Walmart Vision Center Prices in 2024: What to Expect for Eye Exams, Glasses, Contacts

Getting your eyes checked and buying prescription eyewear can ring up a hefty tab, especially if you lack vision insurance. That‘s why many consumers turn to Walmart Vision Centers for affordable eye care. But what are Walmart‘s current prices for vision services and products in 2024?

A Breakdown of Eye Exam Costs at Walmart Vision Centers

An annual eye health exam does more than check your vision prescription. It screens for glaucoma, cataracts, and other conditions that could impair sight.

According to the American Optometric Association, a standard adult eye exam averages $189 nationwide. How do Walmart‘s prices compare?

Walmart Eye Exam Costs:

  • Comprehensive Eye Exam: $75-$85 without insurance. With insurance, often $0-$30 depending on your plan‘s copay.
  • Contact Lens Exam: $95-$115 without insurance. Checks fit and prescribes proper contacts.
  • Eye Exam with Astigmatism Test: $105-$125 without insurance. Extra $20-$40 to check for astigmatism.

Clearly, Walmart‘s standard eye exam costs about 60% less than national averages. For contact lens wearers like myself, Walmart‘s exam and fitting fees are typically 25-50% cheaper than private practice optometrists.

Below is a comparison of average exam prices with and without insurance:

Exam TypeWalmart PriceNational AverageSavings with Walmart
Comprehensive Eye Exam$75-$85$189Up to $125
Contact Lens Exam$95-$115$225Up to $130

Glasses Frame and Lens Prices at Walmart Vision Centers

Once you have your new prescription, it‘s time to pick out some stylish new frames and lenses.

For glasses, you‘ll select frames and lenses separately. Here‘s what to expect:

Eyeglass Frames

  • Over 1,000 frames to choose from
  • Metal and plastic frames for men, women, teens, and kids
  • Brands like Foster Grant, Revlon, Black Flys, and Marvel Comics
  • Frame prices range from:
    • Basic frames: $8-$25
    • Designer brands: $70-$200


  • Standard plastic single vision lenses start around $40
  • Polycarbonate lenses $60-$100
  • Progressive "no-line" bifocals $135-$200
  • Additional lens coatings/treatments $20-$70

With vision insurance, frames and lenses are typically covered fully or with a minimal copay like $25.

To compare, a typical pair of single vision prescription glasses outside Walmart averages $237, according to the Vision Council. At Walmart, you can complete the pair for under $100. That‘s a potential 60% savings versus private eye doctors or smaller optometry centers.

Contact Lens Options and Pricing

As a long-time disposable contact lens wearer, I‘ve bought from many retailers. Walmart Vision competes well on name brands and their own affordable equivalents.

Here‘s a pricing overview for Walmart contacts:

  • Exam and contact lens fitting: $95-$115
  • Brand name lenses (Acuvue, Biofinity): $15-$45 for a 1-month supply
  • Walmart brand (Equate) lenses: $8-$15 per month
  • Specialty lenses for astigmatism/bifocals: $55-$115 per month

At other retailers, I‘ve paid $20-$50 more for the exact same contact lens brands and supplies. The exam and fitting fees were also $30-$60 higher.

Buying contacts with vision insurance helps significantly lower costs. You‘ll typically pay a $15-$40 copay for the exam plus reduced pricing on the contact lenses themselves.

Leveraging Insurance and Savings at Walmart

Walmart Vision Centers aim for affordability, accepting most major vision plans:

  • VSP
  • Eyemed
  • Medicaid
  • Medicare
  • Davis Vision
  • Many other providers

Before your appointment, call ahead to confirm your insurance is accepted.

Some money-saving tips:

  • Ask what vision exam and materials copays your plan requires.
  • Inquire about discounts or coupons for non-covered portions.
  • Purchase contacts online using your prescription to maximize savings.
  • Take advantage of Walmart‘s price match guarantee.


While Walmart Vision Center prices can vary based on your needs, they offer transparent pricing and significant savings versus many independent eye doctors. From eye exams to prescription contacts and designer frames, Walmart aims to make quality vision care affordable.

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