What Do Dolphins Eat In Minecraft?

In Minecraft, dolphins primarily eat raw cod and raw salmon. When a player feeds a dolphin with either of these fish, the dolphin will lead the player to a nearby shipwreck or underwater ruins, which often contain valuable treasure. Feeding dolphins in the game can be a helpful strategy for locating hidden loot and exploring the underwater world.

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Dolphins in Minecraft can be fed raw cod or raw salmon.

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In Minecraft, dolphins eat any type of raw fish. If the player feeds fish to a dolphin, the dolphin will lead them to treasure.

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Dolphins are a passive mob added to Minecraft in the Aquatic Update (Version 1.13). They are found swimming in ocean biomes and will sometimes help players by finding treasure and fending off drowned. But what exactly do dolphins eat in Minecraft? This FAQ guide will provide all the details on dolphin diet and feeding in Minecraft.

Can You Feed Dolphins in Minecraft?

The short answer is no, you cannot directly feed or breed dolphins in Minecraft. Dolphins do not actually have a food item associated with them nor do they consume anything the player offers them. However, dolphins are attracted to players holding certain fish items in their hand or in their inventory.

Dolphins will swim towards players holding raw cod or raw salmon. They will follow players with these fish items and interact playfully with them by generating bubble streams. So while you can't actively feed dolphins, having fish will attract dolphins to you.

What Happens When You Feed Dolphins Fish?

When a player equips raw cod or raw salmon in their hand slot near dolphins, the dolphins will swim towards you and make happy squeaking sounds. They will also generate bubble columns around you as they swim and play.

Feeding dolphins fish will not make them breed or restore hunger. But it does allow you to interact with dolphins and build a bit of trust. Dolphins that are fed fish will sometimes guide players by swimming towards nearby points of interest. This can lead you to underwater ruins, shipwrecks, and ocean monuments where you can find treasure.

So feeding dolphins fish is more about forming a beneficial relationship than actually sustaining them. The dolphins won't consume the fish, but they become friendly companions when attracted this way.

How to Get Dolphins to Lead You to Treasure

Follow these tips to get dolphins to show you to hidden ocean treasures:

  • Equip raw cod or raw salmon in your hand slot when dolphins are swimming nearby. Up to 3 dolphins can follow a player at once.
  • Keep the fish equipped and wait for the dolphins to start swimming circles around you. They will also make a high-pitched squeaking sound when pleased.
  • Look for bubble columns generated by the dolphins – they will start swimming in one direction and want you to follow them.
  • Keep the fish in hand and swim behind the dolphins until they guide you to a sunken ship, ruins, or ocean monument.
  • You may need to feed the dolphins again if they get distracted or stop following you. Stay close to keep their attention.
  • Don't attack the dolphins! Hurting them will turn them hostile and stop them from leading you.

Following these tips, you can convince friendly dolphins to help you find hidden treasures at the bottom of the ocean. Just show them you have their favorite fish, and they'll reward you in Minecraft!

Do Dolphins Need to Eat to Survive in Minecraft?

No, dolphins do not need to eat to survive or breed in Minecraft. They are a passive aquatic mob that will not actually consume any food items, unlike other mobs like sheep, cows, and chickens.

Dolphins don't have any hunger, health, or food mechanics associated with them. They will continue to spawn and swim around in ocean biomes infinitely without any need to eat. You don't ever need to feed dolphins to keep them alive.

This makes dolphins different from real-life dolphins and other marine mammals that rely heavily on fish and other prey to sustain themselves. Dolphins in Minecraft are purely neutral mobs focused on ambient behavior – they don't need to satisfy hunger like players and other mobs.

So while dolphins love raw cod and salmon, they won't actually gain any benefit from being “fed” fish by players. It's just their way of interacting and building trust with you. Their survival is not dependent on fish or eating at all in Minecraft.

Why Can't You Feed Dolphins Other Foods?

