Surprise your partner with a romantic weekend getaway

Whisking away your love on a weekend journey can be a thrilling experience. The buildup to the day you leave on a trip is great fun as you work hard to make sure you don’t talk about it on accident. Despite the spur-of-the-moment feel, romantic weekend getaways require a decent amount of planning if you want them to go smoothly.


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  • plan in advance
  • think about what type of trip your partner would like
  • set it up the right way
  • be crafty about finances
  • add some intrigue to the weekend

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  • travel on a holiday weekend
  • be afraid to use white lies
  • forget about surprises during the trip
  • tell all of your friends about the upcoming trip
  • forget to make the trip realistic

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Do plan in advance

Be sure to do some research into a trip that falls within budget. Book early for the best hotel rates, which gives you more time for candlelit dinners and maybe even a couple’s massage splurge. Planning early also gives you a chance to reconsider some of the details of the trip or adjust the date if needed. Certain websites have negotiated thousands of special rates for bookings made 14 days in advance. These rates are typically 10-30% less than what you can find by waiting for the last minute to book.

Do think about what type of trip your partner would like

A weekend surprise trip is your chance to be selfless and consider your partner’s needs more than yours. Does your significant other enjoy fast action and 24-hour buffets while you prefer a peaceful beach? Suck it up and book that Vegas trip (high quality rooms at four and five-star hotels can be very cheap) to make them happy.

Do set it up the right way

A surprise trip can be very exciting, but make sure you do it right. If you know your partner’s boss, you can contact them to see if your love can leave a few hours early on Friday or even take the day off. Ask your partner’s best friend if they had big plans over the weekend, and let them know in advance they won’t be attending. If you’re flying somewhere, keep the destination a secret until you get to the gate (find out if they have a hidden fear of flying first).

Do be crafty about finances

If you share bank and credit card accounts with your partner, then consider using credit-card gift cards to purchase the hotel reservation and other pre-paid portions of the trip on the sly. If you spent a lot of time planning the perfect surprise, don’t get foiled by a simple mistake!

Do add some intrigue to the weekend

Surprises are supposed to be fun and adventurous. Consider making the surprise a game, where you leave spy-style clues for your partner that give them hints on where you are going. Once you get close to your destination, put a blindfold on your partner. This works especially well at scenic resorts or a destination with a hidden attraction. You can also use your name instead of your partner’s for the email confirmation and contact details.

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Do not travel on a holiday weekend

Traffic can be a real romance spoiler. A weekend getaway should be about having fun and being spontaneous. There’s nothing that says fun like sitting in hours of traffic or missing flights due to overbooking. Avoid the busy weekends and instead visit places in the offseason so your surprise doesn’t turn into a nightmare.

Do not be afraid to use white lies

A little fibbing is okay when you are trying to really surprise someone. Pack your partner’s suitcase when they aren’t looking and then tell them you need to go together to run an errand together. Their annoyance will quickly turn to glee when they realize you’re taking a fun road trip.

Do not forget about surprises during the trip

The actual act of leaving for the excursion doesn’t have to be the only surprise. You can arrange for a dear friend or relative to meet you for part of the trip. Consider doing something unexpected such as skydiving, whale watching, or a hot air balloon ride.

Do not tell all of your friends about the upcoming trip

Secrets are hard to keep, especially in the age of texts and Facebook updates. To keep the trip a secret, you should only tell your partner’s best friend and their boss if necessary. Otherwise, keep a lid on it so you don’t ruin a fun surprise.

Do not forget to make the trip realistic

Be careful about planning a surprise trip that lasts for more than a three-day weekend. Even if you work out time off for your love in advance, the trip might not fit their schedule, and the destination might not be their ideal getaway spot. Keep surprises to weekend trips so you don’t miss too much work and you can be spontaneous without breaking the bank or causing any undesired tension.


No matter what type of trip you plan, the very act of doing a surprise journey means you care about your partner. Surprise trips can be a great way to rekindle some romance and have some fun out in the world.

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