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The Shortcut PDF By Ruben Gonzalez [PDF Download]

The Shortcut PDF: The book is written by Ruben Gonzalez. The link to the ebook version of The Shortcut: The Fastest Way to Achieve Your Goals will be made available in this post. You may read and download it online. The PDF and ePub versions are both available via the link provided below.

The Shortcut PDF Summary

The Shortcut: The Fastest Way to Achieve Your Goals book is filled with dozens of life-changing insights. The book is a road plan that will show you how to live happily and purposefully as you accomplish your goals if you want to be the best version of yourself.

The Shortcut is a parable about a young CEO who needs to mature and learn to follow the leader. By doing so, he would be able to accomplish his goals more quickly and develop into a stronger leader.

Johnny Valentine, a headstrong young executive, has three months to reach his work goals or else. His boss sends him to Cafe Olympia to see if he can find an answer.

Cafe Olympia is a place where high achievers gather to share their wisdom with their mentees. Johnny meets a series of mentors who teach him the shortcut to success―something every successful person does.

His mentors teach him leadership, teamwork and success principles that help Johnny grow up, become a better leader, and achieve his goals.

If you want to be your best – The Shortcut is a roadmap that will show you how to live with purpose and happiness as you achieve your goals.

Every once in a while a book comes along with a message so simple―yet so profound―it literally changes people's lives.

Fun and easy-to-read, this parable is written for readers of all ages so everyone can benefit from its powerful message.

This captivating story will inspire and equip you to:

  • achieve your goals faster,
  • become a better leader,
  • and create a better life.

The Shortcut PDF: The book keeps you turning pages while teaching you important business concepts along the way! The difficulties that so many leaders today are confronted with are sad and pertinent to this fascinating story.

Details of The Shortcut PDF Download By Ruben Gonzalez

Book NameThe Shortcut: The Fastest Way to Achieve Your Goals
AuthorRuben Gonzalez
CategoryBusiness Mentoring
Pages192 Pages
PublisherOlympia Press
Publication DateOctober 15, 2022
File TypePDF & EPUB

The Shortcut PDF Free By Ruben Gonzalez

The Shortcut PDF By Ruben Gonzalez contains dozens of life-changing insights. This is a thrilling business parable about achieving goals. This inspiring story is jam-packed with lessons that will help you build a better future. This gem will benefit everyone from CEOs to high school students in making their dreams a reality.

This book inspires everyone, from managers to the entire team. The best takeaway is that you can become a leader by finding the right leader and following that leader. It's a quick read, but very empowering. Highly recommended.

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About the Book Author:

Ruben Gonzalez is an ordinary man who accomplished extraordinary things. He wasn't a particularly gifted athlete. He was always the last kid picked to play sports in school. He didn't start luge until he was 21 years old. He was competing in the Calgary Winter Olympics four years and a few broken bones later. Ruben became the first person to compete in four Winter Olympics, each in a different decade, when he competed in Vancouver at the age of 47.


The Shortcut PDF Book

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