Hello, Let‘s Talk Web Content Writing Benchmarking for 2024

Quality web content can make or break your digital presence. With 77% of internet users consuming online content before making purchases, ensuring you have stellar writing is more critical than ever. But finding the right web content vendor can be daunting.

As your friendly neighborhood data analyst and AI writing consultant, I‘m here to help with an extensive 2023 benchmarking study. I evaluated top content writing providers across six key performance criteria so you can make data-driven provider selections.

How I Evaluated Vendors

The writing services marketplace is crowded, so I developed a methodology to identify leading players. Here are the steps I took:

First, I defined six core benchmarks vital for comparing vendors:

  • SEO expertise: Ability to optimize content for search engines
  • Proofreading: Editing and error-checking capabilities
  • Domain expertise: Knowledge of client‘s industry vertical
  • Languages offered: Roster of supported content languages
  • API connectivity: Integration options for content workflows
  • Local writers: Geographically distributed talent pool

Next, I filtered for companies with substantial market presence, including:

  • 50+ employees
  • 5+ client reviews across sites like G2, Clutch, and Capterra

This yielded the following list of top vendors to analyze:

  • Clickworker
  • ContentWriters
  • Verblio
  • Godot
  • Crowd Content
  • Das Writing Services

Now let‘s dive into the key criteria and see how the vendors stack up.

SEO Experience Makes a Difference

Let‘s start with SEO expertise, since 44% of website traffic comes from organic search. Research shows visitors from SEO convert at nearly 9X higher rates than other channels.

So making sure your vendor can optimize content for search is critical. Look for demonstrated SEO results case studies and inside knowledge of techniques like keyword research, metadata optimization and mapping content to searcher intent.

Vendor Snapshot: SEO Capabilities

VendorSEO Experience
Crowd Content4/5
Das Writing Services4/5

Verblio stands out here – they tout specialized SEO expertise with "SEO-certified" writers. Crowd Content also offers tailored SEO-focused services.

Bottom line: robust SEO knowledge pays dividends in search visibility and traffic conversion. Prioritize this in your vendor vetting.

Proofreading Polish

Even brilliantly researched content falls flat if published with typos, inconsistent formatting, grammar gaffes or other errors. Thorough proofreading and editing by a separate set of eyes is a must.

Look for layered editing processes and quality assurance practices. For instance, Das Writing Services uses a 5-step system while Scribendi touts over 300 QA checks. Some vendors even offer proofreading as a standalone service.

Pro tip: Ask vendors about their exact proofing process and average error detection rate. Top performers should catch over 95% of errors.

Domain Expertise Runs Deep

Generic writing pales in comparison to copy tailored to your specific industry. Subject matter experts integrate relevant terminology and contextual nuances that resonate.

When researching vendors, dig into their vertical capabilities. For example, Godot focuses on technology and healthcare content. A vendor with proven experience in your niche likely has in-house topic experts.

Pro tip: Ask for client case studies and writer bios from your industry to gauge expertise depth.

Languages Unlock Global Markets

Here‘s an eye-opening stat: only 25% of internet users speak English. The rest browse in languages like Chinese, Spanish, Arabic and more.

Top 5 Internet Languages

LanguageInternet Users
English925 million
Chinese940 million
Spanish460 million
Hindi400 million
Arabic230 million

To effectively reach global audiences, look for vendors with diverse language support like Clickworker (120+ languages) or Kirkland Media (75+ languages).

Pro tip: Consider both translation needs and localized content – are their writers immersed in target cultures?

API Connectivity Streamlines Collaboration

APIs make integrating with your content platform seamless so you can assign and publish content swiftly. API-enabled vendors like Contently and Skyword connect directly to your CMS and workflows.

Assess how easily a vendor‘s platform exchanges data with yours. Can they push content via API automatically upon completion? How flexible are they to API customization?

Pro tip: Ask for their API documentation and about prior customer integrations.

Local Writers Bring Authenticity

Even within the same language, content resonates better when crafted locally. Writers immersed in a culture incorporate nuances in tone, examples and references that truly target audiences.

Vendors should source region-specific talent. For instance, Textbroker uses over 120,000 local freelancers globally. Don‘t just translate – truly localize content.

Pro tip: Ask about localization best practices and geographic writer distribution.

Vendor Breakdowns

Now you have the scoop on what criteria to assess. Next let‘s dive deep into our six vendors:


Overview: Clickworker taps a crowdsourced network of over 500,000 writers, researchers, and editors for content at scale.


  • Massive global talent pool covering 120+ languages
  • Highly compliant workflows for regulated industries
  • Robust API capabilities


  • Creative limitations of automated workflow
  • Less personalized service due to high volume

Verdict: Clickworker shines for high localization needs and scalable content production through APIs.


Overview: A boutique shop focused on end-to-end content marketing solutions.


  • Specialized expertise in marketing copy and blogging
  • 24/7 personalized support


  • Light proofreading services
  • Still building out compliance and security features

Verdict: A nimble partner best for marketing content with responsive account management.


Overview: With 400+ writers, they market robust SEO expertise.


  • Strong track record optimizing for SEO
  • Multi-step editing and review process


  • Heavier focus on marketing versus niche industries
  • Lower localization breadth

Verdict: A solid bet if SEO-first content is your top priority.


Overview: Positioned as experts in technology and healthcare content.


  • Industry specialists in tech and medical
  • Higher caliber writers on average


  • Costly for larger projects
  • Light localization support

Verdict: Ideal for premium content in healthcare and technology.

Crowd Content

Overview: Management platform for creative content production.


  • End-to-end content services
  • Global creative talent pool


  • Less personalized services
  • Light on API integration currently

Verdict: A scalable solution for orchestrating multimedia creative content.

Das Writing Services

Overview: Experts in technical writing and documentation.


  • Technical writing for engineering and legal fields
  • Local talent in 90+ countries


  • Light proofreading services
  • Narrower industry focus beyond documentation

Verdict: Look here for expert technical documentation writing.

The Final Word

Phew, that was a detailed look at the web content landscape in 2024! Let me know if you need any clarification or have additional questions. The main takeaway: align vendor strengths to your top content needs and gaps. There‘s no one vendor that will perfectly meet every requirement.

By taking a data-driven approach, you can make smart provider selections tailored to your audience, industry, budget and other factors. Feel free to reach out anytime for advice or help with your content partner search! I‘m always happy to help one marketer to another.

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