Ward off colds and illnesses with these immune boosting habits

When cold, flu or allergies hit, many of us look to Mom to make us feel better, even as adults. That’s because Mom’s tried and true basic remedies still keep us the healthiest. As a mother, you know the importance for trying to prevent sickness and soothe the symptoms of your friends and family. Here is a list of go-to measures that could be considered the most successful for warding off illness, particularly during a brutal cold, flu or allergy season.


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  • wash your hands properly
  • keep your surfaces clean
  • stay hydrated
  • gargle

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  • touch your face
  • skip out on sleep
  • forget regular aerobic exercise
  • skip out on a balanced diet

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Do wash your hands properly

It sounds simple, but both children and adults can neglect to take the necessary time to make sure their hands are clean. Your hands and fingernails are full of microscopic grime, and can pick up even more germs and viruses throughout the day, whether it’s pushing an elevator button, shaking hands or opening a door. Proper hand washing entails lathering your hands with soap under warm water and scrubbing them for at least 20 seconds (about how long it takes to sing the “Happy Birthday” song twice). Dry them with a paper towel as hand dryers can spray residual germs onto others.

Do keep your surfaces clean

A build-up of dust, mold and bacteria on surfaces can increase your risk of respiratory illnesses, and exacerbate conditions such as asthma and allergies. Use anti-bacterial spray or wipes to clean surfaces at your desk and your home at least once per week.

Do stay hydrated

Having enough fluids is critical for your body to effectively fight off infection and function effectively. Six to eight 8-oz glasses of water per day is recommended for overall health.

Do gargle

Gargling with salt water not only soothes a sore throat, but maintains respiratory health if done on a regular basis. Your grandma’s favorite home remedy is scientifically sound – salt is an anti-inflammatory and natural bacteria fighter. But mixing the proper balance of salt to water is essential, as an over-abundance of salt can also pull moisture from inflamed areas.

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Do not touch your face

It is important to repeat this: Do not touch your face. The most prevalent way germs enter your body is through your mouth and nose. If you have a scratch, consider using a tissue or your sleeve. This is simple and cost-effective advice that you can give your children.

Do not skip out on sleep

Not enough can be said about getting at least eight hours of sleep per night, and more when you’re fighting a bug. While you may function just fine with less, over time this will wear your body down and make you more susceptible to germs. Sleep is a time for your body to rest, repair and prepare for another day of action.

Do not forget regular aerobic exercise

Moderate exercise on a daily basis increases the body’s natural virus-killing power by helping to transfer oxygen from your lungs to your blood, and releasing toxins from your body through your sweat. Exercising also improves your sleep and keeps your heart healthy, so get moving!

Do not skip out on a balanced diet

Get the nutrients your body needs by eating a variety of foods, especially vegetables, fruits, dry beans, whole grains, and foods low in saturated fat and cholesterol. Eating a balanced diet keeps your body’s immune system working efficiently to ward off short and long term illnesses.


Gargling is a key factor in keeping your family healthy and their throats frog-free. Whether it’s during the chilly winter flu season, spring allergies or fall bloom, incorporate gargling into your routines to stay healthy year-round.

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