched sweats and t-shirts. You don’t need to dress like your kids to look good and feel good about yourself.

Do not sacrifice comfort

There is absolutely no excuse for your fashion to cause you pain. Be realistic about your fashion choices. Those stilettos may be fabulous, but what isn’t fabulous is hobbling around the playground because they gave you blisters. Opt for a cute pair of sneakers. Michael Kors and Keds make great options. If you want to add some height, go for a wedge or boot that offers more stability and support.

Do not be afraid to stand out

So many moms are afraid to dress fashion forward because they don’t want people to think they spend more time on dressing themselves than taking care of their kids. This idea so depressing and a little insulting! You are a mom! You have the toughest and most important job in the world! Respect yourself and dress for it!

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We love our kids and love sharing our lives with them. We want to teach them self respect and confidence and in my opinion, the best way to do that is by example. Take care of yourself and enjoy fashion just like you enjoy motherhood!

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