What is Audible Narration in 2024 and Why is it Growing?

If you find yourself wondering "what is Audible Narration and why do people use it?", you‘re not alone. As audiobooks grow rapidly in popularity, more companies like Amazon are integrating audiobook narration into existing services.

Industry-wide, audio publishing generated $1.6 billion in revenue in 2022, up 40% from 2017. Audiobook listenership also rose to 82 million in 2022 versus 75 million in 2020 per Pew Research.

Clearly, reading via listening is on the rise. Let‘s look at what exactly Audible Narration offers and why fans are hopping aboard the audio train in droves.

How Does Amazon‘s Audible Narration Work?

Audible Narration provides professionally narrated audio recordings for Kindle ebooks. When you buy certain Kindle books, you can add on matching Audible narration files at a discounted rate.

For example, a Kindle book may cost $12.99 and then narration can be added for $7.49. Together that‘s $20.48 versus paying $29.95+ for just the Audible audiobook.

Key Features:

Audible NarrationAudiobook
Cheaper when bundled with Kindle bookPriced at premium as standalone
Utilizes Whispersync to sync across devicesMay need to manually track progress
Professional narratorsProfessional narrators

The Whispersync technology syncs your reading position when switching between reading the Kindle book and playing the Audible recording. So you‘ll never lose your spot!

Narration works on Kindle tablets, e-readers, smartphones, etc. Support for listening while doing other tasks is excellent as well.

Why Consumers Wonder "What‘s Audible Narration?"

According to Deloitte‘s 2022 Media Consumer Survey, over 50% of U.S. households now pay for at least one subscription video, music, book/audiobook or other media service.

Yet confusion still exists around what services bundles like Kindle + Audible provide. Those newer to reading or listening via tech may find the ecosystem confusing.

Audiobooks also used to require players from brands like cassette-focused Sony. Digital audiobook rules have changed drastically in 10 years.

Finally, pricing models vary widely. What seems like an ebook turned audiobook may differ from a standard Audible purchase.

The unfamiliarity combined with ever-evolving variety means many ask "I need to understand – what does Audible narration actually offer?" before committing.

Why Listen to Books? Science-Backed Benefits

Beyond pricing advantages, what drives the accelerating adoption of book listening?

Per Forbes research, audiobook users cite benefits like:

  • Increased comprehension and retention: Studies by Publishing Perspectives found 63% of students performed better on quizzes when they listened versus reading silently. Our brains process verbal information differently.
  • Enhanced productivity: 28% of survey respondents accomplished more household chores listening to audiobooks. Over 68% cited motivation to exercise longer with an audiobook running.
  • Soothing anxiety: Listening can lower stress and heart rates by over 15% per Mindlab International.

Audiobooks provide knowledge and entertainment without fatigue from reading small text for long periods. They open literature to those with vision challenges. They turn monotonous tasks like cleaning into chances to learn.

With benefits for comprehension, moods and efficiency, it‘s no wonder many current Kindle users like myself consider adding Audible narration.

Price Changes Expand Audiobook Access

In recent years, Amazon and competitors like Scribd and Apple Books have axed prices – Audible used to only offer higher-priced monthly credits.

Kobo now lets users read and listen for the price of one credit. Companies aim to upsell existing bookworms on convenience while attracting new listeners.

As costs drop and consumption models evolve, the question morphs from "what is Audible narration?" to "how can I best access audiobooks across my devices?"

Conclusion: An Immersive Book Experience Awaits

In 2024 and beyond, integrating reading with professional audiobook narrations marks the next phase for companies like Amazon. Seamless switching, bundled discounts and retention benefits make it compelling.

Now when you wonder "I know reading on Kindle, but what does Audible narration even mean?", you‘ve got a full overview. With more immersive book experiences on the horizon, it‘s a prime time to enjoy both reading with your eyes and ears!

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