How Do You Get The Rod Of Discord In Terraria?

To obtain the Rod of Discord in Terraria, you need to farm Chaos Elementals, which can be found in the Underground Hallow biome. The Rod of Discord has a 0.2% (1/500) drop rate in Classic mode and a 0.25% (1/400) drop rate in Expert mode. To increase your chances of getting the Rod of Discord, you can set up a farming area in the Underground Hallow. Here are some tips for farming Chaos Elementals:

  1. Make sure you are in Hardmode, as Chaos Elementals only spawn after the Wall of Flesh has been defeated.
  2. Locate the Underground Hallow biome in the Cavern layer, which is directly under the surface Hallow.
  3. Create a flat surface with platforms or blocks to increase spawn rates and make it easier to navigate the area.
  4. Use water candles and battle potions to increase enemy spawn rates.
  5. Set up traps and summon minions to help you defeat the Chaos Elementals more efficiently.

You can also watch video tutorials on how to set up a Rod of Discord farm, such as the one found in and. Keep in mind that obtaining the Rod of Discord requires patience due to its low drop rate, so it might take some time before you get it. Good luck!

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The Rod of Discord is a Hardmode tool that instantly teleports the player to the mouse cursor. It has a 1/500) / 1/400 chance of being dropped by Chaos Elementals.

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The Rod of Discord is one of Terraria's rarest and most coveted items, allowing instant teleportation to any location. However, getting this incredibly useful Hardmode magic weapon takes time and effort. This comprehensive guide provides expert-level detail on efficiently farming for the Rod of Discord, from optimal gear and farming methods to expert strategies for utilizing it in building, combat, and more.

Table of Contents

  • Where to Farm for the Rod of Discord
  • Recommended Gear and Setup for Each Class
  • Maximizing Spawn Rates and Magic Find
  • Farming Methods and Advanced Tactics
  • Odds and Probability of Drops
  • Making Use of the Rod of Discord
  • Troubleshooting Spawn Issues and Bad Luck
  • Conclusion

Where to Farm for the Rod of Discord

The Rod of Discord has a 0.2% – 0.25% chance to drop from Chaos Elementals (Citation 1). These rare enemies only spawn naturally in The Hallow and Underground Corruption/Crimson biomes once Hardmode is activated.

To farm them, you'll need to encounter Chaos Elementals in one of these areas. They spawn most frequently in the Cavern layer, so focusing your farm between depths of 0 to -2,000 feet below sea level is ideal.

Recommended Gear and Setup for Each Class

To maximize your magic find and speed when farming Chaos Elementals, specialized gear loadouts for each class are recommended:

Melee Loadout

  • Armor: Hallowed or Chlorophyte with warding reforge for defense
  • Weapons: True Excalibur, Fetid Baghnakhs with fast use speed
  • Accessories: Warrior Emblem, Yoyo Bag, Mechanical Glove

Ranged Loadout

  • Armor: Hallowed or Chlorophyte with lucky reforge for magic find
  • Weapons: Megashark, Shotgun, Chlorophyte Shotbow with crystal bullets
  • Accessories: Ranger Emblem, Magic Quiver, Sniper Scope

Mage Loadout

  • Armor: Hallowed with menacing reforge for damage
  • Weapons: Crystal Storm, Sky Fracture, Spirit Flame
  • Accessories: Sorcerer Emblem, Celestial Magnet

Summoner Loadout

  • Armor: Spider Armor with menacing reforge
  • Weapons: Optic Staff, Pirate Staff, Sanguine Staff
  • Accessories: Summoner Emblem, Pygmy Necklace

Reforging your gear properly for damage or magic find is key. Use minion boosting items as a summoner.

