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Use hypnosis to lose weight and achieve your weight loss goals

Use hypnosis to lose weight and achieve your weight loss goals

While most people are clamoring for gym memberships and online dietary eating plans to help them lose weight, why not consult a hypnotist about your health and fitness goals? Hypnosis helps control and reverse eating addiction without adverse side effects or invasive action. Your subconscious mind controls your cravings, metabolism, and weight management. What a wonderful gift to give yourself and those you love.

Join the health revolution and evolve into the new you. Find a hypnotist in your local area to facilitate the process. Hypnosis has long lasting effects and can be used in conjunction with other complementary protocols. Hypnosis requires no touch, no ingestion of substance, and no long term care. Hypnosis is a non-invasive option to health and wellness.


Do be open minded to success

There are many alternatives to attaining a healthy lifestyle. If you are already aware of healthy eating, drinking, and exercise regimens, and you still find yourself unable or unwilling to lose weight, hypnosis offers a productive alternative.

Do find a qualified hypnotist

This will be easy for you if you do your research. There are many online practitioner resources such as International Hypnosis Federation, American Board of Hypnosis and others specializing in hypnosis referrals. When interviewing a hypnotist, remember to be honest and thorough in discussing your goal and desired outcome.

Do be patient for results

Hypnosis is a gentle protocol. While changes in habit begin immediately during hypnosis, physical changes can take time. The subconscious mind sets in motion the desired behavior then the change in behavior affects your physical body. Just like any desirable weight loss protocol, fat burns slowly when weight is lost in a healthy manner. Metabolism will increase, appetite will decrease, and your physical body will change appropriately.

Do get physical

When using hypnosis for weight loss, utilize your desire to be fit by getting active. Helping your body respond faster is good, and physical exercise supports your alternative health goals. Not only will exercise help you attain your desired weight faster, you will feel better too. Did you know when you exercise, ‘feel good’ chemicals called endorphins are released in the brain? These chemicals give you a sense of well being and desire to continue with your exercise routine. Why fight it? Be the best you can be and get moving.

Do be accepting of results

Body image can create an issue after hypnosis if you’re not prepared. Your body is going to improve, so it’s important your attitude improves, too. Remember, change is good and you are making positive changes. As you become fit, replace clothing that no longer fits. Treat yourself to the spa appointment you’ve been putting off. It’s time to accept and congratulate yourself for a job well done. Your new fit body is well deserved, so enjoy the work you’ve put forth in accomplishment.


Do not treat hypnosis as a phase

Hypnosis for weight loss can be long lasting if you maintain your fitness level. This means regular workouts and reminding yourself of your long term goals. If your hypnotist recorded your session(s), utilize your recordings as reminders of deep subconscious suggestions. If you feel like continuing to see your practitioner, even better. Believing is seeing, so believe in your long term results and enjoy seeing them.

Do not be surprised by the results

As in life, you get what you give. After your hypnotic adventure, you will notice decreased appetite, increased stamina, and boosted metabolism. This will change your physical appearance. Remember, you’re accustomed to being less fit for longer than you’ve enjoyed your new fit body and appearance. Let old habits and paradigms fall away with the pounds of excess weight. As you discover and enjoy the ease and mobility of your new frame, realize that hypnotic inductions are not magic, instead it’s your subconscious helping your body attain maximum health and wellness. The mind-body connection is strong and the results are positive.

Do not entrap people for compliments

Occasionally, our accomplishments aren’t enough to satisfy our ego when physical changes occur. After hypnosis, if you find yourself searching for compliments from your friends or family, that’s acceptable. Hypnosis is highly effective so you may find it takes time to adjust to your new body image. In the process, try to keep your need for reinforcement to those who support you the most. While most people will be happy for you and your new fitness level, some may feel left out of your special experience and new knowledge. This is a good time to include friends and share the experience and your process. You may just be the trendsetter.

Do not succomb to old habits

Remember that you have a new way of thinking now. You no longer have the same cravings, triggers, or emotional need to eat your proverbial feelings. Now that you have reached your goal, perhaps it’s time to create new goals for yourself so you can continue improving your health and fitness. Old habits are only old habits and no longer apply to your new way of thinking. You are the new you, so celebrate your new ways of feeling, too.

Do not be afraid to share your experience with others

The more you share your experiences of feeling healthy and fit, the more you reinforce the behavior to yourself. Friends and family love to be inspired by action not words. Since hypnosis has worked for you, perhaps you can encourage others to get healthy and fit with you. Suggest a salad or a bike ride and you might be surprised by who joins you. Be the success story in your home and community so you can inspire others, which in turn, encourages you to keep up a job well done.

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There are many implications of good health. Weight control is one health factor visible to others and determines how others see us. Many studies conclude people who are fit, live longer and are generally happier, receive higher pay, and are socially favorable to those that are not fit. In a country known for it’s abundance and well being, we value health and fitness as a direct correlation to mental health and fitness. Hypnosis is a perfect tool for weight loss because the protocol focuses on the subconscious, instigating the desire to achieve and maintain maximum fitness. Hypnosis is a non-invasive way to create a non-resistant environment for new and healthy suggestion in overcoming repetitive, destructive habits. Qualified hypnotists are abundant in most states.

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