The Best Summer Programs for Kids and Teens in Las Vegas

Las Vegas may be known for its glitzy casinos and lively nightlife, but it also offers a wealth of enriching and educational summer programs for kids and teens. From coding camps to performing arts intensives, Las Vegas has something to spark every young person‘s passion and help them gain new skills.

As an education expert and parent myself, I have researched and compiled this list of the top summer programs in Las Vegas across diverse interest areas. Whether your child is interested in science, sports, academics or the arts, you are sure to find an engaging and worthwhile summer experience for them here.

Top Science & STEM Summer Programs

For the budding scientists, engineers and techies, Las Vegas offers stellar STEM-focused summer programs to nurture their interests in fields like robotics, coding, design and more.

Engineering for Kids

With locations across Las Vegas, including in Summerlin and Buffalo, Engineering for Kids offers specialized STEM classes for kids ages 4-14. Their project-based curriculum brings engineering concepts to life through activities like designing roller coasters, cleaning oil spills and building electric cars. Classes span diverse engineering fields like mechanical, electrical, environmental and aerospace engineering. It‘s a dynamic way for young engineers to gain technical and problem-solving abilities while having fun!

More Info: Engineering for Kids Website

Code Ninjas

For kids intrigued by the world of coding and technology, Code Ninjas has several Las Vegas locations offering outstanding computer science camps. Their curriculum uses popular games like Minecraft to teach coding languages and concepts in a hands-on style. As kids advance, they earn colored belts to mark their progress, just like martial arts. From game design to web development to robotics and AI, their programs skillfully blend education with interactive play.

More Info: Code Ninjas Website

The Coder School

The Coder School operates coding centers in Las Vegas where kids ages 7-18 can gain advanced skills in coding and computer science. Their programs utilize project-based courses in cutting-edge languages like Python, Java, robotics and more to prepare students for STEM careers. With their 1:4 instructor ratio, personalized learning plans and coding competitions, The Coder School offers premium computer science education for aspiring young coders.

More Info: The Coder School Website

Top Performing & Creative Arts Programs

For youth interested in unlocking their creativity and talents in the performing arts, Las Vegas has phenomenal summer intensives in music, dance and theater to choose from.

The Smith Center Summer Camps

As the heart of performing arts in Las Vegas, The Smith Center offers immersive summer camps for kids and teens in musical theater, acting, ballet, tap, jazz and more. No matter your child‘s performance interests, they have two-week sessions tailored to help young artists expand their skills. With a culminating showcase, college audition prep programs for teens and a uniquely welcoming environment, The Smith Center‘s summer intensives are gems.

More Info: The Smith Center Website

Feel the Music Dance Studio

Feel the Music Dance Studio presents outstanding summer dance intensives in varied styles, ideal for burgeoning dancers seeking to grow their technical abilities and artistry. Their offerings include camps focused on contemporary, hip hop, cheer, lyrical and Latin ballroom dance. No matter your child‘s dance passion, their summer programs taught by professional instructors will encourage creativity through movement. Showcases and dance competitions provide performance opportunities as well.

More Info: Feel the Music Website

Ready, Set, Gig! Summer Rock Camps

Ready, Set, Gig! takes a modern band camp approach with specialized rock music programs for youth over summer break. Whether your child plays guitar, drums, keyboard or wants to be a rock vocalist, they have week-long immersive courses to gain musical techniques and life skills alike. Their summer camps utilize motivational instruction methods to build confidence through rock and roll in a supportive environment.

More Info: Ready, Set, Gig! Website

Academic & Educational Summer Programs

For academic-oriented youth looking to get ahead or combat summer learning loss, Las Vegas has stellar educational summer programs focusing on core subjects, college prep and more.

BrainVyne LEGO® Summer Camps

BrainVyne offers half-day and full-day summer camps utilizing LEGO┬« bricks to develop skills in science, technology, engineering, art and math. Their programs blend educational themes with hands-on LEGO projects to engage students‘ creativity and problem-solving abilities. From LEGO robotics to movie-making, animations and more, kids will be both challenged and thrilled by the endless possibilities.

More Info: BrainVyne Website

Huntington Learning Center

For kids needing to refresh skills or get ahead in subjects like reading, writing and math, Huntington Learning Center has tailored summer programs. Their half-day Academic Camps are designed to combat summer learning loss in a supportive environment. They also offer test prep camps, study skills courses and reading development programs. Led by skilled teachers, their small-group instruction ensures students get back on track over the break.

More Info: Huntington Learning Center Website

Code Central Coding & Technology Camps

Budding coders and technologists will thrive at Code Central‘s specialized academic camps held over summer in Henderson. Their courses in subjects like Python, robotics, game design, AI and Minecraft coding blend education with hands-on tech fun. With flexible session dates, experienced teachers and cutting-edge tech resources, Code Central prepares kids for 21st century success.

More Info: Code Central Website

Additional Noteworthy Summer Programs

Alongside traditional academics and the arts, Las Vegas offers specialty summer programs spanning diverse interests from sports to language learning and more.

Las Vegas Circus Summer Camps

For kids intrigued by the excitement of circus performing, Las Vegas Circus offers one-of-a-kind summer camps. Their courses taught by professional circus performers cover diverse circus arts like aerial silks, trapeze, acrobatics, juggling and clowning. No experience is needed, just an eagerness to learn dazzling skills and disciplines in a safe, encouraging environment.

More Info: Las Vegas Circus Website

Kids ‘R‘ Kids Learning Academy Summer Camps

Kids ‘R‘ Kids Learning Academy presents summer camps spanning academics, technology, cooking, fitness and more, offering enriching daily activities for kids while school is out. Their programs nurture creativity, teamwork and leadership abilities through engaging project-based learning led by qualified teachers. Spanning diverse themes from STEAM to entrepreneurship camps tailored for preschool through school-aged kids, they skillfully blend learning with summer fun.

More Info: Kids ‘R‘ Kids Website

PCI Dealing School

For teens interested in casino gaming industry careers, PCI Dealing School‘s summer sessions provide an inside look at this exciting field. Their summer dealer camps condense the curriculum of their acclaimed dealer training program into intensive introductory courses in casino games like blackjack, poker, roulette and craps. Graduates earn certificates to jumpstart their casino education.

More Info: PCI Dealing School Website

As you can see, Las Vegas offers an abundance of high-quality summer programs spanning diverse interests from STEM to performing arts and beyond. These enriching camps and intensives educate and inspire kids of all ages while school is out.

I encourage all parents to explore these various program options to find the best fit for your child‘s unique summer learning and enrichment needs. From advancing their skills to discovering new passions, summertime presents boundless opportunities for self-development.

Research shows that productive summer programming also prevents the "summer slide" in academic skills after time off from school. Whether reinforcing abilities or trying something new, keep your child‘s mind and talents growing so they return to school in the fall confident and capable.

Las Vegas presents all the ingredients for an unforgettable, meaningful summer experience for kids and teens. I hope this guide to the top summer programs assists you in creating enriching summer memories that last a lifetime!

All the best,
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