Maximizing Spawn Rates and Magic Find

Since the natural spawn rate is low, you need to dramatically increase spawns and magic find. Here are some tips:

  • Build an artificial farm with pearlstone, water candles (increase spawn by 33%, made with pink torch), campfires, heart lanterns (Citation 2)
  • Consume Battle, Water Candle, and Chaos potions for spawn rate boosts (Citation 3)
  • Equip Lucky Coin, Lucky accessories for +10% magic find per item
  • Activate Blood Moon for monster spawn boost
  • Carry a Blood Moon Monolith for +5% spawn during blood moon
  • Place Biome Torches (Hallow, Corruption, Crimson) for +1 spawn chance (Citation 4)
  • Manipulate biomes with sunflowers/mushrooms to maximize spawns
Potion/ItemSpawn Increase
Battle Potion+15%
Water Candle+33%
Chaos Potion+25%
Blood Moon2x-3x
Biome Torch+1

Proper use of these boosts is vital to cut down the hours spent farming.

Farming Methods and Advanced Tactics

There are a few main methods to farm for the Rod of Discord:

Artificial Farm

  • Dig 2-3 screen wide horizontal tunnels spanning 80+ blocks in the Caverns layer
  • Fill the tunnels with Pearlstone and place water candles every 50 blocks
  • Include honey, heart lanterns, and campfires for health/regen
  • Wire up Chaos Elemental statues if desired

[Image of example artificial farm]

AFK Farm

  • Build the farm structure and add traps, lava, or minions wired to farm automatically
  • Contains the same bonuses of an artificial farm
  • Allows farming while away doing other activities

Patrol Farming

  • Activate all spawn boosts and magic find gear
  • Patrol in The Hallow or Corruption/Crimson looking for Chaos Elementals
  • Use swift movement potions to cover more ground quickly
  • Kill them rapidly using high DPS weapons and minions

No matter the method, utilize all available bonuses and reforge your gear. Now let's look at some advanced combat tactics when encountering Chaos Elementals:

  • Melee: Use yoyos and projectiles to damage safely from a distance
  • Ranged: Kite while firing chlorophyte arrows rapidly backwards
  • Mage: Attack through blocks with Last Prism or similar penetrate weapons
  • Summoner: Dodge enemy attacks and rely on nimble minions to do damage

Having the right arena size, maxing bonuses, and dispatching Chaos Elementals rapidly will result in the most efficient Rod of Discord farming.

Odds and Probability of Drops

Due to the rarity of the Rod of Discord, pinpointing the exact odds isn't easy. However, some player data estimates the chances:

# of Chaos Elementals KilledChance of Drop

With an estimated 0.2% drop chance, on average it will take 500 kills to obtain a Rod of Discord, but could take far longer due to the randomness. Don't give up!

Making Use of the Rod of Discord

Once obtained, the Rod of Discord enables instant teleportation to any clicked location, with a wide variety of creative uses:

  • Exploration – Teleport down shafts, chasms, or obstacles with ease
  • Building – Quickly teleport up/down when constructing towering builds
  • Combat – Dodge enemy attacks quickly or escape from danger
  • Mining – Teleport through lava lakes or to difficult to reach ore deposits
  • Events – Teleport back home quickly when events start

Some important things to note:

  • It costs 50 mana per use, so equip mana boosting gear
  • There is a 1 second cooldown between uses
  • The Mini teleport effect visualizes the landing spot

With practice, you can integrate the rod thoroughly into your gameplay for safer and faster navigation.

Troubleshooting Spawn Issues and Bad Luck

Sometimes spawn rates may seem lower than expected or the Rod won't drop after hours of farming. Here are some troubleshooting tips:

  • Check if the biome torch colors match the biome
  • Verify if spawn rates seem reduced during a Blood Moon
  • Try destroying and replacing some Hallow blocks
  • Relogging can reset any glitched spawn rates
  • Using Battle potions in other biomes reduces underground spawn rates
  • Bad luck happens, but hang in there and the law of large numbers will eventually reward you!


While the Rod of Discord is challenging to obtain, the journey will reward you with Terraria's most versatile mobility tool. By optimizing your gear for speed and luck, maximizing spawn bonuses, using efficient farming strategies, and persisting through unlucky dry spells, you will eventually add this incredible item to your arsenal. The Rod of Discord's teleportation powers open up limitless possibilities for new building techniques, combat tactics, exploration methods, and more. So channel your inner chaos and get farming – the opportunities afforded by this rare magic rod make it well worth the effort!


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