So You Dominated Every Race in Cyberpunk 2077 – Here‘s the Aftermath

As an avid Cyberpunk 2077 gamer and content creator, one of the first challenges I set for myself was to win every street race across Night City and the Badlands. After grinding for countless hours tweaking my quadra, memorizing each track, and burning rubber across Night City, I finally dominated the illegal racing scene and emerged victorious in all 19 races.

But I was left wondering – is there anything special that happens when you win all the races? Any secret unlocks, special rewards, or surprises from the developers? Let‘s dig in and see what happens if you win every race in Cyberpunk 2077!

Race Rewards: Money, Experience, Street Cred

First, winning races earns you solid rewards including:

  • Experience Points (EXP): Ranges from 50 to 250 EXP per race, rewarding a total of 2,342 EXP for dominating all 19 races. This allowed me to upgrade quickhacking skills and combat abilities.
  • Street Cred: Ranges from 100 to 750 per race, for a total of 8,066 street cred if you win them all. This helped me unlock new items and dangerous gigs.
  • Money: Ranges from $500 to $3,150 per race, earning over $27,000 if you win each race. With cyberware upgrades costing over 100k eddies, I still had to grind sidelines!

Here‘s a full breakdown of rewards per race:

RaceEXPStreet CredMoney
The Glen242541</td

Coyote‘s Race187312$3,150
Hot Shot50100$500
Wild Ride100250$1,500

As you can see, the rewards from dominating the racing scene make it highly worthwhile! But sadly no hidden surprises for winning them all.

No Secret Unlocks for Winning All Races

After my triumphant 19th first place finish, I anxiously waited for a secret unlock, special mission, exclusive vehicle or weapon unlock, or achievement for winning every race.

But sadly, I finished my shower of champagne to find…nothing. No special rewards, missions, or even acknowledgment from the developers. Just the standard money, EXP, and street cred each race provides.

I scoured gaming forums and questioned my choomba gamers – but no one has discovered secret unlocks for dominating the illegal racing circuit.

So while the standard rewards are great supplementation for weapons, cyberware, and side missions, there is no special unlock for winning every race in Cyberpunk 2077. Kind of disappointing for the effort it requires!

Best Vehicles for Dominating Night City Races

While winning all 19 races takes time and practice, having the right set of virtual wheels makes it much easier. Here are my top picks for race-winning vehicles:

  • Rayfield Caliburn: With incredible acceleration and blistering top speed, this exotic sports car is any racer‘s dream. Easy favorite for winning races.
  • Quadra Type-66 "Javelina": Excellent handling and rapid acceleration make this one of the best tuner cars ideal for tight Night City tracks.
  • Quadra Turbo-R V-Tech: Raw horsepower allows this muscle car to blaze down straights and push 200 mph. Intimidating and lightning quick.

I personally used a fully-upgraded Caliburn for most races. Combined with practicing each course‘s optimal route, I found the Caliburn almost unbeatable. Though the Javelina and Turbo-R proved handy on certain tricky tracks too.

Claire and the Beast – Secret Side Hustle

While no special content for winning all races, I did discover my favorite side hustle tied to the racing storyline: convincing Claire not to kill Sampson, and securing two free vehicles – Sampson‘s Cthulhu and Claire‘s Beast (Thorton Mackinaw).

This outcome from the climatic race against Sampson results in V receiving a message from both Claire and Sampson gifting you their coveted ride for sparing Sampson‘s life. It takes some skill checks, but the dual vehicle reward makes it worthwhile!

This was my own little bonus surprise for pouring hours into becoming Night City‘s racing kingpin. And cruising the dusty Badlands in Claire‘s rugged Beast truck felt like a fitting dessert for my racing dynasty.

Tips for Dominating Night City‘s Illegal Racing Scene

If dominating the illegal street racing scene appeals to you, here are my tips for winning all 19 races in Cyberpunk 2077:

  • Tune your vehicle – Upgrade to the best tires, suspension, engine and turbo to squeeze every ounce of speed
  • Practice makes perfect – Memorize each track‘s layout, optimal routes, dangerous curves, and best paths
  • Braking is key – Don‘t just mash the accelerator! Proper braking before curves and turns prevents deadly crashes
  • Listen to the fixer – Bill Jablonsky offers useful tips on vehicle choice and strategy for each race
  • Manual saves – Quicksave frequently so you can replay races without starting over
  • Have patience – Perfect runs take time. I crashed over 500 times on my quest for racing glory!

Follow these tips and race hard choomba! While no secret rewards await, racing glory and fat stacks of eddies make it all worthwhile. Maybe I‘ll see you on the streets one day for a high stakes showdown!

Content for this blog proudly provided by Rex Electrum – playa, street racer, and master of the Night City illegal racing scene. Holla with race requests or tips!

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