Use video to sell or rent your home faster

Not everyone has the budget to hire a professional video tour company, however a video tour of your home can be a valuable asset in selling or renting it. Here are some handy tips to successfully shoot a HD video tour.


Do be present in your video

Walk around in front of the camera and lead the tour. Otherwise, narrate the video to keep the audience interested. If you are uncomfortable being in front of a camera or with the sound of your voice, engage a friend to be the actor or the voice. Complement your energy with upbeat music and a fun storyline.

Do use testimonials

Testimonials are one of the strongest ways to sell anything. If you’re shooting an apartment video tour of a rental community, interview a satisfied resident who can talk about how much they love their residence! A video tour of a home that includes an interview with a past owner can help create a mood as they talk about all the wonderful times they had there. Also, interview a neighbor if the neighborhood is a key selling point for your home. Keep the interviews short to about 90 seconds and prepare those being interviewed with what you would like them to focus on.

Do use video wisely

Send the video to your network, add it to your Facebook, YouTube, and Vimeo. Put it on the website promoting your property. The key is to not bury the video, but to make sure it gets plenty of exposure. Display it proudly on your property homepage and through your social media sites. On social media sites such as Facebook, have friends and family “Like” the video, which means it will show up on their Facebook Wall and be seen by their friends and social network.

Do consider hiring a professional

A first impression is a lasting impression, so it is critical you present a video and photos that show your property in the best way possible. If, after taking videos and photos, you feel they do not complement your property, don’t be discouraged, but do hire a professional who has experience and expertise in creating property video tours. The cost of creating a video will be far less than a price reduction or a long wait period to sell or rent your property.


Do not show every part of your property

Keep your video to a proper length, perhaps a few minutes, not a half hour. Leave something to the viewers’ imagination by not showing every closet and shelf. Tease them with what you do show, so that the buyer or renter wants to come on a real tour.

Do not just focus on the inside

When creating a video tour of the property, think about the big picture.  Although you want to show-off the property, keep in mind that location also sells. Location is everything, so include the local area and neighborhood shots such as schools, parks, and other attractive features. In every Show My Property TV video, we include and market everything that sells, be it airports, local areas or downtown streets.

Do not shoot a poorly lit video

Lighting is an essential tool to best showcase a property and is a skill that can be hard to acquire.  If you can’t get the hang of it, we suggest you hire a professional.

Jumping cartoon

Marketing is an essential component in selling or renting your property. Video tours can be an effective method in presenting the home that creates a deeply engaging, fun, and informative experience.

When potential buyers are located far away from the property, an excellent video tour can be the trigger to cause them to travel to see your property. In fact, a number of our clients have sold leases and homes using only our video tours, without the buyers or renters ever visiting the property.

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