Using halotherapy can help with chronic and seasonal allergies

The term Halotherapy comes from “halo” the Greek word for salt. Halotherapy is the use of dry salt aerosol to treat various conditions. This therapy has been used for many years in Eastern Europe, its popularity in the United States is just now increasing. Salt is known to have antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, as well as mucolytic properties (thinning sputum/secretions). During a halotherapy session, the client breathes in this dry salt in a sealed room or bed with a comfortable temperature, typically with 30 to 50 percent relative humidity. The sessions last 15 to 45 minutes and can be in both individual and group settings.


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  • breathe deep
  • boost your immune system
  • sleep easier
  • decrease symptoms of chronic conditions
  • perform better in fitness and athletic activities

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  • go without consulting your doctor if you have severe respiratory conditions
  • expect your insurance to pay for halotherapy sessions
  • only try halotherapy once
  • limit yourself because of your location
  • stop going when you feel good

Dr. Daniel Layish MD,FACP,FCCP,FAASM‘s recommendation to ExpertBeacon readers: Do

Do breathe deep

Untreated sodium chloride used for halotherapy may decrease mucosal edema (swelling of the tissue lining) in the sinuses in people who suffer from allergies. Halotherapy may also clear airborne toxins caused by pollution and allergens from the lungs and may help widen your airways.

Do boost your immune system

Because you’re getting rid of mucus and toxins in your body, your immune system may strengthen. This may allow to fight allergies with greater force. When you have a low immune system its hard to battle anything attacking your body. Participating in halotherapy a few times a week may increase your overall wellness and sense of well being.

Do sleep easier

When you’re not up sneezing and coughing, you’ll find it a lot easier to fall and stay asleep. This in return gives your body time to recover and build up your immunity.

Do decrease symptoms of chronic conditions

For many of us, allergies are chronic and come like clockwork during specific seasons. This can lead to an increased number of acute respiratory infections, asthma symptoms and breathing issues. Halotherapy may help with many of these symptoms and issues plus others such as COPD and cystic fibrosis.

Do perform better in fitness and athletic activities

It’s common sense that you’ll perform your best at any physical activity when you feel your best. When you participate in halotherapy sessions before a big race or game you may see that your overall endurance is improved and because your lungs and airways have been cleared, you may gain better control over your breathing.

Dr. Daniel Layish MD,FACP,FCCP,FAASM‘s professional advice to ExpertBeacon readers: Don't

Do not go without consulting your doctor if you have severe respiratory conditions

While halotherapy is a completely natural and safe treatment, you should first talk to your doctor about any kind of new therapies or treatments before doing it.

Do not expect your insurance to pay for halotherapy sessions

While halotherapy has many doctors and research backing its benefits and effectiveness, most health insurance providers don’t cover sessions. This may be different in the future, but because the therapy is so new to North America, it hasn’t been adapted into care plans.

Do not only try halotherapy once

While you may feel noticeable benefits after your first session, you’re more likely to feel more long-term and drastic effects after several. They’re affordable, usually costing $30 to $50, and convenient, only taking 15 to 45 minutes. You can go on your lunch break, before a big night out or on the way to the pharmacy when you’re feeling ill. There are over 116 different spa, wellness center, yoga studio, daycare and rehab center locations across North America that offer halotherapy.

Do not limit yourself because of your location

If there’s not a location that offers halotherapy near you and you have severe allergies that affect your life every year you might want to consult with The S.A.L.T Chamber, LLC or other companies that offer at-home halotherapy solutions. You can get a S.A.L.T bed or booth installed in your home. There are thousands of inspirational testimonials of how halotherapy changed people’s lives.

Do not stop going when you feel good

After participating in halotherapy for a few sessions you might feel as though your allergy symptoms have faded away, but to keep up your health you should continue to participate in halotherapy sessions once or twice a month


Halotherapy may work like a toothbrush for your lungs. It may help clear allergy symptoms by decreasing mucous production and boosting your immune system. When allergies are a part of your life every year, you should take control of your body with the most effective and safe methods of treatment.

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