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Thinking about starting a paleo diet? Follow this advice

Paleo diet basically means the primal diet. Foods that our ancestors, hunters and gathers by design, were able to obtain - animals, fish, berries, seeds, etc. It was the food that was available to them in the wild. A modern day paleo diet consists of meat, fish, vegetables, minimal fruit, nut and seeds. Paleo diets have risen in popularity thanks to Crossfit devotees and NBA stars like LeBron James. However, as with any dietary change, make sure to go slowly and pay attention to how your body feels. Most people feel great and look great after being on the paleo diet.


Do research paleo and know what it truly entails

There are quite a few variations of the paleo diets. You might see some paleo diets online say beans or dairy are included. However, a true paleo diet consists of lean meats, non starchy vegetables, minimal fruit intake consisting of berries, good fats like avocado and nuts and seeds. Make sure to review ingredients in recipes etc. before getting started.

Do enjoy the experience - lifestyle vrs diet

People that jump from diet to diet are already setting themselves for a beginning and ending. If you look at this way of eating as a lifestyle your perspective and options change. You will embrace the journey differently.

Do go to the farmers market

It can be expensive going to whole foods or healthy markets. You will find great options at the farmers market that include local and seasonal foods. When doing paleo seasonal foods play a big role. If you think about your ancestors and how they ate, they only had seasonal foods available to them. The farmers market makes this diet easy for you to navigate, find better local/organic options and help with expenses.

Do plan out your meals

You will never succeed on this diet if you don't plan ahead. You will need to have food prepared ahead of time and travel with it. This is a key factor to staying true to your goal and keeping an easy day to day routine.

Do find creative and easy recipes

Just because you change your diet doesn't mean it has to be boring. There are so many creative recipes and delicious dishes with the paleo diet. Look online for creative recipes that will make you feel fulfilled and happy. There are some websites that will even plan out paleo recipes for your weekly schedule. So easy!


Do not change your diet too quickly

People can get very excited and want to make changes quickly. Especially, people that are looking to lose weight with the paleo diet. However, your body might freak out if you make changes too rapidly. Slowly introduce and eliminate items so your body can adjust properly.

Do not go nut heavy

People can get nut heavy on this diet. Snacks, desserts and paleo breads are being made from nut flours and it can be a lot of nuts when it tallies up. Too many nuts day to day can lead to weight gain and might bring on some allergies. Try to rotate what kind of nuts you are eating and minimize the amount if you are gaining weight or can’t lose any if that is your goal.

Do not wait to plan your meal when you're hungry

Don't wait to plan your meal when you are hungry. This diet is too specific. You will need to plan ahead most of the time. You can go to a restaurant and get some good options. However, if you are home and get hungry and don't have sufficient options, you might cheat or find options just to feed the hunger. Also, you have to make sure you are eating enough when exercising. Your body will start craving the new foods and you have to be ready to fuel!

Do not compare your food to your traditional favorites

If you start comparing a paleo thin mint to a girl scout cookie you just set yourself up in the worst way possible. Know there are great desserts and foods on the paleo diet but they won't compare to sugary and fatty processed foods. These foods are supposed to be real foods that have nutrient value. Its a different mindset. Also, keep in mind your taste buds are most likely adapted to the standard American diet which has a lot of sugar vs hunters who had fruits from trees and natural sugars as their sugar source.

Do not miss the signs your body is telling you

If you are on this diet for more than 2 weeks and you don't feel well, listen to your body. This diet is not for everyone. You could feel shaky or lightheaded and that should not be overlooked.

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Paleo has shown great results for people who live with autoimmune disease, need to lose weight or just want to feel healthy. To try to maintain the best optimal results on this diet make sure your food is organic, grass fed, local, pure and seasonal. You should know where you food comes from if you can. Your body knows the difference.

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