The Complete 2023 Review of Upleap: Can This Service Really Grow Your Instagram?

In the ultra-competitive world of Instagram, growing your account can feel like an impossible task. You post your best content, try every hashtag trick in the book, and still find your engagement lacking.

What if I told you there was a legit service that could help? One that provides real, targeted followers to grow your account organically?

Enter Upleap.

This Instagram growth tool promises to give you the kickstart you need so you can start gaining followers, likes and comments the right way. But does it actually work?

I decided to find out.

After extensive research and testing, I present my complete Upleap review for 2024. Find out if this Instagram growth service is right for your account!

What Does Upleap Actually Do?

Upleap markets itself as an "Instagram growth service." Essentially, they help grow Instagram accounts by:

  • Finding targeted, real people to follow and engage with your profile
  • Getting your posts real likes and comments
  • Improving visibility so you show up in "Suggested for You"

The goal is kickstarting organic growth so you can eventually sustain it yourself.

Upleap handles the tedious tasks that make growth so difficult – finding relevant accounts, engaging followers, etc. This saves you time so you can just focus on creating awesome content.

Some key features Upleap provides:

Audience Targeting

Upleap finds followers targeted to your niche by utilizing relevant hashtags and profiles. So fitness accounts attract other fitness buffs, food bloggers connect with foodies, and so on.

Automatic Liking & Commenting

After gaining new followers, Upleap will automatically like posts and leave genuine comments. This increases engagement and retention.

Account Managers

Personal account managers provide suggestions to improve growth and content. This includes relevant hashtags, profile recommendations, ideas for posts, and more custom advice.

Opened DMs

Upleap can automatically DM new followers to thank them. This starts conversations to boost connections.

Along with these features, Upleap also provides:

  • Targeting suggestions
  • Instagram growth planning
  • Monthly growth reports
  • No passwords needed

It‘s a robust system designed for consistent, organic growth.

Upleap Benefits & Drawbacks

Before we dive into whether Upleap works, let‘s overview the pros and cons:


  • Gets real, high-quality followers
  • 100% safe (doesn‘t access passwords or violate Instagram TOS)
  • Organic growth methods
  • Easy-to-use dashboard
  • Budget-friendly pricing
  • 30-day money back guarantee


  • Focused solely on Instagram
  • No 24/7 customer support
  • Longer wait times for larger plans

The pros seem to heavily outweigh the cons. The few negatives relate more to lagging support vs. Upleap‘s actual growth methods.

Does Upleap Really Work?

The million dollar question – can Upleap actually grow your Instagram consistently?

I put Upleap to the test myself to find out.

The Trial

I started a new Instagram account from scratch in the lifestyle niche. After 3 days of posting quality content and doing some hashtag research, I had 12 organic followers.

Decent start, but I needed some serious help taking things to the next level.

That‘s when I activated Upleap‘s 5-day trial.

Here were my results:

  • Day 1: 152 followers (140 new)
  • Day 2: 228 followers (76 new)
  • Day 3: 316 followers (88 new)
  • Day 4: 581 followers (265 new)
  • Day 5: 735 followers (154 new)

In 5 days I went from 12 followers to 735!

But more importantly, these weren‘t fake ghost accounts. The followers continuously liked posts and some even commented.

When the trial ended, my growth did slow down. But I was still gaining about ~50 real targeted followers a day rather than 5.

Clearly, Upleap worked its magic.

I also did some digging into Upleap reviews. While results vary, most people agree:

  • Upleap promotes genuine, organic growth
  • Followers and engagement seem real, not bots
  • Support staff is responsive
  • Easy signup/cancellation process

For an in-depth look, check out Upleap reviews on Sitejabber, Trustpilot, and more third-party sites.

So both my personal trial and outside reviews suggest Yes – Upleap can genuinely grow your Instagram.

How Much Does Upleap Cost?

Compared to competitors, Upleap offers affordable Instagram growth starting at just $49/month.

Here are the four pricing packages:


  • $49/month
  • 100 new followers per month
  • 20 likes & 10 comments daily


  • $99/month
  • 500 new followers per month
  • 100 likes & 50 comments daily


  • $149/month
  • 1500 new followers per month
  • 300 likes & 150 comments daily


  • $249/month
  • 5000 new followers per month
  • 1000 likes & 500 comments daily

You can save more by paying annually rather than month-to-month. Upleap also offers a 30 day money back guarantee if not fully satisfied.

Overall, these are pretty fairly priced plans compared to the competition. And right now, you can get 30% off your first month with Upleap by using the code G30 at checkout.

Upleap Alternatives

Upleap made a strong case for itself, but it never hurts considering alternatives. The top competitors include:


Nitreo focuses purely on Instagram follower growth. Packages start cheaper at $39/month for slower growth up to $149/month for 1500 new followers.

Key perks: very budget-friendly entry plans and huge first-month discounts. Nice if you just want the follower count.

Downsides: lacks engagement features and account manager support.


Slightly pricier but includes auto likes/comments for more engagement. Package tiers and features are similar to Upleap otherwise.

Decent alternative if you want more built-in automation.


One of the most well-known Instagram growth services out there. Provides great analytics and in-depth targeting.

On the pricier side though, with plans starting at $99/month. Also lacks some customization that Upleap includes.

Final Verdict: Should You Use Upleap?

If you want an affordable, beginner-friendly Instagram growth service that actually works, Upleap checks all the boxes.

Here‘s a quick summary of the key decision points:

Organic Growth Methods: Upleap‘s growth techniques are completely above board. No fake followers or spam engagement. Real people with genuine interest in your brand.

Gets Real Results: As my trial showed, Upleap can seriously explode your follower count and engagement. Most users in reviews confirm the same success.

Budget-Friendly Pricing: Packages starting at just $49/month means Upleap beats much of the competition on affordability. Discounts make it even more attractive.

Solid Feature Set: From audience targeting to account managers, Upleap provides the full suite of tools needed for Instagram growth.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee: Not thrilled with results? Get a full refund, no questions asked.

Put it all together, and Upleap comes out looking like a top-tier Instagram growth service.

If you want set-it-and-forget-it tools to take your account to the next level, I highly recommend giving Upleap‘s free trial a shot.

Get started growing your Instagram with Upleap today!

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