Dolphins in Minecraft are specifically programmed to be attracted only to raw cod and raw salmon held by players. No other food item will get a reaction from dolphins. There are a few possible reasons for this limitation:

  • It narrows the dolphin behavior programming to specific fish types that make sense as dolphin food sources.
  • Cod and salmon stands out as fish that players can reliably obtain and carry. Other ocean fish like tropical fish are decorative rather than practical.
  • Limiting dolphin diet makes their utility as treasure finders more strategic. Players must hunt for salmon and cod first before dolphins will help locate sunken loot.
  • Minecraft dolphin diet mirrors real-life, where dolphins primarily feed on fast-moving fish like cod and salmon along migration routes.

Overall, cod and salmon nicely fit the dolphins' desired role as a friendly aquatic mob that guides players to treasures in exchange for their favorite fish snacks. Allowing other fish or food would be excessive and detract from this core gameplay mechanic.

Differences Between Dolphin Diet in Minecraft vs Real Life

Dolphins in the real world have a much more complex and rich diet compared to Minecraft's simplified raw cod/salmon behavior pattern. Here are some key differences:

  • Real dolphins consume over 30 different species of fish plus some invertebrates. Minecraft dolphins only interact with cod and salmon.
  • Dolphins employ various group hunting strategies in the wild to feed cooperatively. Minecraft dolphins hunt passively alone.
  • Real dolphins eat around 4-7% of their body weight per day. Minecraft dolphins have no tangible food intake.
  • The composition of fish species dolphins eat depends on geographic location and season in nature. Minecraft dolphin behavior is universal.
  • Wild dolphins occasionally “play” with live prey, similar to bubble streams in Minecraft. But their primary focus is sustenance.

So in summary, real-life dolphin dietary habits and needs are much more complex compared to the simplified cod/salmon mechanics in Minecraft. The Minecraft dolphin exists more for ambiance and guiding players rather than simulating nature.

Tips for Finding and Utilizing Dolphins

Here are some tips to help you locate dolphins and make the most of their treasure-hunting assistance in your ocean explorations:

  • Search ocean biomes – dolphins spawn frequently in deep lukewarm oceans. Check shorelines and open waters.
  • Bring plenty of raw cod and salmon – you need fish to attract dolphins and keep their attention.
  • Equip a boat so you can keep up with fast swimming dolphins over long distances.
  • Avoid attacking or injuring dolphins – they will become hostile and not help you.
  • Explore sunken ships, ruins, and monuments the dolphins reveal – these often contain chests with valuable loot!
  • Return to land occasionally if breathing becomes difficult following dolphins underwater.
  • You can feed dolphins fish anytime to play with them, even if they don't guide you.
  • Dolphins spawned from eggs will take a little while to mature before they can help locate treasures.

Follow these tips, and dolphins can become your best friends for underwater exploration and treasure hunting in Minecraft! Their playful companionship and guidance is well worth the fish.

Dolphin Diet Facts and Trivia

  • Dolphins use echolocation to hunt for fish, their primary food source. They can emit up to 1,000 clicking sounds per second!
  • It's estimated dolphins consume 10-15% of their weight in fish daily. For an adult bottlenose dolphin, that adds up to around 30 pounds of fish per day.
  • Dolphins don't chew their food. They use their conical teeth to grasp prey and swallow it whole.
  • While famous for their intelligence and playfulness, dolphins can also show aggression when competing for food resources.
  • Some dolphin species cooperate together to herd fish into tight balls known as “bait balls”, allowing the dolphins to gorge.
  • Dolphins sometimes hit fish with their fluke or tail to stun prey before eating them.
  • Larger dolphin species like orcas will feed on seals, sharks, and even whales in addition to plenty of fish.
  • Dolphins tend to be most active hunting and feeding during dawn and dusk when prey is abundant.

So while Minecraft simplifies dolphin diet and behavior, these facts highlight just how complex and engaging the feeding habits of real dolphins can be across the world's oceans!

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