Use the law of attraction to help you attract good things in life

In 2006, the book The Secret was released and became an instant worldwide bestseller. The main theme of the book was to introduce a special law of the universe called the Law of Attraction. According to the book, if we understand this law and work with it, we can attract the things we want into our lives. As good as The Secret was, it was more of an introduction to the subject and there were still unanswered questions that remained. Hundreds of books were written by different authors after The Secret in an effort to answer some of these questions, but the sheer number of books has seemed to cause more confusion than clarity on the subject. Here is some help to simplify and clarify some of the key concepts of the law of attraction.


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  • focus on the positive side of things
  • strive to think positive thoughts
  • keep your emotions in check
  • know exactly what you want to attract
  • have confidence and believing in the process

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  • always look for the negative side of things
  • feel anger and other negative emotions
  • think too much into situations
  • focus on what you don’t want
  • sit around waiting for things to happen

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Do focus on the positive side of things

Every situation has a positive and negative aspect to it. You can always find the positive in a situation. Changing the way you look at or perceive a situation can in fact, change the way the situation reacts towards you. Focus on the positive side of things to help attract good things in life.

Do strive to think positive thoughts

This has been talked about in many books. But what isn’t discussed is that it’s not always easy to think positive. It’s easy to think positive when things are going good, but difficult to think positive during difficult times. Really grasping the law of attraction is being to think positive during tough times.

Do keep your emotions in check

Even more important than thoughts, are our feelings. Our emotions are the energetic forces behind attraction. If you want to attract positive things and situations, make the effort to feel positive as much as you can besides just thinking about it.

Do know exactly what you want to attract

This is so often easily overlooked, that it bears mention here. When you ask people what they want or what they want to attract, they will often give you vague desires or goals. To successfully attract we want, we need to know exactly what it is we want. Take some time to think about what it is that you want to attract so that you can work towards your goals and interests.

Do have confidence and believing in the process

People are quick to apply the law of attraction, but more often than not, they lose confidence in the process and start to think it’s not real. The law of attraction is real, but it involves staying confident during times when it seems like nothing is happening.

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Do not always look for the negative side of things

When people always strive to look at the negative side of things, they tend to think negative thoughts which in turn, get transmitted into the universe. That results in them attracting negative situations to themselves.

Do not feel anger and other negative emotions

Emotions play a stronger role than thoughts in the attraction process. The emotion of anger is very powerful and it can bring about negative events to occur in one’s life. Other emotions to avoid are fear, resentment, doubt, worry, and sadness.

Do not think too much into situations

Many people have a habit of thinking too much too often. They look at a situation and think too much into it, which causes mental fatigue, insecurity, and worry. People should learn to keep things simple and not look too much into something. The less mental stress we have, the easier it will be to attract the things we want.

Do not focus on what you don’t want

This seems like common sense, but sometimes common sense is not so common. When people are asked what it is they want, they will often make a list of things they don’t want, stated in a negative perspective. Some examples are: I don’t want to be sick. I don’t want to be broke. Focus on what you want instead of what you don’t, and always state your intentions from a positive angle.

Do not sit around waiting for things to happen

Many people who start to learn the law of attraction make the big mistake of thinking, ‘If I just think about what I want, I will attract it.’ That’s true, but not entirely correct. Thinking about something is only half the attraction process. Taking inspired action towards getting what you want is the other half. For there to be attraction, there must be physical action. Look at the last six letters of the word attraction……it is action!


Since the release of the bestseller The Secret, there has been a great deal of enthusiasm regarding the law of attraction. At the same time, there has also been a lot of confusion and negative criticism. The law of attraction can be a complex subject to understand, but it can be simplified down to a systematic process which is practical for everyday use. Once we fully understand the inner workings of the law of attraction, we can go through life intentionally attracting the things we want, instead of just by default.

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